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Winter is here. Don’t worry; the white walkers aren’t. Thankfully in real life winters are all about cosy snuggles, chilly nights, bonfires and hot chocolate instead of ice zombie massacring villages creating an army of the undead. Making plans for the “long night”? This winter break free from the conventional holiday spots (i.e. the sunny beaches and tropical paradise islands) and venture out into the mysterious world of ice. Yes all hail ice hotels that are rebuilt and redesigned every winter. Sitting on top of a majestic hill or against a frozen backdrop, these hotels look like something Elsa must’ve built. After all, if winter comes can “Snow” be far behind? (We owe you one Melisandre!)

IceHotel 365, the First All-Ice Resort Opens For Travellers
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IceHotel 365, the First All-Ice Resort Opens For Travellers

With a stay at the world’s first year-round ice hotel, this is your chance to combine beautifully frozen nights with summertime delights. After sleeping in a suite of ice watched over by artist-carved wonders, you’ll warm back up with sauna visits, gourmet meals by a Michelin-trained chef and a full complement of optional activities.
PRICE from: $ 183 per suite/night

TOP 10 Magnificent Ice Hotels for a Winter Fairy
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TOP 10 Magnificent Ice Hotels for a Winter Fairy

Hotels made of snow are something that remains in your heart as a unique and magical memory. Even though they are a little chilling and look rather challenging, they create a fairy tale, that is so desired and sought by any romantic soul. If you feel like one, these 10 Ice Hotels can be an excellent choice.

Let us delve deeper into the many wonders offered by ice hotels and the reasons they’re so different from other ordinary lodgings:

All About Ice Hotels

Looking for some adventure? Check out the frozen lodgings. Here you get to enjoy the thrill of living in a hostile environment without compromising on comfort. An ice hotel is basically a temporary lodging made of snow that needs to be renovated and rebuilt every year. Found in the temperate and artic zones (Greenland, Canada, Finland, Norway and other countries), ice hotels are mostly visited by travellers, hikers and sometimes families as well. And other than the basic amenities most ice hotels feature an ice bar, chapels, restaurants and even hot saunas.

How are they built?

Imagine living in a place where everything is made of ice, the walls, floor even the furniture. Ice hotels are sculpted using big blocks of ice, and their solidity and sturdiness are dependent on the sub-freezing temperatures (i.e. -0 degree or 32 degree F). Thus these hotels need to be rebuilt every year sometime between November and March when the snow is tight and easy to mould. The ice blocks and compacted snow are held together by “snice”, a mixture very similar to mortar. Some places even use metal or steel frames and rods to solidify the construction. Not all ice hotels are the same, the construction styles and services vary from place to place.

What sets them apart?

Ice hotels are nothing like any of the regular lodgings around the world. For one they are made entirely out of ice and secondly they’re not permanent. This is why some ice hotels are referred to as destination hotels offering best of thrills and adventure. The hotel is built the same way as igloos, i.e. the rooms though completely frozen are surprisingly warmer when compared to the climate outside. This is because the tightly packed snow traps the heat and acts as a thick insulated covering that shelters you from the extreme cold outside. However the hotel provides proper fur blankets and sleeping bags that are specially designed to withstand the freezing temperatures.

The perks offered by ice hotels

Watch the Northern Lights from your window sipping tequila in an ice glass sitting in a room made of snow…sounds fun right? Ice hotels are probably the best places to spend your winter vacation. But don’t be deceived by the simple structure, the interiors are well furnished and absolutely magical. Replete with artistic ice sculptures and ice furniture the place looks something straight out of the sets of Narnia! But it’s just not the aesthetic appeal that sets the place apart from the other lodgings worldwide. Guests get to enjoy other perks as well. Some of them are listed below:

  • Ice floors, walls, an ice lobby, ice tables and chairs, ice plates and glasses, it’s all ice!
  • Well cushioned sleeping bags and fur blankets provided by the hotel ensure a warm and comfortable stay.
  • Some ice hotels also offer luxury VIP suites and art rooms that cater to all your whims and fancies.
  • Hot water baths, Jacuzzis and sauna in freezing temperatures to keep you warm and rejuvenated.
  • Innovative dishes and drinks (both local and international cuisines) that are specifically made to suit the freezing climate.
  • A personal tour guide to help you explore the surrounding tourist attractions.
  • Winter sports like skiing, hiking, riding sleighs for the more adventurous guests.
  • Indoor pool table, ice bars and casinos for guests who wish to stay in.
  • Know more about the local traditions and customs through the cultural programs performed in the evening.
  • Breath-taking views with acres and acres of snow everywhere!

The magnificent interiors are a feast for the senses when compared to the barrenness outside. This winter embrace your inner Olaf and bask in the glory and grandeur of winter. The pristine premium quality rooms, top notch services and uniqueness of ice hotels guarantee a memorable stay. And though the rooms are a bit on the expensive side, the fact that they’re open only for a few months makes these hotels all the more appealing and interesting.