Best Igloo Hotels

Igloo hotels are hotels boasting igloo type accommodation, predominantly built in Arctic regions such as Greenland, Finland, Alaska and Norway. These are vastly popular among international travellers looking to experience the winter time delights like the Northern Lights and the Aurora Borealis. These hotels are very popular for winter vacations and holidays.


IceHotel 365, the First All-Ice Resort Opens For Travellers
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IceHotel 365, the First All-Ice Resort Opens For Travellers

With a stay at the world’s first year-round ice hotel, this is your chance to combine beautifully frozen nights with summertime delights. After sleeping in a suite of ice watched over by artist-carved wonders, you’ll warm back up with sauna visits, gourmet meals by a Michelin-trained chef and a full complement of optional activities.
PRICE from: $ 183 per suite/night

TOP 10 Magnificent Ice Hotels for a Winter Fairy
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TOP 10 Magnificent Ice Hotels for a Winter Fairy

Hotels made of snow are something that remains in your heart as a unique and magical memory. Even though they are a little chilling and look rather challenging, they create a fairy tale, that is so desired and sought by any romantic soul. If you feel like one, these 10 Ice Hotels can be an excellent choice.

Originally, igloos were built completely of ice; there are still many igloo hotels that are built from scratch each winter. However, a number of popular igloo hotels have modern style structures such as glass igloos and those with aluminium exteriors, and incorporate other conveniences also. Most igloo hotels are open during the Northern Lights season starting around the end of August and running through April.

Types of Igloo accommodation

There are various types of Igloo accommodation available, starting from snow igloos through to chalets and plush glass igloos. Snow igloos are basic igloos and guests are provided with rugged sleeping bags to spend their night. The igloos are built in a manner that the temperature inside the igloo will not go below minus 5 or minus 6 Celsius. Snow igloos give you the classic igloo experience.

Igloos also give you more plush accommodation like log chalets. Log chalets are typically constructed from pines native to the region and often have additional amenities like a sauna and a fireplace within the accommodation. While they do not have any electrical appliances, they come fully furnished with super comfy beds, dining tables and rocking chairs. These chalets are also made available for summer and autumn bookings.

Glass igloos make up the upper end of accommodation available at igloo hotels. These are also built of pine and are typically much larger accommodations. The most unique aspect of glass igloos is that they offer spectacular views of the Northern Lights and wilderness, visible from the cosy confines of your igloo. Most of these glass igloos are as good as a house and can accommodate as many as six people. Many of these also come fully equipped with a kitchenette, refrigerator, electric kettle, personal sauna, fireplace, hair dryer and a comfortable, large bedroom.

Beautifully done up in terms of décor and lighting, glass igloos are plush while having a spartan feel at the same time. The views they offer from the comfortable confines of your ‘room’ are the main reason why glass igloos are preferred by Aurora watchers. There are even larger chalets and suites generally available with additional amenities like a bathtub. Most igloo hotels also have campfire pits and woodstoves for heat.

Why Igloo hotels?

Igloo hotels offer different types of accommodation, each of them offering a different experiences. Travellers favour Igloo hotels because they can get excellent view of the Aurora Borealis, an extraordinary, colourful burst of lights in the sky seen closer to the magnetic poles of the southern and northern hemispheres. The Aurora Borealis is also termed Northern Lights. Even if you miss a sighting of the Aurora, the sparse green cover in the landscape and the total absence of light pollution can help you see literally millions of stars, as if in a planetarium.

With traditional snow igloos, you get the much talked about classic experience of being in an igloo. From fairy tales to movies, the traditional igloo experience is much fantasised about by children in particular. Pure, simple and fun, that is the snow igloo for you.

With a glass igloo, you have the advantage of being able to experience fantastic views of the Aurora without exposing yourself to the harsh weather. This is particularly of great use if you are travelling with small children or seniors in the group. Glass igloos are heated, temperature controlled and fully insulated so that the room temperature is pretty much what you would find in regular hotel rooms. Thermal glass walls and ceilings are used to maintain top class insulation.

Generally, the glass roof is kept electrically heated. This ensures that the roof glass does not cool the space inside and instead is able to keep constantly melting the snow and ice accumulations to give you a consistent, excellent view through the night. Often times, the igloo is designed in a manner that the beds are all motorized and movable, allowing you to move around to get the best viewing positions.

What to pay attention to while choosing an Igloo hotel

There are a few aspects which are important when you are considering stay at an Igloo hotel:

  • Check what facilities are covered under the per night rate. At many hotels, even a sled ride from the reception area to the chalet can be charged extra, so beware.
  • If you are operating on a tight budget, consider if it may be better to try a summer or autumn vacation at an igloo hotel first. Based on your experience, you could be able to negotiate a discount on your next stay, which you could plan as a winter trip to see the Aurora.
  • If you are going to be travelling with family, do ask ahead about what kind of amenities would be included with the basic rate, what would be available for an extra cost and what amenities would not be available at all. This is particularly relevant to the availability of fresh produce for cooking and food items for consumption.
  • Transportation can be expensive in wilderness areas, do try and ask ahead about what kind of facilitation is provided.
  • If you are going be picky about modern amenities like WiFi, you should tick that off the list first.

Nothing quite like lying back in your bed in a glass igloo and looking at the beautiful Northern lights, right? Plan for an experience of a lifetime at a glass igloo hotel.