Top 15 Tallest Buildings in The World of 2018

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The infrastructure can make or break the international reputation of a nation. Here’s the new and updated list of top 15 tallest buildings in the world of 2018 that you should know about:


15. Landmark 81- 1,513 ft

Landmark 81 is a skyscraper in the Ho Chin Min City of Vietnam which was designed by the British architectural firm Atkins. The building was sponsored by Vingroup, the largest real-estate corporation in Vietnam. The 461.5m structure has as many as 81 floors housing apartments, bars, lounging spaces, restaurants, luxury hotels, retail spaces, plus a multi-storey observation deck. The crown sphere is especially noteworthy for its unique design and durable construction. The construction work started off in 2014 and it took roughly four years before it was opened to the public on 27thJuly 2018, the 25th anniversary of the Vingroup corporation.

Landmark 81- 1,513 ft


14. LakhtaCenter – 1,516 ft

The Lakhta Centre is an 87-story skyscraper which is still under construction. It is located in the outskirts of Lakhta, in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The 462m structure would be the second tallest building in Europe and Russia, coming next to only Ostankino Tower in Moscow. The Lakhta Centre is said to have several commercial and retail units to promote more business in the area. Designed and developed by Tony Kettle (also renowned for being the designer of Falkirk Wheel in Scotland), while at RMJM. The project was then continued by GORPROJECT and is now said to be the headquarters of Gazprom, a Russian energy company. The building uses eco-friendly power sources, approved by LEED Gold.

LakhtaCenter - 1,516 ft


13. International Commerce Centre – 1,588 ft

The International Commerce Centre is a 484m tall skyscraper with 118 floors situated in West Kowloon, Hong Kong. Completed back in 2010, it was considered the fourth largest building in the world and has now dropped down to the 13thposition. The ICC is a part of the Unique Square Project on the Kowloon Station and incorporates the Ritz Carlton Hotel and the Sky100 observatory. The skyscraper is designed jointly by MTR Corporation Ltd and Sun Hung Kai Properties and is well connected to the underground subways as well as the roadways of the city. In 2007, a shopping mall, Elements was included in the structure along with office spaces and residential complexes.

International Commerce Centre - 1,588 ft


12. Shanghai World Financial Center – 1,614 ft

The SWFC is a skyscraper in the Pudong district of Shanghai, that was designed by Kohn Pederson Fox and Maori Building Company. The multi-purpose structure consists of offices, hotels, apartments, shopping malls, restaurants, and conference halls. It houses the Park Hyatt Shanghai hotel which occupies more than 10 floors of the building stretching from the 79th floor to the 93rd. the 492m structure has its observation deck installed in 2008. The structure deviates from the original plan, instead of a circular aperture, the current structure features a tapered peak. This adds on to the stability of the building and also protects it from the natural elements.

Shanghai World Financial Center - 1,614 ft


11. Taipei 101- 1,667 ft

The Taipei 101 in the Xinyi District of Taipei, Taiwan was once the world’s largest building, back in 2004, until it was overthrown by the Burj Khalifa in 2010. It is considered the first and largest “green building” that was awarded the LEED platinum certification for its eco-friendly and sustainable power technology. back in its day, the skyscraper had the fastest elevators that would function at a speed of 60.6km/hr. The101-storey structure was conceptualized in 1999 and completed finally in 2004. It has since then been an iconic architectural symbol that has withstood several natural disasters like typhoons and earthquakes in its lifetime.

Taipei 101- 1,667 ft


10. China Zun- 1,732 ft

The CITIC Tower or the China Zun is located at the heart of Beijing. With 108 stories, the 528m structure surpasses the China World Trade Center III by almost 190m. The nickname Zun comes from an ancient wine vessel which has inspired the design of the building. The floors are divided up accordingly for personal and professional use. The first 60 floors are dedicated to offices, the next 20 for luxury apartments and the rest to hotel rooms, plus there’s a rooftop garden o the uppermost section of the building that adds on to its aesthetic appeal.

China Zun- 1,732 ft


9. Tianjin CTF Finance Centre – 1,739 ft

Tianjin CTF Finance Centre is another skyscraper from China that is still under constructionand is estimated to be the second tallest building in Tianjin (the first being the Goldin Finance 117). The exterior is designed as a soft curving glass skin texture which seamlessly blends into the massive eight column complex, connected to the centerbuilding and the corners by four elevated platforms. The façade with its massive perimeter is sturdier, safer and more earthquake resistant. The top section of the tower narrows down to protect the building from excessive sunlight, dust or rain. The well-rounded aerodynamic shape of the building features floor-to-ceiling glass windows that offer a spectacular view of the city.

Tianjin CTF Finance Centre – 1,739 ft


8. Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre – 1,739 ft

The Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre or the East Tower is 530m tall skyscraper which also accommodates residential spaces and commercial plots. Opened for public use sometime in October 2016, the Finance Centre is the third largest building in China. The structure has 111 floors above the ground and five below, other than that, you’ll find a shopping mall, conference halls, apartments apart from a hotel. CTF building is placed in the middle of Guangzhou’s busiest business district. The underground mall is well-connected to the subways and underground transport lines. The 8-floor podium which is connected to the skyscraper comes with its own atrium and glass roof.

Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre – 1,739 ft


7. One World Trade Centre- 1,776ft

The One World Trade Centre aka the Freedom Tower is the main building of the World Trade Centre Complex in New York City. It is now the tallest building in the US and shares its name with the Original World Trade Centre that was destroyed in the tragic 9/11 terrorist attacks. The mega skyscraper stands tall on the northwest corner of the World Trade Centre Site (once the tallest building in New York) and is flanked by the West Street, Vesey Street, Fulton Street and Washington Street on all sides. The 1 WTC was designed by David Childs, an architect from Skidmore,Owings&Merril firm (the firm also designed the Burj Khalifa and the Willis Tower). The tube-shaped structure of the towers houses residential apartments and commercial spaces. It has a more traditional profile, one which resembles the Empire State Building or the Chrysler Building.

One World Trade Centre- 1,776ft


6. Lotte World Tower – 1,819 ft

The Lotte World Tower in Seoul stands at 554.4m and is currently among the tallest buildings in South Korea. After a decade-long struggle for approval and grants, the construction finally began sometime during 2010 and was finally completed in 2017. During the development stages, the building was conceptualized as a slender, cone, concave structure with gentle slopes and a diagrid lantern-shaped roof made of Korean ceramics and metal filigree. Later numerous pillars and other elements were added to the design to accommodate the Seoul Sky (between 117-124th floors), the Sky-Friendly Terrace Café on the 118th floor, Photozone on the 119th floor and a telescope and observatory deck on the topmost sections.

Lotte World Tower – 1,819 ft


5. Ping An Finance Centre – 965 ft

The Ping An IFC is a 115 meters tall tower in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. The building was commissioned by Ping An Insurance and constructed by the American company Kohn Pederson Fox Associate in 2017. The 18,931sqm plot contains several offices, hotels, retail spaces, conference halls and restaurants. The uppermost floors have an observation deck that gives you a panoramic view of the city skyline. The stainless-steel building represents the extravagance and grandeur of its owner, the Ping An Group. The building also serves as the headquarters of the Ping An Insurance Agency.

There are eight columns in this superstructure, a total of 115 floors equipped with 33 double-deck elevators, an 11-story podium and a five-level basement for parking. The company is planning a second project- a 47-story skyscraper called the South Tower and a connecting bridge to join the two structures.

Ping An Finance Centre – 965 ft


4. Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower – 1,972 ft

The Abraj Al-Bait or the Towers of the House is a government-owned establishment that stands at 601m. The structure comprises of seven skyscrapers hotels, located in Mecca Saudi Arabia. It is one of the most important parts of the modernizing project undertaken by the King Abdulaziz Endowment Project. The structure features a couple of towers, the tallest one being the Makkah Royal Clock Tower which houses the Fairmont Hotel. The building complex is strategically located near the Great Mosque of Mecca, a sacred shrine for Muslims all over the world.

Abraj Al-Bait was developed by Saudi Binladin Group and is considered to be the world’s most expensive building (with a construction expense of $15billion) Considered to be the fifth-largest free-standing structure in the world, the Clock Tower features two huge prayer halls that can accommodate 10,000 people. The other towers in the complex feature a 5-star hotel, a shopping complex and eating houses.

Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower – 1,972 ft


3. Shanghai Tower- 2,073 ft

The Shanghai Tower stands third at 632m. The 128-story skyscraper ofLujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai is the 2nd tallest construction as of now (ranked third when we consider the Jeddah Tower). It boasts of the world’s highest in-house observation deck and the fastest elevators that move at a speed of 74km/h! The Shanghai Tower is owned by the Shanghai government and is a first of the triple-buildings in Pudong. The tower follows a tiered construction that is divided into nine zones- each catering to a different purpose ranging from retail stores to residential suites and offices.

The tower was opened to the public sometime in September 2015, the observation deck set on the 118th floor was added a year later. There are nine cylindrical structures which are stacked atop each other, enclosed in a glass façade. The outer half of the building has a lot of passages and public spaces in-between offices. Each of the nine sections has their own atrium, complete with gardens, cafes and eating houses.

Shanghai Tower- 2,073 ft


2. Burj Khalifa – 2,722 ft

The Burj Khalifa stands tall and proud at 829.8m overlooking the city of Dubai. Constructed in 2009, the structure has managed to hold the title of the world’s tallest building for quite a while now. It now comes second to the Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia that is located only a couple of miles away from the site. The Burj Khalifa has an observation deck that’s 448m and 555m wide- it is the tallest and the most visited places in Dubai contributing greatly to the tourism industry. The building houses hotel suites, offices, conference halls, and several luxurious amenities that attract tourists and entrepreneurs alike.

The sheer extravagance and magnanimity of the building leave one awestruck. Set against the Dubai skyline, the Khalifa overshadows even the most magnificent structures of the city which appear puny and ordinary in comparison.

Burj Khalifa – 2,722 ft


1. Jeddah Tower – 3,280 ft

The Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia is the undisputed champion of our list, estimated to be roughly 3000ft when it gets completed in 2020. It stands in close competition with its neighbor, the Burj Khalifa and is but a couple of meters short. Rumour has it that the Tower is not only going to be the tallest building in the world but also the only building that would cross the 1km mark. It is the brainchild of the American architect Adrian Smith, who’d also designed the Burj Khalifa.

The Tower is a Y-shaped tripod that will feature 167 floors, incorporating commercial spaces, offices, hotels, residential apartments and retail space alike. The floor-to-glass windows and speedy elevators offer a spectacular view of the Red Sea. However, for now, the Tower is still under construction and it would be a couple of years until the title of the tallest building would be officially transferred from the Burj Khalifa to the Jeddah Tower.

Jeddah Tower – 3,280 ft


What is the Tallest Building in the World?

Our list includes both complete and under construction buildings that have surpassed a certain height limit. Sightseeing towers, skyscrapers, flyovers, and hotels also form a part of our census. While the Burj Khalifa currently holds the title as Dubai tallest building and the tallest structure in the world, it would soon be usurped by the Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia once it’s completed.

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