10 Best Travel Apps for Planning Your Next Trip

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1. Sygic Travel [ download ]

With over 200 million users, today Sygic is the #2 popular navigation app for travellers. The app has significantly changed the way people travel, connecting smartphone maps with cars, connecting family members and keeping entrepreneursin the loop about their fleets across the world. While Sygic is a global company today, it has not forgotten its start-up roots, meaning that projects are managed by small teams of tech enthusiasts, resulting in better work.

Sygic has also been a leader in terms of innovation. It developed the world’s first navigation for iPhone, the second for Android. It is also a pioneer in navigation for smart devices like Apple Watch and Google Glass. It has some very popular features like integrated online parking at the destination, and family locators especially helpful for parents with small children.

Sygic Travel


2. Blink [ download ]

Blink is a household name among travellers. The Blink Charging app has become the go-to app for driver locations looking to charge their cars at any location in the US. But more interesting is the Blink travel and food guide app. The interface is just awesome. To save you from getting lost among random and irrelevant Google content, all the relevant information come together in one place in the form of cards.

The itineraries have all the maps, timetablesand rich details packed together. The interactive maps act as your local touring guides featuring restaurants, attractions and locals. The app was founded by Francesco Fiore and was inspired by the one finger experience of Tinder so much so that it is known as the ‘Tinder for places’.



3. TripTrip [ download ]

A departure from the app list, this website, like all big tech things, was developed by Dave and George in George’s basement (according to the website). And guess what, while still being on the beta testing mode, it has made quite a name for itself in being a website that is dedicated to building itineraries. At present, you can only use it just to plan your vacation. Features like browsing user informed itineraries and booking on a click are still in the development mode. But you can always pay a visit to their site and join the TripTrip community to cheer them on in building something that promises to be something great soon.



4. Check and Pack [ download ]

We all have missed out on things while packing even after making countless lists. But those days might just as well be over with this app which comes pre-loaded with over 650 backpacking trip related items distributed in 11 categories, especially personalized for you. So you can suit it to fit the number of days your travel trip is of. In addition to a great interface, it is also very easy to use and customize through which you can add categories, items, delete or edit existing items and categories, reuse existing planners and the like. It has some additional cool features like Photo Backup, features to save your travel schedule and notes, keeping a track of your expenses and the like.

Check and Pack


5. Google Trips [ download ]

While there are at present many good travel apps in the market, most of them require you to spend a lot of money on international data plans. Google Trips is the solution to that. Designed for both iOS and Android, you can now download and save all the relevant information on your phone for later usage. It also brings in things like managing tickets and prices, hotel and car rental services, and has cool features like ‘need to know’ which offer you all the information you can need. ‘Things to Do’ is probably the best feature of the app as it allows you to build custom-made itineraries. And once you get your internet connection on, you can get real-time information regarding your destinations. To get the best out of this app, sign in with your Google account which would be receiving all your ticket information. However, this one is not for you if you are concerned about Google tracking your every move.

Google Trips


6. MAPS.ME [ download ]

Formerly renowned by the name ofMapsWithMe, this app is for iOS and Androidplatforms. It is most famous for providing offline maps using OpenStreetMap data, for which you only need your phone’s GPS. You can download areas as large as an entire country! The offline map data is updated around 1-2 times monthly and features arrows for directions. It also supports offline search by name, address, coordinates and categories, and car and walking routes. Since 2017, it has been supporting unobtrusive ads which can be disabled by going to the settings menu. Because of its minimalist interface, you can have a lot of the map on your device screen without getting bombarded by the regular buttons and banners. In addition to these features, you can add your bookmarks and share your location with people back at home or those in your group. However, you may not get all the points you are searching for in your map as this app is a relatively new one and depends a lot on user input.



7. Trip Verse [ download ]

So far you have been using apps with itineraries inbuilt or made by and for you. And must have felt the need for itineraries of experienced travellers. TripVerse allows those as well, and helps you save a lot of time and prevent mistakes. To add to the cool quotient, this itinerary feature automatically links in the website, phone number and the address when you just add the name. Thereis also a private section for personal notes, and you can read those made by others if they have enabled sharing. It is a new app, so it is still working on some areas like booking facilities, but it comes with a password protection feature which allows you to input and keep safe your passport and frequent flyer numbers. So say a goodbye to digging around in the bag or the inbox.

Trip Verse


8. PackPoint [ download ]

While this is not a game-changing app when compared to the other ones on this list, PackPoint has become quite popular. This is not surprising given that it is a simple app to use with an interface easy on both the eyes and the fingers. It allows you to add special features like swimming, hiking, etc. and pack your things accordingly based on the predicted weather conditions during your trip days.



9. TripAdvisor [ download ]

With over 150 million monthly unique users and 42% of mobile traveller market share, TripAdvisor is the world’s most popular mobile traveller app today. And why not? It is not your mere packer and mover. TripAdvisor is not only a personalised travel app, it is also an international database. The winner of numerous awards, it is a manager unto itself. For example, it compares prices of over 200 hotels on site and suggests the cheapest ones. Forget shared itineraries. You can go through millions of reviews and uploaded photos. The Near Me feature helps with the best things available within the shortest distance. It is an app for the traveller on the go. You can add your own reviews and photos.



10. Rome2Rio [ download ]

If you want things to be easy on your pocket, Rome2Rio is one of the best apps for you. It acts a bit like a local tourist guide, putting all the nearby hotels colour-coded by price on your map. And once you are done comparing, you can book the hotel on spot, without paying any additional fees or getting redirected to the hotel company’s homepage. Featuring quirky and fun spots not mentioned in most other popular travel apps, it would direct you to your location showing the best route across town. Through this app, you can also book cabs on the go. Overall, Rome2Rio is the app you would want to have when making a backpacking trip on a student loan in any big town.



Anything you want to know or plan about travel, know that there’s an app for that. The key to using travel apps lies in getting a firsthand idea of them beforetravelling and choosing the best one fitted forthe trip. If you are planning a large trip with your family though, be very careful to check all the detailshands-on even after getting them placed by the app. Hacking and tracking are common concerns indeed, but the more reputed the app, the better. And with these tips in mind, you can’t fail to have an awesome journey!

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