Best Fantasy Hotels

Whether you’re looking to escape reality, or planning to give the grandest surprise of their lives to your spouse and kids, a fantasy hotel has got to be on top of your mind. The name says it all – a fantasy hotel is just that, a fantasy in bricks, mortar, and wood, offering escape from your city, your life, and from the whole concept of accommodation as you have known it all along. Fantasy hotels are not just your ordinary theme hotels, they take the concept of ‘fantasy’ pretty seriously, and stick to being fantastic in what they do, and how they do!

Right from the most unbelievable (and sometimes absurd) locations to mind boggling architecture, from unimaginable luxury to creating bare bones medieval living places like humans did a million odd years ago – fantasy hotels offer fabulous experiences. Expect the unexpected when you’re at a fantasy hotel – a dinner at a rooftop restaurant is too mainstream, these hotels are more about plucking your own veggies and fruits from the gardens and orchards; forget sprawling towers and repeating windows, these hotels are about crazy architecture. Here’s everything you want to know about fantasy hotels.

What is the USP of Fantasy Hotels?

Well, fantasy hotels don’t intend to merely provide you comfortable lodging and warm breakfast. These hotels are all about helping you escape the notion of reality, and taking you into forgotten eras of the past or unimaginable times of the future. Here are the 3 most critical factors that make fantasy hotels so special. If you’re looking to experience one, these factors will help you identify the most suitable one.

Inimitable Architecture: Fantasy hotels, invariably, position themselves as hotels with architecture and theme that is straight from a fantasy land. Hotels constructed in bizarre shapes, hotels located in the middle of nowhere offering you the best facilities, hotels that give you flavors, sights, and sounds of the manner you’ve never experienced before – that’s fantasy hotels for you. There are popular fantasy hotels located on hilltops and accessible after hours of trekking, cutting across caves, perched on cliffs and staring into the horizon, in the form of treehouses where you can hear your breath as loud as drumbeats, and shaped in the form of a boot!

Service Experience: Everything about your stay in a fantasy hotel is designed and delivered with utmost care to making things extraordinary and out of the league of routine hotels and routine lodging experiences. The restaurant menu, the cooking styles, the dining area, the room décor, the landscaping – everything’s, well, fitting for a land of fantasies. Most fantasy hotels’ management encompasses discerning hosts who take every possible care and pain to make your experience absolutely unforgettable.

Convenience: Most fantasy hotels make sure that your rendezvous with ‘fantasies’ doesn’t cause any discomfort, and that you enjoy your vacation and adventure to the fullest. So, even in spite of the bizarre architectures and unbelievable themes, these hotels take care of your lodging comfort, dining, and the overall experience. Expect all possible cooperation from the hosts and management when you are in a fantasy hotel, because your convenience an experience is the only success factor for them.

Not many fantasy hotels indulge in much marketing, that’s because their clientele comes mostly from word of mouth, and because the concept appeals to a niche among travelers who’re looking for extraordinary experiences rather than traditional vacations.

What Makes Fantasy Hotels Different from Ordinary Hotels?

You’d already understand that fantasy hotels are not about creating a business model out of providing lodging and dining. These hotels exist because of their belief in providing unforgettable experiences to people, of the kind they can’t expect from any ordinary hotel. Because of this, you’d observe that most fantasy hotels have very limited accommodation, and take reservations well in advance.

Plus, the hosts are always reachable, and always eager to understand more about you, and your vacation expectations. The focus in a fantasy hotel is more on giving you memories for a lifetime, and providing an opportunity to experience living in environs that you’d never expect to encounter in your lifetime. And this mind-blowing experience is delivered with due care of your vacation needs.

Fantasy hotels give you the privacy you crave for, help you connect with nature in ways you never imagined before, experience the life of an era from the bygones, and a lot more. Because of their inimitable appeal, fantasy hotels have become the vacation destinations of choice for couples looking to disconnect from the speed of their city lives and connect with each other, for memorable family get together events, weddings, and the most coveted private celebrations.

Beyond the practiced greetings of modern international hotels, beyond the bleached linen, and beyond the pretentious menus, these fantasy hotels open their arms to discerning travelers who’re looking for experiences to remember.