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About the Hotel

Who doesn’t want sea voyages? Whoever doesn’t is not the point of concern, but they’re certainly not you. From Robinson Crusoe to Columbus – be it fictional or factual – a lot of sea-centered stories took place throughout the history of mankind. And what can be more pleasurable than traveling in a boat with facilities of a high – end hotel? But that’s what Alila Purnama – The Full Moon (more romance, in a nutshell) in translation – offers you with. To be precise this is going to be a once in a lifetime experience, if you are ready to grab it! Admit the thrill you felt at your childhood on going through the pages of Tintin or reading about the Viking ships and the pirates! Those were the ‘action’ period of your life, but now is the prime time to get as romantic as possible with your spouse or partner sitting on the deck of this Phinisi ship. So, don’t delay, set up an imaginary voyage, and Alila Purnama would take all the responsibilities to make you believe that fact is ‘much more thrilling’ than fiction indeed!

Alila Purnama

Alila Purnama

It’s one of the lavish-most residential ships in Oceania, having a capacity of ten guests, presenting you with a high-tech and comfortable accommodation. The ship is handcrafted in the original Phinisi style, as sailed by the Bugis mariners from south Sulawesi (Indonesia).

Alila Purnama

The three-decked ship Alia Purnama is 46 meters in length.

Alila’s interior design and furnishing is done very carefully keeping alignment with its style and structure, with the furniture being exclusively designed from teak, rattan and other indigenous materials of Indonesia. A library, lounge, tavern, indoor dining hall for ten persons and a lot of space outside to loosen up and appreciate the scenic wonders. It does serve you with a complimentary WiFi connection too depending on the satellite availability, keeping their guests in touch with the webbed world and workplace.

Alila Purnama library

Alila Purnama lounge

Five uniquely furnished suites—each one with air-conditioning and queen-size beds, attached bathrooms with shower, partitioned toilet, double wardrobes and a writing desk.

Alila Purnama

The Master Suite, Sriwijaya provides you with a 180 degree panoramic view through the wraparound windows to let you observe the ever-changing landscape

Master Suits bathroom has shower, bathtub, two basins and a separate toilet cubicle along with a private verandah and spacious sundeck with a daybed to lie down and deckchairs to provide you the ultimate satiating relaxation. The other suites are namely: Cirebon Suite, Mataram Suite, Jawa Suite and Bali Suite.

Alila Purnama

If you are already quite attracted, then what’s the point in burdening this article with more details? But some of the details need to be mentioned, just to make you more comfortable. The main attraction of this ride is obviously to travel with this luxury hotel bathing in the salty air of adventure. But there are many more to come. Whichever suite you may book, it’ll be altogether different from the others. At night, when everyone falls asleep, the only sound that’ll haunt you is the hum of the mysterious sea, not so enraged like the one on the shore, but more inviting, probably moaning secretly to just see you on the deck, craving for your presence like a lovelorn paramour. In the morning, you’ll have a tranquil view of the scintillating ocean who may have cried herself to sleep, but waked up merrily on an innocent dawn. You can now go to the deck and have your first cup of tea or coffee. The breakfast will be served later. Many more delicacies will await you at lunch, you can also have a little vodka or wine with that. But at dinner make sure to ask for some liquors, though the expense is not included in your package, you can’t afford to miss the smoothness of a single malt with the oceanic concerto in the background. At the end of your voyage, you are going to miss the sea, and this journey will haunt you from time to time throughout your entire lifetime.

Alila Purnama lounge

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Useful Advices:

Romanticism kept aside, you need to concentrate on the things you’re going to do throughout this voyage, and the list goes like this:

  • First of all, select the expedition and it will obviously depend on the time of year. You should follow their website to keep updated. Time of the year can be crucial because booking gets tougher during the high seasons. So depending on that, book your suite(s) accordingly.
  • Once you’re on board, take the essence of the anchored landscape; the sea will start flirting with you right from there.
  • Spend time on the deck as much as possible to enjoy the journey.
  • Select your menu for lunch and dinner very carefully and make your meal go with the weather.
  • Beverages are absolutely important for any trip. So be a bit choosy. They have a good collection of non-alcoholic ones which are already included in your package. If you want some beer or any liquor ask for what is there in store, but it’s likely that you’ll get your favorite drink if you are ready to pay the price for.
  • Be romantic throughout—but not too much with the ocean, because your partner deserves you more!
Alila Purnama lounge

The team is more than efficient. You’ll need to fill up a simple form and they will respond within a maximum of three days. Where, when and how to come to the location of the ship will be candidly mentioned in the email from the Alila Purnama team. So, no need to be tensed, arrange some money and they’ll arrange everything else for you.

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