10 Largest Hotels in the World Where You Can Get Lost Without a Map

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Many believe that the number of rooms that a hotel has determines its success. Remember! It’s definitely not just the size, capacity or number of rooms that determines the popularity and success of a hotel. So, now that Saudi Arabia is all set to have Abraj Kudai Hotel – the biggest hotel in the world, competed by 2017, its seems only justified to have a look at the top 10 largest and grandest hotel in the world that can sweep you off your feet.

After studying the services offered, hotel capacity, and a lot more about the most extravagant hotels in the world, we have compiled as comprehensive list of the 10 largest hotels in the world that can leave you baffled. And Las Vegas holds the record of having six of the largest hotels in the world. Yes, you heard that right – The Sin City, where partying is on from dawn to dusk, beats the rest of the world when it comes to housing the largest hotels.

Come with us on an enlightening journey that will make you witness some of the best in the industry. Before reading on, remember, our ranking is based on the number of rooms that these biggest hotels have on offer for the richest in the world. We invite you to hop on with us on this journey across the world as we go hunting for the most extravagantly luxurious and grand hotels across the world that can leave you gasping for more.

1. First World Hotel & Plaza [ book here ]

First World Hotel & Plaza, located at the Genting Highlands is a three star Malaysian hotel. It has the maximum number of guest rooms in the world. With its 7,352 rooms, this hotel has even made it to the Guinness World Record for being the largest hotel, with respect to having the maximum number of rooms. This hotel, since 2006, has housed about 3.5 million guests. Phew! Now, isn’t that quite a number?

First World Hotel & Plaza

This hotel comprises of two towers and has a huge variety of rooms on offer for its visitors. It has around 3164 standard rooms. The deluxe rooms can be counted up to 2922. The hotel is not just limited to its deluxe room. Its class and status can be well assessed from the its 649 deluxe triple rooms or 480 superior deluxe rooms. Add on to this another 136 deluxe triple rooms, superior world club rooms that boast of some really exclusive interiors and room decor.

First World Hotel & Plaza Malaysia

Interestingly, First World Hotel is first South East Asian hotel to have set up an e-kiosk for to facilitate super fast check-ins and check-outs. Adding on to this long list of super facilities provided by the hotel, it has recently got itself a brand new block, which not only has a 20th Century Fox World Theme Park but also a Snow World and Video Game Park for the entertainment of their guests.

First World Hotel & Plaza Malaysia review

To avail a basic package at the First World Hotel & Plaza one should be ready to shell out anything between 75MYR to 160 MYR for an Y5 Deluxe room. Remember, the rates are higher on weekends and holidays. For more details related to hotel room rates and packages you could visit its official website.

So, next time when you are planning a trip t Malaysia and have the moolah to spend, then don’t forget to check into this hotel and enjoy a king-sized life for a day or two.


2. The Venetian &The Palazzo, Las Vegas [ book here ]

Situated at the Paradise’s Las Vegas Strip, Nevada, The Venetian &Palazzo combined together makes it to being the second largest resort in the world. The hotel has a five diamond rating. What more, this happens to be the only all-suite property in the entire Strip area.

The Venetian &The Palazzo, Las Vegas

This combined complex comprising The Venetian, The Palazzo and Sands Expo Convection Center has around 3068 suites and 4049 rooms available for its visitors. The cost (per night) for these rooms ranges anything from $169 – $10,000.

The Venetian &The Palazzo, Las Vegas review

The Venetian Resort Casino Hotel & The Palazzo combined together offers myriad options for shopping, entertainment and dining. Guess what? The visitors don’t even need to step out to access various entertainment properties offered by this hotel.

The Venetian’s design has been heavily inspired Venice. Designed by Kling Stubbins, the hotel even has gondolas and waterway paths to move around the hotel premise. This 36 stories high rise hotel operated by Las Vegas sands. This hotel which has used Venice as an inspiration has several replicas of famous Venetian architecture that can leave you mesmerised. Some these replicas include Lion of Venice Column, the Rialto Bridge, Palazzo Ducale and many more.

It even houses the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum within the resort. It has around 1,013 suites and even a wedding chapel.

The Venetian &The Palazzo, Las Vegas hotel photos

Coming to Palazzo part, it’s and all suite hotel. Most of its guest room measures around 720 square feet. It houses the famous Las Vegas Car Museum within its multi-storied restaurant – Dal Toro. It has some exotic automobiles like the Bugatti, Spyker, Saleen, and Koenigsegg on display. Coming to the shopping part, The Palazzo has some of the most upwardly mobile stores. Right from Jimmy Choo to Bvlgari, you name it and it has it. It even has New York’s Barneys.

3. Izmailovo, Moscow [ book here ]

Izmailovo, Moscow photos

Moscow’s Izmailovo hotel comprises of four hotels. And each hotel has 30 floors. The four sections called Alfa, Beta and Gamma-Delta when clubbed together has a total of 7500 rooms on offer. It was built during the 1980 Summer Olympics, and has a close proximity to many tourist destinations in Moscow.

Izmailovo, Moscow hotel photo

This hotel has around 16 restaurants, bars, post offices and even banks at their guest’s disposal. They even take care of museum, taxis and railway tickets.

4. MGM Grand Las Vegas Resort & Casino [ book here ]

Neatly tucked in at Las Vegas Strip, Nevada, The MGM Grand Las Vegas is humongous. Spread over 6.6 acres, this hotel has about 6,852 rooms. Its main building comprises of 30 floors. The entire property that houses night clubs, casinos and shops also boasts of five indoor swimming pools, rivers and even waterfalls. Well, if this isn’t enough, then many would be surprised to hear that pedestrians in this hotel are allowed to move on to other neighbourhood casinos using overhead bridges and not via street level crossings.

MGM Grand Las Vegas Resrt & Casino fotos

Remember this hotel has the maximum number of guest rooms available for the visitors. Built in 1993, MGM grand boasts of being the most iconic hotel in Las Vegas and in the world. It has the reputation of having been the venue for innumerable boxing events, performances and concerts.

MGM Grand Las Vegas Resrt & Casino foto

It also houses the Studio Walk, where the guests get a chance to try their hand in solving murder mysteries using an interactive platform. It also has the largest gaming section in Las Vegas. It measures around 172,500 square feet and has around 2500 gaming machines and 139 poker tables.

MGM Grand Las Vegas Resrt & Casino interior

The slot machines installed at MGM Grand has multi-game machines, progressive slots and video pokers. The maximum payout made by these machines is $500,000.

When in MGM Grand you can bet also. They have about 24 43-inch plasma TVs installed for the betters. One can bet on a wide range of sports, right from soccer to football to MMA and boxing and more.

5. Disney’s All-Star Resort [ book here ]

The Disney’s All-Star resort belongs to the Value Resort Category of the Walt Disney chain of World Resorts. Situated in the southern part of the Walt Disney World Resort property in Orlando, can be segregated into three resort categories – Disney’s All-star Sports Resort, Disney’s All-Star Music Resort, and Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort. Each resort interestingly has its own theme and decor to appeal to its guests.

Disney's All-Star Resort exterior

Disney’s All-Star Music Resort has around 1818 rooms. While the sport and movies resort have 1920 rooms reach. They add on to a total of 5658 rooms. A typical room in any of these resorts measure around 250 square feet and have two double beds, televisions, megaphones etc. The family suites of these resorts can accommodate around six individuals and have a crib facility too.

Disney's All-Star Resort hotel review

They have an intermission food court, singing spirits pool bar and even pizza delivery facility. Its Mickey’s gift shop offers a whole range of Disney goodies and souvenirs.

Disney's All-Star Resort review

Ten individual buildings comprise this resort. They have been clubbed into five pairs. Each pair has a separate musical theme say like Calypso, jazz, Broadway shows or country music etc.

6. The Wynn and Encore, Las Vegas [ book here ]

The Wynn and its sister hotel Encore, when clubbed together makes it to the top five largest hotels in the world. With Wynn having around 2714 suites and Encore having around 2,034 rooms, they together add on to a total of 4,748 guest rooms that are available to the guests on any given day.

The Wynn and Encore, Las Vegas images

The Wynn & Encore has been built in the Madalay Bay area of the Vegas Strip. They offer some of the most luxurious features to their guests but with a spin to indulge in. The Wynn offers a huge golf course to its guests. To book a room at the Wynn and Encore, one has to bear a minimum pocket pinch of $120. Of course, this is the lowest price, base on room standards, the prices vary.

The Wynn and Encore, Las Vegas image

This hotel property, also boasts of a Lake of Dreams, which a waterfall stretching across an area of about 3 acres.

The Wynn and Encore, Las Vegas hotel

Recently, the owner of the The Wynn and Encore property announced their mega expansion programme. This is a huge project with a humongous budget of $1.5 billion. According to this project, the owners are planning to set up the Wynn Paradise Park, a lagoon and add another 1000 rooms to the existing property. If all goes well then these new inclusions will become operational by 2020.

7. The Luxor, Las Vegas [ book here ]

The Luxor is yet another classy hotel property amidst the Nevada desert of Las Vegas. An offering of the MGM Resorts Group this hotel derives inspiration from mystical Egypt. Its decor, design and architecture reflect a complete Egyptian aura. The hotel even houses a replica of the Sphinx. The hotel has been named after the Egyptian City of Luxor.

The Luxor, Las Vegas USA

The Luxor has around 4,400 rooms available for its guests. And to book a room in this three and a half star hotel, you should be ready to cough out at least a minimum of $40 to book a room there.

The Luxor, Las Vegas Nevada review

The Luxor, Las Vegas has a convention centre, swimming pools, spa and salons for the recreation of its guests. It even has a wedding chapel to facilitate destination weddings. The Luxor even has its own set of theatres and night clubs that have hosted several celebrity parties.

The Luxor, Las Vegas Nevada

The star attraction of this hotel however, remains, the Luxor Sky Beam, the world’s strongest light beam. Around 39 lamps of 7,000 watt have been used to create this mega beam of light which is also a landmark for aviators when it comes to navigation.

8. Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas [ book here ]

Well, here comes another surprise. The Madalay Bay resort happens to another Las Vegas hotel that has managed to make it to the list of the 10 largest hotels in the world. Like most of the Vegas hotels the original Mandalay bay Hotel later had a sister hotel built to increase its guest capacity. They together house around 4337 rooms. Rooms in Mandalay bay costs you around $77 a night, however, if you want to book a room at its sister concern – THEhotel, then you should be ready to spend a few more extra bucks, as it houses some of the most extravagant suits in the entire Las Vegas area.

Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas review

The top three floor of Mandalay Bay are Penthouses meant to be used by guests. It also has a huge convection centre, which is supposed to be the biggest in the entire United States.

Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas hotel photos

Other key attractions of this property are the Mandalay Beach and its Bay pool, which has a lazy river and even a waterfall. It also has the Mooreas, which happen to be European style pools that not only has private bars but also allows their female guests to get a bit adventures and go bathing topless.

Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas photos

Mandalay bay’s Shark reef is another key highlights. It also houses innumerable shops, where you can unleash the shopaholic in you. And also it has number of restaurants where you can tickle you taste buds.

9. Ambassador City Jomtien, Thailand [ book here ]

Ambassador City is a humongous hotel in Pattaya, Thailand. Spread over 40 acres of land this hotel has an elaborate pool, which happens to be the largest in Asia. It has been segregated into four sections and each section has its own signature designing. The Ambassador is a four star hotel and would cost you around $38 or more per night, depending on your choice of room.

Ambassador City Jomtien, Thailand hotel photo

Ambassador City has one of the best sports centre. Not only is it fully equipped but also houses the most modern sport equipments. They also have trained instructors. They have about 6 squash courts, badminton courts and tennis facility. They also offer a fabulous water sports amenities. Right from jet skiing to banana boat splits they offer it all and more.

Ambassador City Jomtien, Thailand photo

This hotel also has a well equipped business centre. They also have a huge shopping area that houses a market place, a mini mart, and more. They also offer babysitting services to their visitors apart from shuttle and taxi services.

Ambassador City Jomtien, Thailand fotos

10. Excalibur Hotel & Casino [ book here ]

The Excalibur happens to be the grandest hotel in Las Vegas. Named after the mythical sword of King Arthur, this hotel has managed to make it to the top ten. It comprises of 2 towers and has around 28 floors. The hotel has around 3981 rooms for its guests. Keeping in sync with its name, the hotel has some decorations/rooms interiors based on medieval themes.

Excalibur Hotel  & Casino foto

Located at the Las Vegas Boulevard-Tropicana intersection, this hotel is linked to neighbourhood casinos by pedestrian bridges. Also a free tram service connects Excalibur with the sister properties of MGM Resorts.

Excalibur Hotel  & Casino exterior

Interestingly, the land where Excalibur stands today was the assigned site for Xanadu Resorts. But the project never materialised for various reasons. This property, which has been designed as a theme resort, is popular among casino operators.

Excalibur Hotel  & Casino interior

This hotel housed a huge gaming area that has both table games and slot-machines. It has a pool area, fitness centre and a spa. It has two music areas – Octane Lounge & The Lounge, which comes alive during the weekends.

This hotel has three permanent shows to its credit. Namely, Thunder From Down Under, The Australian Bee Gees Show and Tournament of Kings are the three shows that keep the guests of Excalibur entertained.

Phew! Now that’s quite an exhaustive list of the largest hotels in the world, with over thousand of rooms at your service. Seems like, without a map or guidance from the hotel staff, one for sure could get lost in their grand premise, isn’t it?

Most of these hotels, have a story of their own, their own unique features that make them stand apart from the rest and guess that is what has made them make it to this exhaustive list of the most extravagantly large hotels. So, next time around if you decide to go globetrotting, then don’t you forget to book a room at and spend a day or two in one of these hotels! But of course, do so if your pocket permits.

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