Best Diving Hotels

Are you tired of having your nose to the grindstone, and from everyday stress? Are you looking for a vacation spot to unwind, relish the exquisite sights the deep sea has to offer and enjoy scuba diving? Diving hotels are the go-to place for you, then. Often found close to large water bodies like seas and oceans, or near lagoons, they are distinct from ordinary hotels. Diving is a water activity and sometimes a sport for the enthusiastic, and diving hotels are suitable if you want to try them out. They have their own specialties in the environments, foods, and attractions. Read on to find out what a diving hotel, and why you should consider one for a vacation.

What is a diving hotel?

The first thing you’ll notice about diving hotels is that they’re built either above water surfaces, like stilt houses, or are located close to beaches and seas. Those on stilts are often constructed of wood and sprawled across, resulting in scenic, panoramic views of the seas. The second types of hotels often have at least one pool with a relaxing environment for the guests. Unlike ordinary hotels, they are isolated, away from the din and clamor of towns and cities, providing peace and tranquility.

Being close to exotic seas, the restaurants of diving hotels are flush with extravagant delicacies of seafood based on the local availabilities. Yet, being away from the city doesn’t prevent current diving hotels from integrating modern basic necessities like computers and Wi-Fi internet access. They also have the characteristic hotel features like room service, lobby bars, beach bars, restaurants, Jacuzzis, indoor sports like billiards, table tennis, and outdoor sports like tennis. Most of them even have spa and massages, barbecues and entertainment night services.

What is scuba diving?

The main specialty is scuba diving. For those unfamiliar with the concept, it is a form of underwater diving with the aid of a breathing apparatus, containing compressed air. Most recreational scuba divers undergo buddy-diving procedures requiring both divers to be capable of rendering support to the other. Diving is a beautiful and fun activity where you can drift off and enjoy the scenery. Many divers exult in the sight of sharks, and some go so far as to condemn shark food like shark-fin soup.

How should you choose a diving hotel?

You can find diving hotels splayed across the globe. They are most commonly located near lagoons, corners of peninsulas, close to beaches. Diving hotels built on top of stilts are different from those located inland. If you are interested in gazing at natural scenic beauties, stilts-hotels will be right up your alley. However, as they’re made from wood, and built on top of water, you may face a few too many inconveniences depending on the quality of the hotel. Ordinarily, you would choose your hotel based on reviews and ratings, but these diving hotels’ quality depends on the season in which you visit, the weather of the location, and many such factors. Therefore, take care in planning your vacation at such a hotel.

While inland diving hotels cannot offer natural sceneries such as the stilt hotels, their architectural designs more than make up for it. They have gorgeous designs and don’t compromise on functional or safety features. They’re also safer than stilt diving hotels and have pools with thermostats to adjust the water’s temperature according to the preferences of guests. They also make travel arrangements for the guests should they wish to travel around. The stay at an inland diving hotel is less dependent on the weather in comparison, due to better structural integrity.

Both choices have their special attractions and shortcomings and are largely dependent on the climate of the area and the location of the hotel itself.

What diving services will you get?

Diving hotels include diving activities and tours for the guests. They provide the equipment and gear required for diving, offer escorts to help beginners get comfortable with scuba diving, and guide them safely to look for the gorgeous attractions underwater. Several tourists go to look at the beautiful aquatic life residing deep within the oceans, such as corals, sharks, jellyfish, marine worms, sea urchins, stingrays, eels, squids, electroreceptive fish and much more. The staffs of diving hotels are accommodating and amicable, more so than ordinary hotels. The trust between staff members and guests is crucial for a dangerous activity like deep-sea diving. They are also diving-savvy and trained in handling complicated situations as per necessity, so rest assured, your safety is taken seriously. They provide the required suits, masks, snorkels etc.

Newcomers are attracted to the unique experiences of diving and exotic cultures and the environment surrounding diving hotels. A stay at an ordinary diving hotel is usually inexpensive and worth your money.