Best Spa Hotels

Are you a jet-setter navigating across different cities for business purpose? Does travel also mean indulgence to you? Then a spa hotel should be your go-to destination whether you are traveling to New York or Estonia. From medicinal health treatments to custom-made lavishness- a spa hotel is the treasure trove fit for kings and queens from the antiquity. What defines an ordinary hotel? You get what you pay for here. Depending upon the ‘star’ it flaunts, the service quality and facilities of your hotel may vary. But you don’t anticipate to receive a complimentary foot massage at the end of every day or exotic, herbal breakfast upon ordering – every morning. In a spa hotel, you will be pampered with each of these comforts and many more. One doesn’t look forward to having a milk bath or sand massage in an ordinary hotel. But at a spa inn, these form some of its daily extravagances. Before heading towards your holiday spot, dig up and find out the types of spa hotels it offers.

Hotel de Sal Luna Salada – The Scintillating Blend of Everything Salty and Swanky
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Hotel de Sal Luna Salada – The Scintillating Blend of Everything Salty and Swanky

Located on the edge of world’s largest salt flat, Hotel de Sal Luna Salada, Bolivia is a block-structured marvel to be admired for its inner and outer beauty. Made almost completely out of salt blocks, this breathtaking piece of architecture is an inspiration that needs much acknowledgement and appreciation.
PRICE from: €119 per room/night

Don’t mix up spa hotel with (spa) resort

If you are dreaming about spending a quite vacation in the hotel golf-course while going through the ritualistic body massages every night- then you are better off with a spa resort. What’s the moot difference between a spa hotel and that of a resort? Well, the latter has to have lots of greeneries and outdoor entertainment facilities in its immediate surroundings.

A swimming pool, a tennis court/golf course, and (possibly) hot spring are mandatory characteristics of a resort. But don’t book a room in a spa hotel via internet expecting the same, and then cry over ‘lost’ money.

So, what a spa hotel actually offers?

Healthy food options, indoor swimming pool, steam and sauna are some of the conveniences you may expect in a spa hotel. If these services seem pretty generic to you, then the following points add up to other host of amenities, which a spa hotel must have on its plate –

  • A plethora of slimming as well as body/hair treatments.
  • Consistent exercise classes including the availability of personal fitness trainer.
  • Exotic massages with handpicked ingredients like chocolate, coffee or (even) mud! And
  • Membership with attractive loyalty programs.

Though these are not the only luxuries that a spa hotel presents to you, but do keep these attributes in mind, while creating your own check-list.

Can you access it as a local?

Suppose you work-from- home with little-to- dim chance of travelling the whole world for business. Or, you have a busy schedule and didn’t get a chance to take a single break for last two years. Does it mean that you won’t avail yourself of the pampering of a spa hotel ever? The answer is- a big ‘No’. If your city crops up a spa hotel anytime soon, then you are all welcome to purchase its facilities in lieu of a membership card.

So book yourself with the local spa hotel’s Swedish body massage during the weekend and get spoiled. Some iconic spa hotel brands indulge local patrons with off-season discounts. Grab some, and become more contented and healthier.

Points to check out before choosing a spa hotel

Now we have come to the most important part of our manual and that is- discussing the qualities you examine before selecting a spa hotel. First, scrutinize the reviews of fellow travelers who have visited that inn before and purchased its services. A quick search in Google will give you plenty of top-notch travel sites. Just putting the location and your requirement can make you land up at multiple review pages. From there, you can deduce the brand-reputation yourself.

Secondly, examine the facilities the hotel has to present and the price tags attached with each of them respectively. Remember, the better the standard of services, the higher the charge you need to shell out.

Thirdly, it’s always advisable to shortlist- minimum 3-4 spa hotels (assuming your destination has a number of them) and compares the prices. Many hotels dish out lucrative discounts and money-saving offers throughout the year via coupons and codes. Be a cleaver buyer and get hold of them.

Reliving your stress inside a cozy spa hotel and spending some blissful days there is an experience you don’t want to miss. Just prepare your own checking list and enjoy the perks a premium spa hotel serves.