B&B Hofgenuss, Switzerland – the Ultimate Retreat for Couples

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Flanked by acres of farmland, and green pastures the place is an oasis of tranquillity for those who are looking for an escape from the urban squalor of cities. Located strategically in a farm in Ganterschwil, the B&B Hofgenuss offers guests a series of wooden huts that look like something straight out of a travel magazine. Pretty, pristine and very picturesque, this lodging space is the ultimate retreat for couples.

B&B Hofgenuss hotel

Read on to know more about this amazing resort and reasons why it should your next destination this holiday season;

B&B Hofgenuss Switzerland

Are you sick and tired of the tall skyscrapers and suffocating buildings that block sunlight? Do you wish to escape the hustle and bustle of the morning traffic and instead daydream of a place where you could simply laze around in the lap of nature? Well, that’s the dream most millennials have, and at B&B Hofgenuss you get a chance to rejuvenate your despondent, tired selves and reenergize. Set in the 13.2 hectares of farmland and pastures, the B&B Hofgenuss looking nothing short of the promised paradise to the weary city dweller.

B&B Hofgenuss Switzerland review

B&B Hofgenuss is situated at the heart of theOetschwil in Ganterschwil in lower Toggenburg. It stands on the opposite side of the village Bütschwil with the village of Thur on its left. The landscape also covers the wild and unspoiled riverbank and 1.3 hectares of meadows housing several farm animals for fresh produce. The wooden cottages are equipped with modern amenities and look pretty sophisticated. You can even pay a visit to the pasture lands, tend to the animals and volunteer at the farm for a completely authentic experience of the Swizz countryside life.

B&B Hofgenuss Ganterschwil

The country of Switzerland is a delight for the senses. Everything from its snow-capped hills to the green valleys and azure skies takes you back to simpler times when nature was within an arm’s reach and not reduced to tall buildings and smoke. The history of providing accommodation to weary travelers goes back to the earliest recorded times in all cultures and countries. The Swizz hospitality industry is no different. Thanks to its scenic valleys and beautiful countryside, the country is a popular vacationing spot for couples, families and lone travelers alike.

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The B&B Hofgenuss is one such place which opened its doors to the public sometime in 1996 and since then been a hot favorite for tourists from around the world. One of the most important things that this accommodation focuses on is self-sufficiency. Everything you see here is either harvested or grown in the pastures and farms nearby. The food prepared here is completely organic, healthy and without any adulterations. Over the years the B&B Hofgenuss has managed to accommodate some contemporary facilities as well, making life a lot easier for its inhabitants.

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Switzerland, a small but scenic country is on the bucket list of most travelers and family vacation plans. And contrary to popular belief the country is not just known for its chocolates, watches, and cheese. Switzerland is a treasure trove of elegant yet practical architectural delights. The Swizz architects excel at refurbishing age-old and tarnished buildings into modern-day structures that still hold on to the nostalgia of the past. The B&B Hofgenuss is one such wonderful lodging space that the Swizz architects have worked their magic upon.

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The B&B Hofgenuss offers a series of small bedroom cottages, equipped with the best of facilities and aesthetic decoration. However, they’re a far cry from the ordinary cottages you see around. These stylish and chic structures have a cave-like entrance with archways, glass-doors, and windows with an igloo-shaped construction. In fact, at a glance, the place looks like something straight out of a fairy-tale or a high-profile photo shoot! The clear blue skies and green pasture landscape in the background further add on to the pristine image of the accommodation. At B&B Hofgenuss, you get the best of both worlds – the charm of living in the countryside without having to give up on the urban luxuries we’re so accustomed to.

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On the outside, the B&B Hofgenuss looks like a homely cottage, a place you could expect elves and fairies to pop out of. The insides are a different story altogether. Once you enter through the arched doorways, you enter a world where luxuries and modern-day amenities at your disposal. Each cottage is self-sufficient with bedrooms, kitchenette, and bathrooms. The pod housescome with pull-out beds, large luggage drawers, a nightstand, tables and chairs, a centralized electric heating system and Stomanschluss. The cozy lounging area and garden space are perfect for hosting small parties, conferences, and bonfires. The shower houses are located ina stable building about 45 meters away from the main cottages. The cottage has huge glass windows everywhere that offer a panoramic view of the pasture outside.

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The suites are clean, well-organized and minimalistic. The spacious airy rooms get plenty of natural light, feature pastel shades and have a lot of in-house plants and wooden furnishings. It looks like an artistically build a condo in the middle of nowhere – giving you privacy and peace to spend some quality time with your partner.

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Living on the farm has always been an exciting experience, more so for people who are not used to a life in the countryside. While living in the cities is always rushed and chaotic, the countryside is slow-paced and peaceful. Once you arrive at the B&B Hofgenuss, the sheer space and freshness of the place are enough to leave you transfixed. The resort has a lot of provisions for people who want to enjoy a quiet bonfire or picnic outdoors in the garden. The sundeck on the terrace is a great place to work on a gorgeous tan while sipping on some delicious cocktails. The beehouses, birdhouses and cattle area are a delight to explore. You can even volunteer to care for the animals. There’s also an outdoor play area for kids and board games and puzzles in the lounging area that would keep the little ones occupied while you rekindle your romance.

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The shared kitchen space is well-stocked with the organic produce of the property. And if you have an adventurous streak, then exploring the cycling trails, hiking routes would sure be a wonderful experience for you. The biking and hiking equipment are available on rent. Some popular routes include Cycle Route 95, Konstanz and Lindau which is roughly 31 mi away. Other landmarks include Sesselbahn Schutt-Atzmannig, Brustenegg, Ubungslift Atzmannig, Skilift Hemberg, Shopping Arena St. Gallen and Luftseilbahn Jakobsbad-Kronberg. The multilingual staff is friendly and always at your disposal. And after a hectic day of sightseeing, there’s nothing better than spending a quiet night out at the newsroom, library or family rooms.

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Imagine waking up next to your partner on a beautiful sunny day, in a plush bed to the chirruping of birds, the mooing of cows and the crisp countryside air teasing your senses. Sounds like something straight up from a cliché rom-com right? Well at the B&B Hofgenuss you get to experience the good life coupled with great scrumptious meals and comfy cottages. Here is a list of some fascinating facts that would make your stay all the more memorable here;

  • All the features and facilities offered at the B&B Hofgenuss and the farm are in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Bio Suisse.
  • Everything here is home-grown, you must try the Organic Willow Beef and mutton, and fruits that are nurtured in the pastures.
  • The hotel doesn’t entertain pets and has no provision for them in the cottages
  • Free Wi-Fi, parking reservation and shuttle services are available.
  • Everything here is eco-friendly and organic
  • The BBQ facilities and equipment are chargeable
  • Children of all ages are welcome, there is a provision for extra bedding and mattresses as well
  • The bikes and hiking gear can be rented at extra charges
  • The kitchen space is shared among the inhabitants
  • Also, the bathrooms and shower stalls are located in the stables, about 45m away from the cottages.
  • The place can also be rented as a venue for holding parties, receptions, and gatherings

Finding the perfect hotel this time of the year is a tough job, especially if you’re not the kind who likes spending a fortune at five-star resorts and fancy lodgings. At the B&B Hofgenuss, one gets to experience the very best of nature, served in style. It is the ultimate hub for couples who want to spend some quality time together without being bothered by the din and chaos of everyday life.

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