Best Desert Hotels

Holiday spots are no longer confined to hill stations and sunny beaches. Today the tourism industry has ventured into the unknown, unexplored and exotic corners of the world offering people a unique hotel experience. Eco-tourism is a revolutionary concept that has been an instant hit among city dwellers looking for an escape from the din and chaos of urban squalor. From the thick, lush rainforests of Amazon to the majestic mountain ranges of Europe and the Great Sahara Desert, there’s not one place around the globe where you will not find a luxury resort. A Desert Hotel is one such place where guests can experience Nature in all her glory without having to compromise on materialistic pleasures. Read on to all about desert resorts and the reason why they are a favorite vacation spot for tourists worldwide.

The great sandy plains of the Sahara Desert or the vast Arab expanse of yellow sand shifting dunes are fascinating, to say the least. However, the rough arid conditions and sudden temperature changes make the place unfit for human habitation. Today, thanks to the technological advancements and revolutionary changes in engineering, people can spend a luxurious vacation in the sunny yellow deserts of Africa and Arabia. Desert hotels are luxury resorts set in the hot and torrid desert areas that were otherwise hidden from humans owing to their harsh climatic conditions and barrenness. These resorts, with their over-the-top architecture and high-tech features, are nothing short of a luxury oasis in the vast expanse of the desert.

The Unique Charms Of A Desert Hotel

Combining the best of traditional designs and modern architecture, desert hotels are one of a kind holiday spots perfect for families, couples, and even lone travelers. For starters, the view is surreal. The picturesque sunsets and chilly clear nights captivate your senses. From exploring the raw side of nature in remote desert hotels to experiencing the local cuisines and cultures around desert hotels located in developed cities, you can do it all.

Ambiance That No Ordinary Hotel Can Challenge

Deserts are both mysterious and terrifying places. The endless expanse of yellow sand everywhere you look, the sharp temperature shifts and unexpected sandstorms, make the place all the more strange. However, desert hotels set in such barrenness can hardly be called primitive or unfit for human habitation. In utter contrast to the sand dunes outside, these resorts are nothing short of paradise, literally an oasis for the weary travelers. The overall atmosphere of the hotel stays true to the local culture featuring a lot of traditional designs and colors.

Fascinating Architecture And Interior Design

Most desert hotels are hugely spacious and elegantly constructed, featuring a lot of authentic patterns and architectural designs such as archways, domes, and massive pillars. The large brick buildings set against the backdrop of the endless deserts looks nothing short of a faraway castle. The place has an amazing air to it, very fascinating for city dwellers that are used to the conventional multi-storeyed buildings and skyscrapers. The sheer magnitude and grandness of some of the best desert resorts are breathtaking. Surrounded by palm trees, cactus shrubs and other desert vegetation, the place beautifully portrays the desert life. The interior décor of the hotels are equally enchanting, combining the best of contemporary furnishings and rustic charms. Decorated in vibrant, earthy shades of red, orange, yellow and green, the spacious suites have all the essential amenities that guarantee a cozy and comfortable stay. Each room has its smart temperature controlling system that regulates the heat level and moisture in the air. The authentic paintings, traditional carpets, and wall decor of the suites offer guests a sneak peek into the local art and heritage. The huge patios, balconies and open terraces offer a spectacular view of the surrounding sand expanses.

What to Expect at a Desert Hotel?

Set against the backdrop of endless desert, there is no dearth of activities both indoors and outdoors. Most desert hotels arrange for private tour guides who can take you on trips to the nearby settlements. Camels are a favorite mode of transport as the conventional vehicles are not pliable on the sandy pathways. Explore the local communities and cuisines, visit the local fairs and festivals or shop for a souvenir; desert resorts are always buzzing with activity and excitement. Moreover, the elegant fountains and luxurious lounging areas are perfect places to hold small gatherings and parties. More adventurous guests can also check out the local flora and fauna of the area. From reptiles to the different species of snakes and other small animals, deserts are known for biodiversity.

The best thing about desert hotels is that they offer you all the luxuries and high-tech facilities without losing the authentic, rustic touch.