Best Safari Hotels

Holiday experience is increasingly becoming more about adventure combined with luxury and entertainment. Many travel companies are coming up with innovative ways to capture the interests of their guests as they offer luxurious environments for relaxing, all so that their customers can have a full, meaningful holiday experience. One such new innovation in the field has been that of safari hotels.

Why choose a Safari hotel?

A step into the natural world can offer you abundant variety all around the world. A safari is your ticket to the natural world that will help you create memories and offer many stories that you can take back home to your family and friends. The thrill that comes from being on a safari trip cannot be compared with any other experience. You encounter some of the most fascinating predatory animals of the desert, you simultaneously get to witness the breathtaking beauty and magnificence of the endless plains covered with sand; you get to make eye-contact with some of the most famously known primates residing within tropical forests and also step into the forbidden and thrilling wilderness of the Arctic.

But what happens after a day full of breathtaking, enriching and exhausting experiences? If you have come out for a complete holiday experience, you would also need proper rest. Unwinding after a long day can only happen when you are placed in comfortable surroundings. This is where Safari hotels show their specialty, for while they offer guests the artillery to have an adventurous experience during the day, they also make sure that you are back in your comfort zones, safe by night. And as you sit on your bed or take a hot bubble bath, you can get to reflect on your journey of the day in your luxurious lodge, polished to perfection, all for your benefit.

The Amazing World of Safari Hotels – How to Choose One?

The best way to describe a safari hotel is would be by viewing it as an overland journey of exploration, along with the conveniences of modern hospitality of a hotel.

Here’s a quick look at the different kinds of safari hotel experiences on offer:

  • Family Safari hotel holidays: You can get to have a complete family hotel experience and embark on a journey with family safaris to visit the best family destinations worldwide.
  • Honeymoon Safari hotels: You can get to journey into the extraordinary and the unexplored lands mixed with a complete luxury lodging experience that also makes space for magic and romance.
  • Island and Beach holidays: You can get to end a journey of the wildlife safari by a getaway into the tropical islands and relaxation experiences offered by beach safaris.
  • Jungle holidays: Explore jungles, rainforests, rare insects, mammals and environments up close with jungle safari hotels.
  • Marine holidays: Whether it is the frozen water of the polar regions or warm tropical water-lands, underwater safaris can help you explore the wonderful and varied aquatic wildlife from a close distance as you go camping near azure waters and blow bubbles with sea-lions.
  • Nature’s great events: Witness different animals migrating from one region to another in flocks and catch the wonderful once-in-a-lifetime experience of northern lights and elephant gatherings through safari trips organized at different times of the year.
  • Polar Safari holidays: Witness the birth of polar bears and explore the dark and cold dens of the Arctic through polar safaris.
  • Small group Safaris: Looking to travel with people who think and feel like you and share your desire to explore and undertake adventurous journeys? Niche hotels organize small group safaris with fixed-itineraries and expert guides for people to explore different kinds of wilderness together.
  • Tailor-made Safaris: Some hotels offer tailor made safaris designed exactly according to the needs and interests of the customers. You can get to have your preferred experiences as you witness your favorite species and sites.
  • Wilderness Safaris: For those who want to do something different and experience the thrill of being surrounded by unending wide landscapes, wilderness safaris offer an opportunity to explore the harshest of landscapes and the most pristine of wildlife sites located miles from any populated regions.

Safari Hotels – Blend of Unpretentious Adventures and Convenience of Hospitality

Safari hotels offer all the luxuries that an ordinary hotel offers – restaurants, gym, spas, bars, conference halls, sports grounds and luxurious rooms – all with the added thrill of exploring the unknown, and warmth and assurance of safety and comfort. Many safari hotels also make sure that the wild areas to be explored are first traveled by their experts to ensure a safe path. So, as you wake up in the morning surrounded by snowy mountains and sip your coffee while standing in the balcony of your hotel room, enjoying the view, there is a high chance that a scout from the hotel has set out at the break of dawn in search of a location best suited for you, and it finally comes upon you later to enjoy the rewards of that exploration.