Best Extreme Hotels

Looking for a comfortable yet fun filled vacation spot? Extreme Hotels combine the best of luxury and adventure. Extreme Hotels offer an extensive and extreme range of facilities and features to adventurer lovers around the world. From the freezing cold of Finland to the burning heat of the Equator, extreme hotels can be found everywhere. Counted to be among the weirdest lodgings on the planet, extreme hotels feature a lot of adrenaline charged activities that sure set hearts racing! Let us delve deeper into the many perks offered by extreme hotels. Discussed below are the reasons why these hotels are different from other lodgings.

A Warm Embrace In The Snowy Laps of Mont Blanc
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A Warm Embrace In The Snowy Laps of Mont Blanc

Midway to the ascent of Alps she lies, standing tall for the weary adventurers’ plight. Refuge de Gouter is one of the best mountain retreats in Europe. Located in Mont Blanc, France it is one of the highest refuge in Western Europe placed nicely around 3835 meters above sea level.
PRICE from: $50 per night

Experience the extremities of Nature

This holiday season break free from the conventional vacation spots and check out the diverse, thrilling and amazing wonders of nature. Extreme hotels offer some of the weirdest and most bizarre experiences! From living in a tent clamped to a steep cliff about 1300ft above sea level to experiencing the wilderness of Africa, extreme hotels cover everything. But what really sets them apart from other ordinary lodgings is the quality of services and unique ambience that guarantee a comfortable, memorable stay.

What sets them apart?

Do you think you’ve seen all that the world has to offer? Well think again! There are many far flung untouched corners on the planet that remain undiscovered. These remote locations hold the promise of excitement and adventure. Be it the igloos in Iceland or the deep caves of Southwest America Extreme hotels truly offer an extreme experience that combines ingenuity, originality and luxury. Come let us venture out into the fun filled world of extreme hotels and the kind of services they offer. Check out the facilities offered by these lodgings that make them a rage among guests below:

Top notch services and unmatched luxuries

What’s the first thing you imagine when you think of a hotel deep in the forests of Amazon or in the high mountains of Arizona? Danger? adventure? Maybe a lot of fun? What about luxury? Yes, what if you could get the best of services in the most remote corners of the world?! Extreme hotels offer just that. Featuring spacious well-furnished suites with spectacular views and luxurious bathrooms, extreme hotels perfectly juxtapose the modern amenities with the wilderness of nature.

Enjoy a quiet, private and marvellous stay in some of the most isolated corers of the planet! Extreme hotels offer a much needed break from the chaotic urban lifestyle. Escape from the mundane realities of your stressful routine life and venture out in the wilderness of Nature.

Range of extreme sports for adventure junkies

Most extreme hotels are located in really thrilling places such as mountain tops, deep isolated caves, rainforests or the underwater deep trenches. A place tailor made for hikers, campers and other adventure junkies, extreme hotels offer the best trekking trails, hiking roads and valleys. You can also indulge in other adventure sports such as bungee jumping, river rafting, and mountain bike riding and skiing etc. These lodgings also provide a local tour guide and private transport for guests to explore the major tourist attractions and nearby natural beauty.

A quiet romantic spot for some “alone time”

Extreme hotels aren’t just for the sport enthusiast the isolated locations are a favourite vacation spot for couples who want a nice quiet stay in the lap of nature. Surrounded by the raw natural beauty, these hotels are a popular choice among couples for a romantic gateway. The extreme hotels also offer private pools, Jacuzzis, sports centre and luxurious lobby for people who wish to stay indoors. Also the free Wi-Fi connectivity, spacious balconies and steady supply of fresh water, consistent electricity and other complementary facilities ensure a comfortable stay.

Diverse range of experiences

Extreme hotels also offer travellers a wonderful opportunity to experience the diverse range of cultures and local traditions of the place. From their local language, clothes, food to music and fairs you can experience it all. The geographical diversities and overwhelming explosion of culture add on to the charm of the extreme hotels. The special entertainment programs arranged for the evening showcase the best of local talent. At extreme hotels you get to know more about the flora and fauna of the place and the way it intermingles with the local lifestyle. Innovative, unique and authentic, an extreme hotel is the perfect place for a travel enthusiast looking for some adventure.

Be it a solo trip, a romantic gateway or a group vacation with your friends and family, extreme hotels cater to all tastes and preferences. Some extreme hotels even offer special facilities for children and pet care. Lose yourself in the thrilling excitement of the authentic lodgings and experience the best of both worlds.