Experience the Majestic Winters at Arctic Fox Igloos, Finland

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However, this holiday season, we have something different to offer. There are several unique accommodations around the world that offer backpackers a once in a lifetime vacationing experience- the Arctic Fox Igloos in Finland are among them.

Arctic Fox Igloos hotel

Experience the first frost of winters cuddled up in the warmth of shimmering igloos. Spend your nights under the stars and if you’re lucky with a glimpse of the mystic Aurora Borealis. Wake up to the stunning view of the snowy mountain ranges and tundra forests. Enjoy piping hot and scrumptious meals by the bonfire, explore the surrounding landscape on husky-driven sleds – at the Arctic Fox Igloos you get to experience all that and more.

Arctic Fox Igloos Finland

Read on to know more about this magical resort and reasons why it should be on your bucket list this season.

Arctic Fox Igloos Finland review

Finding a good hotel is not really a difficult task, considering the numerous lodging houses that have crept up in the corners of the planet. What the millennial travelersdo face is the problem of plenty – a daunting choice of where to spend their leisurely days. Fox Arctic Igloo at Finland is a popular retreat for solo travelers, couples and families alike. The strategic location is peaceful, private and yet not completely cut off from civilization. Located in the Finnish Lapland, in the solitary village of Ranua, the charming resort is named after the arctic fox. The spot also gives you an unrestricted view of the Northern Lights directly from the glass roof of your igloos!

Arctic Fox Igloos Ranua hotel photos

There are roughly 20 guest rooms, each with its own bedrooms, kitchenette, private sauna, and bathrooms. There is an on-site restaurant nearby that serves the best of international and local flavors. Each of the igloos isa separate accommodation, giving guests utmost privacy and seclusion. Furthermore, the igloos are surrounded by forests and mountain ranges on all sides- the spherical shape of the igloos gives you a panoramic view of the magnificent landscape. What’s more, you can hire the venue for small gatherings, BBQ parties, and bonfires as well.

Arctic Fox Igloos Ranua review

Igloos have been an ideal and practical accommodation for people living in the freezing climate of the North Pole and Arctic regions. Opened this year, the Fox Arctic Igloo only carries forward this tradition, giving guests the authentic experience, complete with a classic Finnish sauna! The heated igloos feature all sorts of modern amenities and luxuries you’d find in other five-star resorts. Here, settled in the heart of Lapland, you get the best view of the Northern Lights, a spectacular phenomenon where you get to witness nature in all her glory.

Arctic Fox Igloos hotel photos

Finland has a dramatic history peppered with gallant tales of Vikings and pagan deities, swamped by castles and colonies. Legend has it that the Northern Lights were the result of a gigantic arctic fox sweeping its tail across the skies, leaving colorful lights in its wake. If we believe this old Finnish legend, the arctic fox is also considered sacred and bewitching creature in the ancient mythology. The Fox Arctic Igloo derives its name from this popular folktale and pays homage to the glorious arctic fox, an enchanting but endangered creature found along the Arctic Circle.

Arctic Fox Igloos photos

The Fox Arctic Igloo stands in stark contrast with its background, the glass igloos and concrete suites beside it are tastefully modern and captivating. However, the design, though luxurious, ironically blends with the landscape. The transparent igloo suites and geometric construction have a detached yet homely air about it which draws the travelers. Fox Arctic Igloo as we see it at a glance is a bundle of pleasant contradictions. On one hand, the place oozes elegance and sophistication. At the same time, the igloos are warm and hospitable enough to melt the coldest of hearts.

Arctic Fox Igloos hotel photo

The pentagonal igloos aren’t made of ice, instead, they are constructed of strong unbreakable glass. There’s a concrete cabin placed adjacent to the glass igloos where the bathroom and kitchenette are spaces. The bedroom, on the contrary, is visible to all. The Fox Arctic Igloos settled amidst the snow-carpeted grounds of Lapland offer a clear, unrestricted view of the northern skies. You can get a full show of the Aurora Borealis from the cozy confines of your igloos! The lights reflecting on the glass surface of the igloos present a fantastic picture of a kaleidoscope of colors that is visible from quite a distance. There is no trace of civilization nearby except for the other igloos and an on-site restaurant.

Arctic Fox Igloos photo

One of the most interesting, intriguing things about the Fox Arctic Igloo is that the interiors are visible from the outside. Ironically, the most private aspect of your suite, i.e. the bedroom is visible to anyone standing outside. The bathroom and kitchen are situated in the concrete cabin indoors. Unlike, other five-star resorts, you don’t have a public lounging area or a reception desk here. The private igloos are more like separate condos, each complete with their own beds, baths, and dining spaces. And keeping in accordance with the climate, you’ll even find a sauna indoors that completes the quintessential Finnish experience.

Arctic Fox Igloos fotos

The bedroom is spacious, light and minimalistic furnished. All you get is a double bed and a bedside lamp. Further indoors, the cozy, compact rooms are warmed by the central heating system and accommodate a flat-screen TV, a DVD player, and free internet connection. The kitchenette is well-stocked, plus there’s a restaurant nearby in case you need a break from cooking your meals. Here at Fox Arctic Igloo, you get the openness of sleeping under the stars as well as the privacy of a closed-in area where you can attend to your private needs. There a garden nearby where you can host BBQ parties and get-togethers with friends.

Arctic Fox Igloos foto

It is impossible to find a dull moment in a country as exciting and exhilarating as Finland. The sheer beauty and wilderness of the landscape would leave you awed. Add to that the breath-taking view of the elusive Northern Lights and you have a spectacle of a lifetime! The view is a feast for the senses, an oasis of sights and sensations for the urban dweller who’s confined to the concrete buildings and pollution of cities. The Fox Arctic Igloo is a place that offers guests the best of both worlds – the natural and the contemporary.

Arctic Fox Igloos hotel review

Set in the ravishing village of Ranua, flanked by the Lapland landscape and the Lake Ranuanjärvi, the Fox Arctic Igloo provides guests a host of opportunities to explore the lands nearby. Some of the popular tourist spots include the Ranua Wildlife Park that is but 3 miles away from the hotel. Here you can spot beautiful creatures like the bison, the yak, the arctic fox and even the reindeer. The nearby villages give you a glimpse of the local culture and rich heritage of Finland. The on-site activities include skiing, sled riding, hiking and a trip to the beach. You can rent the skiing and hiking equipment from the hotel at an additional charge. And if you are an animal lover, head down to the kennels and stables where the Huskies and other animals are housed to spend some quality time with them. At the end of the day, when you’re tired from all the hectic sightseeing, a soak in the got saunas sounds like heaven.

How to Book:

Surrender your senses to the Lappish magic and soak up the snowy surreal beauty of nature at the Fox Arctic Igloo. Here are some important and interesting facts about the hotel that every visitor must be familiar with to ensure a memorable stay;

  • The holiday village of GuloGulo is nearby that is especially popular among couples
  • The hotel is open all year round except in May
  • The wood-walled concrete cabin beside the igloos comes with a central pre-heating system and AC
  • Free parking facilities without any prior reservation
  • Pets aren’t allowed, you can, however, pet the Huskies that house on-site
  • Skiing equipment and snowmobiles are available at an extra charge.
  • All spaces, public and private are non-smoking zones

A retreat from the urban squalor is most welcome during the festive season. Welcome the chilly winters in the warmth of an igloo. Snuggled deep in the lap of nature and yet steeped in luxury, the hotel is a once in a lifetime experience for globetrotters. The Fox Arctic Igloo is the perfect retreat from urban squalor, yet replete with all the modern amenities so as to provide a comfortable stay – it is what we call the good life.

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