Best Hostel Hotels

A casual mention of the word ‘hostel’ is bound to make anyone think of long corridors of plastered walls, with body sized doors opening into each sides into box sized rooms where unperturbed students would pass, arguably, the most exhilarating years of their lives. For travelers, adventurers, and wanderers, however, hostels have come to be known as a major enabler of travel, in terms of the ease of finding affordable accommodation, apart from some other un-obvious perks. Let’s unravel some more vital facts and info bits about modern hostels, and how they prove to be wonderful accommodation options for travelers on tight budget, and for those with a sweet tooth for the pleasures of living with like minded wanderers. A hostel hotel provides their guests (who are usually youngsters) with a quality staying environment – proper bedding and dining services, present in an environment same as that of a typical hostel. Along with this, the guests are provided with a free breakfast, towels and bed linens, decent bathrooms, and unlimited Wi-Fi services as well. Hostel hotels also provide with facilities such as pools, in-house gaming parlors, and, at times, even housekeeping services.

Why choose a hostel hotel?

The main difference between a hostel hotel and a typical hotel is the price of accommodation. Hostel hotels are comparatively cheaper than regular hotels, and you can extend your stay for a longer duration of time than you could while staying at a hotel. They are located in the heart of the community and not in isolated places, so you could also easily step out and explore the city and other public places without the time restrictions of a hostel while staying at a hostel hotel. Some hostel hotels even provide their guests with an airport pick-up service if your booking is for a long duration of time.

Communal Environment – The Real Charm of A Hostel Hotel

A hostel hotel focuses mostly on creating a socially interactive as well as a luxurious space, where youngsters from different backgrounds can stay together and enjoy the benefits of hostel life. A youth hostel hotel organizes various activities and events for their guests, where they could mingle and express themselves in a healthy, non-tourist-like environment. If you want the experience of living amongst other youngsters like you while you enjoy luxurious accommodation facilities, book a room in a hostel hotel near you today!

More than Mere Shelter and Food – Hostels Serve Experiences

Don’t believe a word of what skeptics say – living in a hostel on your vacation is cool, smart, economically viable, and really invigorating. That’s because modern hostels are managed by professionals who know they need to offer value and differentiated experiences to stay afloat. Expect decent hostels to offer amenities like swimming pools, garden restaurants, all night bars, and even attached night clubs. Plus, hostels offer exciting excursions such as picnics, early morning g walks, hikes, surfing tours, and what not. Add to all this the invaluable experience of always being next to a fellow traveler who’d be willing to share experiences over a drink, and you’ve got yourself a deal you can’t refuse.

The Un-obvious Perks of Staying at a Hostel Hotel

Apart from the obvious benefit of providing you decent accommodation at reasonable prices, your stay at a good hostel hotel comes with additional perks. Expect to bump into some really cool fellows during your stay. Be open to conversations, and you will never find yourself too far from people who’d tell you about the best places to visit in the town, pubs that serve your favorite drinks at pocket friendly prices, and lesser known getaways that will add more charm to your trip.

These hostels are the perfect places to connect with hiking groups, expedition groups, and like minded individuals. Hostel hotels with kitchens help you save significantly on your food and drink bills. Plus, whenever you feel like having an untimely peck at a snack, you’d rather be close to a cozy hostel hotel kitchen than a hotel’s restaurant. Add to all this the fact that modern hostel hotels treat themselves as serious service providers, and hence put together a very decent accommodation experience for you, and you have all the reasons to book your stay at one, instead of ordinary yet expensive hotels.

For anybody looking for basic accommodation, as well as for those want that extra frill, modern hostels offer exciting and reasonably priced accommodation options. No wonders, the web is rife with portals that list accommodation options offered by hostels across the globe, and find ample traffic in the form of travelers, vacationers, adventurers, hikers, and wanderers from all parts of the globe.