Amangiri, Utah, USA – Your Rendezvous With Luxury in The Wild Backdrop of Desert

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Hotels are no longer all about luxury, travelers today are looking for a unique and magical experience that would spice up their vacation. The tourism industry has ventured out into the most exotic and remote corners of the planet setting up lodging spaces that offer the best of natural charms. Yes, hotels are longer just a “resting place”; they have become an important part of the whole vacationing experience. One such quirky hotel that has caught our eye is Amangiri, a hideaway tucked away in the deep canyons of Southwest America.

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The Colorado Plateau sprawls over the Euclidean point, a place where Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and Mexico touch at right angles. This chunk of jagged and eroded rock dates back to about 200 million years ago and is among the biggest geographical wonders of the planet. However, that’s not what the place is popular for; the plateau is now known for housing Amangiri, a luxury resort that blends with the desert yet stands apart because of its elegant architecture.

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Amangiri or Aman resort is the brainchild of Adrian Zecha who wanted to build a hotel inspired by the Native American culture with a modern twist. The team of architects comprising of the very talented trio of Marwan Al-Sayed, Wendell Burnette and Rick Joy designed the hotel as a contemporary representation of the traditional Native American heritage blending the best of nature and technology. At Amangiri the desert was an equal player contributing to the beauty and magic of the place. Aman in Urdu translates to “peace” and giri in Hindi means “mountains”, the hotel literally means “peaceful mountains”. Aman Resorts have other small and innovative resorts spread out in the remote locations of the world as well that combine the native cultures with modern technology.

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Set in the farthest corners of the world, protected by sweeping valleys and dangerous cliffs, Hotel Amangiri is as far from the civilization as you can get. The surreal backdrop of the Grand Canyon, the infinite expanse of rock is the perfect setting for adventure lovers. The hotel is settled on the south-western edge of America in the city of Utah and is perhaps one of the most dramatic locations you’ll ever find a luxury lodging in. In fact, the resort lies on the border of Arizona and Utah. With Lake Powell and the legendary Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument nearby, the place is culturally blessed. However, it would be unfair to call the resort completely cut off from civilization as the city of Las Vegas is a mere 4-5 hour drive away.

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Although the place is far away from the “real world”, Amangiri has all the faculties and high-tech features that one would expect from a five-star luxury resort. The hotel though set in Southwest America has imbibed none of the Old West themes so common in other lodging spaces of the area. The swimming pool, open terrace, spa center, are among the top facilities offered at Amangiri.

Amangiri Canyon Point review

Amangiri is no ordinary hotel, it is an oasis hidden away in the vast expanse of barren desert, far away from the rush of city dwellings. The surreal atmosphere, remote isolated location and strategic construction of the place give Amangiri a unique charm. Amangiri is hard to locate as it camouflages seamlessly with the brown stretch of land surrounding it. The drive from the airport to the resort is peppered with craggy cliffs and sand dunes offering a panoramic view of the canyons. The infrastructure of the resort compliments the location brilliantly. The hotel is designed as a rectangular pavilion cornered by sharp-edged structures made of concrete that merge with the desert landscape. The Entrada sandstone construction features typical Utah architectural features- rugged yet homely.

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The interiors are equally bewitching although in stark contrast with the external design. Unlike the overall structure of the place that can be best described as raw, wild yet beautiful, the rooms are minimalistic, spacious and elegantly furnished. The huge windows and open terraces offer a spectacular view of the sand billows of Studhorse Mesa and the legendary Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. At the center of the resort is the reception area, the lounge and dining space with plush leather cushioned chairs, four fireplaces, and a mini-bar. The Girijala and Amangiri suites are exclusive coming with a private pool and Jacuzzi.

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Set in the heart of the Navajo country, the Amangiri resort is an extremely private and protected accommodation for travelers and adventure lovers. The hotel arranges special hiking and trekking trips along with a whole list of extreme sports activities like canoeing, rock climbing, biking and skydive that guests can indulge.

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The swimming pools and natural water reservoirs built in and around the resort are excellent places to lounge at after a rough day of sightseeing. Moreover, the 25,000 square foot luxurious spa offers a variety of indigenous Native American treatments that rejuvenate your sore muscles.

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You can even explore the nearby townships and cities; the place lies on the border with Arizona and is a couple of hours away from Las Vegas. The Navajo themed gift shop built inside the hotel premises is a good place to buy souvenirs and check out the local art.
Guests can taste the local flavors and cherish the Navajo cuisines in the restaurants and dining spaces built within the hotel property. Also Amangiri’s majestic and inmate settings host festivals and other cultural programs showcasing the best of local talent. Other attractions include the Lake Powell, historical Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, and the Grand Canyons that surround the hotel.

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Amangiri is one of few places around the world and is not just known for its beautiful ambience and surreal surroundings but also the facilities. The hotel though set smack in the middle of the Navajo county is not dominated by the ideas and features of the Old Wild West. No, at Amangiri, the roots go deeper; the place is heavily influenced by the Native American traditions. Even the infrastructure of the place is designed in accordance with the authentic Utah landscape thereby perfectly blending with the desert landscape. The resort can be best described as a private oasis in the vast expanse of barrenness that South-western America is.

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Amangiri, though isolated is in no way cut-off from cities, it is a couple of hours away from both Arizona and Las Vegas. The area with its rich history, geological and ecological significance is a delight for nature lovers. The drive itself is an enriching journey that adds on to your vacationing experience. The building framed with dunes and hills is very spacious, airy, vibrant yet primitive in essence. The cozy fireplaces, open terraces, breath-taking views all account for a surreal, magical experience that will stay with you for a long time.

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Amangiri or ‘the peaceful mountains’ with its soothing, surreal and solid settings tempers the hard-hitting edges of the Navajo landscape with luxuries. Now that you know all about the facilities and features at Amangiri, let us move on to discuss the other details and interesting information about the hotel that would help make your stay more memorable:

  • The hotel is a 25-minute drive away from the Page airport in Arizona. Amangiri offers complimentary transport between the resort and St George, Utah, Flagstaff and Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Free Wi-Fi, LCD TV, Ipod docks, free parking and a library are other facilities you can enjoy here.
  • The central Pavilion, dining space lounge and reception is placed at the heart of the building and has four fireplaces on each corner.
  • The twin bathrooms have their own Jacuzzi, an open pool, and other freshwater reservoirs.
  • The Girijala suite, Messa View suites, Terrace Pool suites and Amangiri exclusive suites offer the best views and hence recommended.
  • The place is pet-friendly and welcomes kids and families as well.
  • Also, the resort is a non-smoking zone; chuck the cigarettes away before you enter the hotel premises.

Rarely do we come across a resort that though cut off and private still manages to offer guests the best of facilities. Amangiri happens to be one of those exceptional cases that strike the delicate balance between wilderness and civilization. The hotel stays true to its roots, maintaining the Native American origins albeit the advanced facilities and over-the-top luxuries. The open dining spaces with large glass windows look like a something straight out of a painting. The place is a treat for the senses and is perhaps one of the best accommodations of our times.

Amangiri review

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