10 Most Popular Ways to Get Paid And Travel Around the World

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Today you can make the craziest decision ever, leave your office, buy a plane ticket and start working somewhere overseas. But first, let’s review 10 possible opportunities for how you can get paid and travel simultaneously.


1. English Teacher

If you are seeking for adventures and your English is on point (not necessarily your native language), working as a teacher will be a great idea. The demand is especially huge in Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. In most cases, knowledge of English is enough knowing the language of that country is not necessary.

A plenty of foreign language schools would likely hire residents of English-speaking countries. Most of them do not even require a teaching experience or/and teacher education. Native speakers can earn up to $3,000 per month in China versus $1,500-2,000 for a non-native one, which is quite a sufficient amount of money. Most of the times, you’ll even have a free home and paid lunches at work.

English Teacher


2. Farmer

If you are not afraid to get your hands dirty, then you might consider working on the farm. For example, collecting grapes and olives in Italy or France. The easiest way to find this kind of a job is by applying to the Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms program – those offer the best opportunities for employment in the agricultural sector. For a single fee on the program’s site, you can even directly reach out to farmers and negotiate the terms.

As a farmer-volunteer, you’re going to work 4-6 hours a day in exchange for the housing and food provided by the farmer-owner. The volunteer pays for a round-trip flight, as well as the annual membership fee of WWOOF in the country where one would like to work. The choice of countries is huge – up to 50 options!



3. Au Pair

Au Pair or as translated from French “extra pair of hands” is a nanny from another country who lives in a family, helps to look after children and in exchange of her babysitting job gets pocket money with housing, food and language courses provided. You’re not required to be perfect at language of the country you’re staying in because you’ll be learning one “on the go”. If you are young and have no particular intentions to earn thousands of dollars each month, Au Pair is a great way to learn a new country and its culture.

The program exists in most countries of Europe as well as the USA. Keep in mind that there are age restrictions: the candidate should be at least 18 years old but not older 30. And of course, because you are going to spend most of your time babysitting with little kids, loving children is a must.

Au Pair


4. Traveling Photographer

If you’re into photographing, it’s time to pack your camera and equipment for the world trip that will help you earn some great cash by just taking great shots at different locations and selling them to stocks or other companies. Moreover, you can work as a photographer at wedding ceremonies in exotic countries. If you want to get orders, you need the equipment and experience, although having a talent for photographing and great recommendations guarantee you VERY GOOD offers with a great monetary reward. The level of your income will depend on many factors. For example, a photographer on a cruise liner can earn $ 1000 per month. Like it was said earlier, it all depends on your professionalism and other circumstances.

Traveling Photographer


5. Tourist Guide

Who could ever doubt this job would be on the list of the most popular ways to earn and travel at the same time? Although being a tourist guide seems like quite an interesting occupation with a bit of romanticism and adventurism, first of all, it’s a job and…quite an unstable one. Often guides work unofficially, which means no stable income and lack of social benefits. Speaking of the long term, however, specialists with a sufficient experience can obtain a license and finally get an official well-paid job.

Becoming a tourist guide implies communicating and organizing people, being friendly, always having a good mood and staying physically active all day long.

Tourist Guide


6. Cruise Ship

This option is super specific and will be a good match for someone who is ready to work almost 24/7 for the idea of an adventurous life on the cruise ship. Nonetheless, working on the ship will guarantee you a pretty good salary with all the other expenses (housing, food) covered at once. Cruise ships are rich on vacancies for all tastes: cooks, cleaners, bartenders, administrators, teachers, yoga instructors, dancers and many more. While some might not require any of the previous experience or recommendations, others can get quite competitive.

Respectively, your future wage will depend strictly on the job you take up. Those vary from $500 to $2500 and more. The other great thing is that the company usually covers the ticket to the destination from where the cruise begins and the ticket back home. What a deal!

Cruise Ship


7. Service Staff

Almost all tourist resorts, theme parks, and restaurants employ waiters, cleaners and other service staff during the peak tourist seasons. The most popular season for a family travel is when children are on vacation. In other places, the peak of the season may fall on good weather conditions or during main holidays like Christmas or Easter. Look for similar vacancies in the area you want to go to. You can take up this job for only 2-3 months and still enjoy the local perks of the resort during your own days off.

Service Staff


8. Tourist Blog

Making money on a travel blog is not as easy as it seems at first glance. At the starting point, you’ll need an initial investment. As a rule, many well-known travel bloggers spend months on the promotion of their site or a social media account (Instagram, YouTube) and only after that they can count on some sufficient income.

And even after you gain the audience and get offers from advertisers, blogging is still going to be a job. In addition to traveling and writing travel posts, you’ll have to deal with marketing, expanding the audience and all other kinds of issues.

Tourist Blog


9. Coaching

Sports and coaching skills are in great demand almost everywhere. Once you learn Latin dances in Brazil or an Argentine tango in Argentina, you can try and transfer your knowledge and skills to people all around the world. Working abroad as a yoga instructor or a personal trainer is also common as there are many people who want to meditate or do yoga the way it’s done in Sri Lanka. Give it a try!



10. Volunteering

Tons of organizations are ready to provide travelers with food and shelter in exchange for their help. You can help differently – clean up the territories, build houses for refugees, set up hiking trails in the forest, etc. Volunteers can travel to almost any corner of the world: from Africa and Europe to South American villages or Arabian countries suffering from wars. Besides the job itself, you’ll have several free hours to explore the city, experience the atmosphere of the “other life” and enjoy the journey. Not sure if you will necessarily get some monetary profits for this job but all the expenses for life will be totally covered.



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