10 Best Ways to Get a Free Hotel Stay

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Proved on practice, getting a free hotel accommodation is easy as one-two-three. Hard to believe? After reading this entire article, you’ll learn how to get a free hotel stay in different hotels all over the world for free, whether it’s romantic Paris, pedantic Berlin, rampant Phuket or urbant Singapore.

Let us show you how it really works.


1. “Stay 10 Get 1 Free” from Hotels.com

You read it right: the world’s famous hotel reservation service, Hotels.com will give you 1 free night in more than 297,000 hotels worldwide if you already reserved 10 nights using this website. You’re open to all types of lodgings – from largest hotel chains and beach resorts to hotel boutiques, villas, and apartments. The cost of your free hotel stay will be equal to the average cost of your 10 gathered days.

Use the special offer anytime you want with no restrictions. This means you can pick up a day when heading for a weekend or business trip, summer vacation or even when you book a hotel for someone else. What an offer!

“Stay 10 Get 1 Free” from Hotels.com


2. Marriott Hotel Rewards Program

If you sign up for the Marriott Hotel Rewards Program, you’ll get numerous benefits, including the opportunity to earn a free stay at one of the Marriott Hotels in over 92 countries. The program lets you earn 5-10 for every dollar you pay at the Marriott hotel, so later you can exchange your earned points on a free hotel stay. You’ll need approximately 7,500 points to stay at the standard room for 1 night, and if you manage to redeem four free nights, you’ll get the fifth one for free.

The rewards program from this hotel chain will not only help you earn points for a free stay but also give an access to all kinds of similar deals. For example, Marriott recently offered the program members a free night for doing two or more stays in their hotel (with at least 1 night apart). Such offers aren’t rare, so if you’re looking for some free hotel benefits, it makes a huge sense to monitor the website once in a while.

Marriott Hotel Rewards Program


3. “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” from SPG (Starwood)

Mastercard cardholders can get a super nice perk from Starwood. If they plan to complete a trip to either Europe, Middle East or Africa, their third night in one of the Starwood hotels will not cost them anything at all. All they need to do is visit the website, find the necessary reservation and book it online using your Mastercard. The promotion is available till December 31st, 2018, so hurry up before all the rooms are taken!

“Buy 2 Get 1 Free” from SPG (Starwood)


4. Hotel Credit Card that Gives You Free Hotel Stays

If you are not willing to stick to just one hotel because you’re signed for its Rewards Program but you’re still eager to get rewards from the hotels you stay in, consider opening a credit card. Credit cards also allow you to collect points or cash back that you can later exchange on a free hotel stay. But keep in mind: most of them require an annual fee, thus, make sure the money you are going to spend on a travel card is worth the rewards you’ll be getting later.

Credit cards of such type can either be offered by banks or directly by hotels. The difference is that when you own a card from a bank, you can earn points from everyday purchases, like grocery shopping. Credit cards from hotels, though, provide a few other perks aside from free accommodation. Those are available at almost any large hotel chain like Marriott, Hyatt, IHG, SPG, Hilton etc.

Hotel Credit Card that Gives You Free Hotel Stays


5. Citi Prestige 4th Night Free

Some credit cards, like the Citi Prestige one, provide a beneficial deal, where you can stay the fourth night in any hotel for free. The offer is available for Citi Prestige cardholders and works only for the US-based hotels. The best thing about this deal is not only the opportunity to choose any hotel in the country but also the fact that you can add up other promotions and eventually score even greater deals.

Citi Prestige 4th Night Free


6. Airbnb Referral Credit

Yes, we get it, Airbnb is not a hotel chain or a hotel reservation service but can we really ignore the fact that you’re going to earn up to $40 for every invited friend? The scheme is incredibly easy: you invite friends to join Airbnb and when they sign up for the service and reserve their stay at any lodging, you get the commission for every person. Just imagine that 3 invited friends already equals more than one hundred bucks, which is often enough to rent a nice small apartment for 1 night at almost any place of the world.

Airbnb Referral Credit


7. Hyatt Brand Explorer

Hyatt offers completely another scheme how their permanent clients can get one free overnight stay in their hotel. To complete their promotion, you’ll have to stay at all their five hotel brands. Doesn’t matter if you stay in one brand hotel for one night or the whole week – the main thing is to try all five, which is easy to complete over the course of a year provided you travel on a regular basis. Once you did all five brands, you can count on a free night at one of the Hyatt hotels up to Category 4.

Hyatt Brand Explorer


8. Work for a Mystery Shopping Company

Wonder what a mystery shopping company is? Let us explain. The purpose of mystery shoppers, which are usually associated with grocery stores but can also work for restaurants and hotels, is to evaluate the level of accommodations and services of a certain place. So basically, the hotel will pay for your stay, while you’ll be working on gathering data and providing honest feedback.

Frankly speaking, this method is not for everybody. Yes, the room is free but, anyway, it’s a job so you won’t feel relaxed during your stay. At the same time, you might get some nice complimentary benefits.

Work for a Mystery Shopping Company


9. Become an Influencer

Social media influencers have a great job in terms of freebies due to their active social media presence. This includes free hotel stays or at least super discounted rooms (up to 90%). Developing your blog to the point when you will start participating in ad campaigns either on Instagram, Youtube or any other platform is time-consuming and somewhat difficult. Nonetheless, the result will be rewarding. Famous influencers not only receive free hotel stays but also get money for mentioning hotel brands in their blogs.

So, if you really want to get free offers from hotel brands through your blog, take your time and stay patient until you engage a sufficient amount of followers.

Become an Influencer


10. Complain and Get a Free Hotel Stay

Finishing up, let me tell you one more way how you can get a free hotel stay. You don’t need anything here: no credit cards, no rewards programs and no need to own a popular blog. All you have to do is express your complaint…surely, only when it’s reasonable. It’s not about making a huge deal out of nothing but rather standing for your own rights when there are obvious issues. Keep in mind, no matter what happens, you should show respect to the staff members. If you are calm and polite, the staff is more likely to consider your complaints and smooth out the situation.

As you can totally guess, a free one night stay is another compensation the hotel can offer to an unsatisfied customer. Just don’t demand one right away; instead, find a reason why they should offer you one. First things first, appeal to the right person, someone higher than just a hotel receptionist or even administrator. Calmly explain the situation and provide evidence of the issue (video or photo). Remember that hotels provide free stays in case of serious issues, so don’t count on one in case of a small oversight. And yeah, this method is occasional, which means you never know when and where it will be reasonable to complain and use it for your own benefit.

Complain and Get a Free Hotel Stay


We didn’t lie: there exist at least 10 efficient and legal ways how to get free hotel rooms and you just read them all. Traveling is much more pleasant when you got to spend less than expected, right? Try using at least several of these tips and you’ll be able to sufficiently reduce your expenses on accommodation.

Good luck, traveler!

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