Best Ghost Hotels

The traditional definition of a ghost would explain them as spirits of dead people who have remained on this plane of existence (whether willingly or unwillingly) due to some ‘unfinished business’. In their limbo state, these spirits are said to haunt certain places and locations where they might have remained while they lived. Despite the sense of disbelief around the whole concept of ghosts, humans have never been truly immune to a sense of fascination of the unknown, and nothing beats ghosts, ghouls, spirits, werewolves, and other unearthly beings at catching the human fancy!

TOP 15 Hotels with Anomalies – Poltergeists, Spirits, Apparitions…
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TOP 15 Hotels with Anomalies – Poltergeists, Spirits, Apparitions…

Ghosts are usually the echoes of tragic events under mysterious or brutal circumstances. Sometimes they are evil, sometimes harmless, but annoying. In most cases they are connected to a specific location and have a horrifying past. The intensity of their appearance vary, but there are places, where people are not the only guests and are persistently unwelcome. For sure, the top 15 haunted hotels in the world are of a kind.

Inexplicable phenomena and spirit sightings have been famously reported at hotels across the globe, right from bed and breakfasts to castle hotels. Marilyn Monroe’s spirit at Roosevelt hotel in Hollywood, spirits of Civil War soldiers at Marshall House in Savannah; well, the list is long. Let’s get up close and personal with the idea of ghost hotels.

Ghost Sighting and Ghost Hotels

Mostly, ghosts sightings are reported in secluded areas which are located at some distance from civilization. There have been reports all over the world of instances where people have spotted ghosts in forests, closed theaters and isolated houses. One of the most common places where people have experienced paranormal activities and seen spirits are ghost hotels. Well, it’s actually the other way around; because of the frequent ghost sightings, these places have been transformed into ghost hotels, to give mortals the opportunity to experience the supernatural.

What Is Different About Ghost Hotels?

Ghost hotels are hotels that are usually haunted, which is to say that they contain supernatural elements within their architectural boundaries. These hotels have got their reputations as ‘ghost hotels’ or ‘haunted hotels’ because people that have stayed in such hotels have, reportedly, seen apparitions and spirits, or have experienced something paranormal during their stays.

Some ordinary hotels decorate the surroundings with, say, Halloween decorations to make them more appropriate for a certain type of audience. Ghost hotels are the kind of hotels where the concepts of spirits and apparitions are not used merely as an attraction. These ghost hotels usually have a history behind them – they are either constructed on sites which are known to be haunted or have some other stories of paranormal activities associated with them. Ghost hotels offer décors and furnishings that accentuate the theme of the supernatural. Expect antiquated furniture, dingy and dreary hall-ways, faux cobwebs on ceilings, and more.

Why should you choose a ghost hotel?

If you are interested in supernatural activities or are perhaps conducting a research on paranormal activities, ghost hotels might be an ideal place for you. This is because a ghost hotel would offer you everything that an ordinary hotel also offers – a bed, a clean room, a bathroom, dining facilities, and many other things. Of course, all these facilities pale in comparison to the unparalleled sensation of thrill, fear, and excitement of being close to the elements of the supernatural! You could, perhaps document what you experience during your stay and record the same in your journal, and create a piece of travelogue literature everyone would want to read!

Besides this, there are many ghost hotels that also offer to their guests added facilities which help them not only remain safe but also conduct their experiments in a more informed manner. While staying at a ghost hotel, guests who desire to document the incidents are provided with a tour guide for a ghost tour, an EMF meter, digital camera (should they need one) and also an IR thermometer, which they can use for the rest of the night once the tour gets over.

In some hotels, guests also have the option to conduct a ghost hunt. During such ghost hunts, guests are allowed to take pictures and the hotel, at times, also offers them with their recordings (from, for example, the security camera and the CCTV) which the guests are allowed to take with them after their stay has ended.

Who Should Consider Staying at Ghost Hotels?

Booking a room at a ghost hotel for a few days is especially considered ideal for people who are beginners in their research on the supernatural, since ghost hotels usually offer proper guidance and authentic stories associated with a certain locations and the paranormal activities that occur there. Secondly, those with an insatiable desire to explore the unexplored find their heart’s contentment at ghost hotels.

These hotels are the perfect meeting places of writers, explorers, and adventurists looking to know more about the ‘other’ world. Liaising with like minded individuals who find fascination and excitement in explorations of the supernatural is best done at a ghost hotel. Brace up for extended conversations in the hotel cafes with travelers who’d tell you the most unbelievable yet ‘true’ ghost stories and anecdotes of their stays at other ghost hotels!