Best Boat Hotels

Often find yourself dreaming of waking up on a floating luxury with magnificent views? Welcome to a novel concept of hotels – Boatels. Also known as boat hotels, these are exclusive hotels set up on iconic rivers and inland waters. Boatels have instantly become the status symbols that celebrities, political hotshots, and business magnates across the globe crave for. What exactly is A Boat Hotel? The unique boat hotel concept combines the opulence associated with luxury cruise liners and a modern hotel. At the same time, they possess the advantage of being environment friendly. The chance to own a floating pod while holidaying is simply amazing. Boatels are the future of cruising. There are plenty reasons to choose a sailing vacation over a five-star resort experience

Espejo De Luna, Chiloe, Chile – A Unique Hotel With Inimitable Architecture and Irresistible Charms
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Espejo De Luna, Chiloe, Chile – A Unique Hotel With Inimitable Architecture and Irresistible Charms

Somewhere far, far away, hanging off the end of the Chilean Lake District, in a wooded stretch of coastline near the far end of the island of Chiloe, there’s an upside down boat.In this boat is Espejo de Luna, aka Lef, a hotel and café serving some of the most resourceful food in Chile.
PRICE from: € 197 per suite/night

Luxurious Sea Voyages on Alila Purnama
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Luxurious Sea Voyages on Alila Purnama

Sailing yacht Alila Purnama, translated as The Full Moon, is one of the most luxurious live-aboard providing ultra-modern and relaxing accommodation for up to ten guests. Allow yourself to explore the extraordinary islands of Indonesia!
PRICE from: $11.000 per night (4 nights min)

A variety of adventurous activities

With modern bedrooms, that range from rooms that sleep five to rooms that provide ample space for a couple, free Wi-Fi, bikes for rent to explore the city (of course, when you off the boat), delicious breakfast service, and sometimes a shared kitchen facility for self-catering, boat hotels help you realize your dream of a luxurious vacation near mesmerizing waters. They feature modern amenities like restaurants, theatres, and swimming pool. The floating paradise often consists of spacious lobby, floating pods for guests, helipads for guests to fly in, and detachable boats to explore the water area. Adventurous activities like snorkelling, fishing, jet-skiing, or walks on the deck, and deep-sea diving make the stay memorable and exciting. These activities are particularly up the alley of adventurers, and also appeal to those on family vacations with children.

Environment conscious

These hotels are eco-friendly. They have self sustaining solar panels, vegetable floating gardens, and rain water harvesting facilities. Cabin styled contemporary airy bedrooms are a dream hideaway from the city’s bustling population. You never have to worry about wasting petrol or navigating through the traffic jams just to reach your favourite destination. The idea of being friendly to the nature while being on vacation close to its beauty is not something discerning travelers can ignore.

Stunning views, Everyday

They provide sensational views of coasts, and are well connected to all the major hubs of the city. Guests are able to enjoy scrumptious meals through onboard restaurants, and can unwind along the sunny deck and soak up the waterfront for most part of the day. Waking up to a completely splendid blue panorama and unobstructed mainland view everyday is relaxing and an enriching experience for anyone.


A boat hotel takes care of your privacy like nothing else, as the water board rooms are detachable. No more crowded hotel lobbies and intrusive balconies. You can now party on the deck below the stars and enjoy small picnics by the cove. When you desire to see the local culture you can just dock by the mainland and soak up the local foods and find out new places via sightseeing. No wonders, honeymooners find it hard to turn down the option of vacationing at a boat hotel.

Several Affordable Options

A boatel remains affordable during peak seasons unlike luxury land resorts. Especially if you are planning on a family vacation, you can save much on the extra costs incurred while travelling on land. Most boatel vacations are all inclusive, which in turn fits well with a wide range of budgets.

There’s rarely a dull moment

Holidaying by the sea is very relaxing. You can expend hours of alone time reading a book on the deck or you can let your creativity run wild by painting, writing, and cooking scrumptious meals. You can explore hidden seaside ruins. No more spending lazy time just watching telly in the hotel suit and waiting for taxis to take you for shopping. The ability to set your own pace and your own itinerary makes your yachting vacation unique. You are in control of your vacation, no waiting in lines at a restaurant, no scheduled activities, and you don’t need to share your space with thousands of strangers. This will be your floating paradise, your time, and your space to do as you please.

Discovering new beaches

Vacationing on the coast allows you to discover new beaches every day. Plenty of reason to gain the perfect tan. As a couple you could enjoy romantic beach meals. Water vacations bring everyone closer due to shared magical experiences.

Excellent en-suite facilities, great vicinities for walks and fishing, friendly staff, central floating reception area with economical restaurants and luxurious staff offices, plus unique and separate yatch-styled rooms promote affordable tourism on waterfronts. A boatel is a great way to experience family bonding while vacationing. Next time you plan for a vacation, consider the option of staying at a boat hotel, and experience a sense of solace and satiation like never before.