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Wondering why you should visit the frigid Finland for your holidays? An authentic polar experience awaits you at Arctic SnowHotel and Glass Igloos. The Arctic SnowHotel and Glass Igloos are located in Rovaniemi, Finland. Just a short 26 km away from the town centre of Rovaniemi, you can find the beautiful hotel. The hotel lies right on the shore of the scenic Lehtojavi Lake. The distance from the town centre makes the hotel conveniently located for you to enjoy a serene environment which is not too far away from civilization. The nearest airport is a mere 35 kms away; the railway station is 27 km away while the nearest shop is just 5kms away. If you are there to enjoy the snow sports activities then the cross country skiing trail is merely 30 m away while the snowmobile route is 70 m away. One of the main reasons why people flock to this hotel is to get a good chance at witnessing the Northern Lights. The Snow Hotel is open to guests throughout winter from the 20th of December while the Glass Igloos are available from the 30th of November.

Arctic SnowHotel and Glass Igloos, Finland

There are many hotels around the world that offer boarding in a snowy environment. So what sets Arctic SnowHotel and Glass Igloos apart from the rest? The fact that the ShowHotel can house 70 guests comfortably makes it one of the largest Nordic hotels.

Arctic SnowHotel and Glass Igloos, Finland

The hotel itself is made of ice. The outer walls of the hotel are carved each year to offer a unique and fresh look to the hotel.

Arctic SnowHotel and Glass Igloos, Finland

The inner walls are decorated with wonderful snow and ice art which is all refreshed each year. The annual change ensures that even if you repeat your visit, you will get a whole new visual experience from the hotel.

The rooms are kept at a regular temperature of 0-5 degrees Celsius. How can one enjoy a stay under such cold conditions? You will be provided with sleeping bags which ensure that you do not feel a hint of the cold while you sleep at night. The sleeping bags have reindeer fur in them to ensure that they are highly comfortable in them. Without the sleeping bags you would have to sleep on bare slabs of ice in the hotel rooms, which is sure to take the fun out of your vacation, right?

Arctic SnowHotel and Glass Igloos, Finland

When you are at the SnowHotel you do not have to rent a room to enjoy the ambience. You can opt for a guided tour which allows you to stay on campus and enjoy the sights that the hotel has to offer. But if you truly want to experience the hotel to the fullest then it is best to rent a room. If you do choose to stay at the hotel then you will be given personal instructions of how to spend the night at the hotel. The hot shower and toilet facilities are also available. In the morning you get complimentary hot drinks delivered to your room. The Lumikartano Restaurant serves breakfasts to all the guests who stay at the SnowHotel. After your stay you will receive a certification for your stay in the arctic environment. Ensure that you take whatever is needed to survive the cold.

Arctic SnowHotel and Glass Igloos, Finland

The SnowHotel is not the only thing that you can enjoy at the Arctic SnowHotel and Glass Igloos. The Glass Igloos offer an experience which is just as enchanting as what you can enjoy in the SnowHotel.

Arctic SnowHotel and Glass Igloos, Finland

The Glass Igloos are located right next to the SnowHotel, only a very short distance away. As there is cluster of igloos it looks like a whole village of igloos.

Arctic SnowHotel and Glass Igloos, Finland

The line of igloos looks just like the authentic ice igloos that the natives used to build for survival. But these igloos are very different from those cold icy igloos, and come with a glass roof. Glass roof of the igloo offer a good view of the starry skies. Since the location is well away from the numbing city lights, the spot is perfect for stargazing. The heating glass panels ensure that the roof does not get covered with a layer of snow on the outside. At the same time the heated glass keeps the room warm for the guests to enjoy. Best part about the igloos is that when the Northern Lights are in the sky you do not have to head out to enjoy the sight. You bed offers you the best seats in the house to experience the Northern Lights from.

Arctic SnowHotel and Glass Igloos, Finland

Glass Igloos come in two sizes. The 20 square meters ones are fit for two people while the 33 square meters one is best for 4 people. Extra beds can be easily added to the rooms. You do not have to share toilets and showers as each room comes with its own toilet and shower facilities. You not only get heated flooring but also get motorized beds which allows you to fix the positions of the bed. There are two kinds of igloos that you can opt for. You can opt for a solo or couple room for 1-2 or can opt for a family room that can hold 3-4 occupants. You can add extra beds to both kinds of igloo. The rates of the igloo vary depending on the season that you wish to occupy the igloo in.

When you plan your visit to Arctic SnowHotel and Glass Igloos you need to be aware of all the activities that you can enjoy there. There are various snow activities ranging from ice fishing to ice sculpting. Depending on the activity you wish to do you have to book in advance since the activities are open to visitors and guests alike. You do not have to go far from your room to enjoy the activities, but if you do wish to go off on an adventure then you can book snowmobiles and sledges. If activities are not what you are looking for out of your vacation then you can simply choose to spend time in the snow sauna that Arctic SnowHotel and Glass Igloos has to offer. The hotel offers various kinds of sauna which are: The Snow Sauna, The Lumikartano Sauna and The Lakeside Sauna.

Arctic SnowHotel and Glass Igloos, Finland

There is also an outdoor Jacuzzi which guests can enjoy at their leisure.

Apart from a stay at the hotel many guests plan special occasions here. The Arctic SnowHotel and Glass Igloos has special provisions for parties and weddings as well. You have to book well in advance to avail the popular facilities. Irrespective of all the facilities that the hotel offers, the main attraction remains the Northern Lights which thousands flock to experience. Arctic SnowHotel and Glass Igloos have a system which scans the skies for the lights. Once the lights are visible it sounds an alarm which wakes the guests up so that they do not miss out on the spectacle of nature.

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On your visit to Arctic SnowHotel and Glass Igloos you will be entering one of the harshest living conditions. So it is important to be prepared. Here are a few things to keep in mind while staying in of the best igloo hotels:

  • The first thing to keep in mind is make an early booking of the accommodations as well as conveyance to ensure that you are not stranded once in Finland.
  • When you book your stay the hotel provides you with the list of items that are necessary to make your stay possible in the icy conditions.
  • Warm headgear, warm full sleeved clothing, full trousers, warm socks are a few things that are a necessity even if you do not wish to follow the detailed list.
  • Even with the warm clothes and sleeping bag you might feel too cold to sleep at night, you can simply ask to move to the warm sleeping area.
  • If you do feel ill during your stay do not fail to alert the staff.
  • Since the conditions can be extreme do not try to take your stay at the SnowHotel lightly.
  • If you feel that you are not ready for the cold then choose the more luxurious Glass Igloos.
  • No matter how tired you feel, do not ignore the Northern Lights alarm.
  • Pre book all your activities if you do not wish to miss out on the activity that you are looking forward to.
  • Carry the right gear and ensure that you remember your way back.
Arctic SnowHotel and Glass Igloos, Finland

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