Best Jungle Hotels

The tourism industry has come far since the days of cozy cottages and luxurious but conventional rooms. Travelers today are looking for something different, a surreal lodging space that breaks free from the traditional confines of a hotel room and expands to an enriching experience. Concept hotels, art hotels, and boutique hotels are a growing trend in the market, places that offer tourists a lot more than just a simple room and basic amenities. Jungle hotels are a recent addition to this list and have become an instant hit among nature lovers all over the world.

Hotel in Chile’s Jungles: Montaña Mágica Lodge
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Hotel in Chile’s Jungles: Montaña Mágica Lodge

Deep in southern Chile lies the Montana Magica Lodge – an extraordinary hotel hidden away in the center of a 300,000-acre private nature reserve. Montana Magica lodge even ‘erupts’ every day, sending water running down the outside of the 13-room guest house.
PRICE from: $264 per room/night

Read on to know more about the features and facilities offered at Jungle hotels and the reason why they are the perfect holiday destination for you.

All About Jungle Resorts

Imagine living in the depth of the thick forest, surrounded by exotic plants and animals! Admit it; we had all longed to live like Tarzan or George of the Jungle when we were kids. Forest hotels turn this childhood fantasy into reality. The tourism industry has now spread out to the remote unknown corners of the planet covering majestic mountains, forbidding deserts and luscious forests. Travelers and nature lovers can now experience the best of the abundant biodiversity of the Amazon rainforests and the jungles of Savannah up-close to the forests along the Equator. Nestled in the heart of the woods, these resorts offer you the very best of nature in her most primitive form.

What Does It Look Like?

Stretching for as long as your eyes can see, the thick jungles offer the perfect backdrop for a cozy but comfortable stay. The resorts usually feature a simple yet sturdy wooden construction with a river or stream nearby. Overlooking the endless expanse of green vegetation, the lodging is not exactly a luxury hotel. Some jungle hotels also offer private huts or cottages made of mud and straw where guests can relax and explore flora and fauna of the place. The vast endless expanse of gorgeous greenery is a treat for the senses that are so used to high concrete buildings and bridges of cities.

The Facilities Offered

Jungle hotels are pretty minimalistic and straightforward when it comes to accessing the interior décor of the place. The rooms are sparsely furnished featuring a curious mix of local culture and modern facilities. The walls are often decorated with tribal paintings and other artwork. Jungle hotels rarely feature sophisticated or elegant furniture; nature is the best decoration here. You get plenty of sunlight and fresh air thanks to the full windows and ventilators. Also the balconies open to spectacular view of the surrounding forests where guests can lounge and drink in the beauty of nature.

Other than the general services such as room service and complimentary toiletries, the hotels also offer tourists private tour guides and transport facilities if they wish to go to the jungle a bit.

The Things To Do At A Jungle Hotel

With the beauty and bounty of nature all around you, there is not a dull moment in a jungle resort. The place holds immense appeal for both individual travelers and adventure enthusiasts. Explore the surrounding vegetation, go for long walks, trek the mountain trails or just observe the birds and animals, it is a paradise for nature lovers. Jungle hotels are also home to a lot of endangered species. Here, guests can learn all about the conservation of plants and animals thanks to the eco-tours and awareness campaigns. Most jungle hotels also host special performances featuring the tribal art forms and cuisines that travelers and try out.

Why Are Jungle Hotels So Popular?

Owing to the sudden awareness of the environment and its conservation, eco-tourism is a growing trend in the market. Jungle hotels with their sustainable framework are typical examples of how hoteliers are monetizing on the idea of environmental protection. A unique yet simple lodging space, these resorts are impressive, to say the least. The place is a pleasant surprise for the city dwellers so used to the concrete web of flyovers and multi-storeyed buildings.

Jungle resorts combine the best of modern amenities and wilderness of nature offering guests the perfect escape from their constricted, monotonous routine lifestyle. However, because the resort is so far from civilization, transportation might be an issue here. Guests are often dropped at the resort premises via boats, helicopters or a private vehicle.

The farther you travel away from civilization, the closer you will be to nature. Jungle resorts stretch this theme to the extreme. These hotels are ideally suited for travelers seeking a bit of seclusion. Here guests can enjoy a mix of vigorous outdoor activities and a permanent peacefulness of nature. Set deep in the dark unexplored corners of thick jungles, these hotels appeal to people with a sense of adventure.