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Imagine waking up in a huge four-poster bed (with drapes and all), with the sun streaming in through the stained window panes, as you enjoy a scrumptious breakfast in bed with your partner. That’s what we call the good life. Burg Wernberg is one such castle hotel that recreates the atmosphere of the yesteryears, of times long passed. It lets you peep through the pages of history, transporting you to a time when kings and electors ruled Germany.

Burg Wernberg hotel

Read on to know more about this wonderful hotel and the reasons why it should be on your bucket list this year.

Burg Wernberg Germany

Set in the charming town of Wernberg-Köblitz, the Burg Wernberg is a 13-century castle that has been refurbished with modern amenities to keep up with the demands of the millennial tourist. This accommodation is set atop a small hill, isolated but not cut off from the main town. It looks over the neighborhood like a looming presence lurking in the background. And yet surprisingly, the castle doesn’t really look out of place. The Burg Wernberg comes with four on-suite rooms based on different unique themes, an in-house restaurant, and an open terrace. You can even rent out this space for weddings, corporate meetings, and other festivities.

Burg Wernberg Germany review

The historic hilltop estate is a refreshing change from the contemporary lodging spaces. Guests can enjoy world-class meals, a panoramic view of the Bavarian countryside and privacy within the stone walls of this residence. Plus, the restaurant helmed by Thomas Kellerman features flavors and cuisines from around the world. The dining space pays homage to the castle’s legacy and is an experience suited for royalty.

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The Burg Wernberg castle has had a long and dramatic history. Every wall, every crevice, and corner of this imposing stone structure has a tale to tell. A tale of times long lost, a tale of times when kings would fight wars and rescue damsels from tyrants.

Burg Wernberg Wernberg review

The first documented mention of the castle appears sometime in 1280 when Conrad the Paulsdorfergot the castle from two noble Luiginbergern. A year later, the castle was acquired by the Nothaft family, this is also the time when the name Wernberg was associated with the structure. Sometime in the 14th century, the Nothaft couple were associated with the Bohemian ruler Charles IV.

Burg Wernberg hotel photos

A few centuries later, after the death of the Henry III Nothaft, Bohemia invaded Wernberg, usurped the castle and gave it away to Elector Maximillian of Bavaria. During the Austrian War of 1741, the castle was even used as a military camp, housing wounded soldiers and fighters until 1745.

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However, the castle soon fell into obscurity and was abandoned, that is until 1871 when the historical association of Upper Palatinate decided to preserve the heritage and history of Burg Wernberg. The castle changed a lot of hands in the next few years, ultimately ending up in the possession of Count Schall-Riaucour who rebuilt the eastern section of the building. It is now owned by Conrad Electronic Company (the Conrad family has leased the castle for 99 years). In 1998, the castle hotel was opened to the public. The renovation process took six long years, but it paid off. Burg Wernberg is now recognized as one of the finest castle hotels around the world.

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The Burg Wernberg at a glance looks more like a manor house and less like a castle. It doesn’t have any of the extravagances of a royal home but possesses an inherent sophistication that sets it apart from the Bavarian neighborhoods. Set on the edge of a picturesque hill, the 13-century castle was converted into a hotel in 1953 and opened to the public sometime in 1998. There’s a strange gothic touch to the structure that’s mysterious and hauntingly eerie. Guests are instantly enamored by the imposing presence of the stone building that has stood the test of time, witnessing kings, electors, ancient families and knights passing by.

Burg Wernberg photo

The architecture of the place can best be described as simple, solid and sophisticated. The brick and mortar towers have typical clay-tiled roofs and cobbled pathways. The castle seems to have frozen in time, even though it has undergone several renovations and changes these past few years. However, one could not possibly imagine this castle hotel anywhere but here. The stooping arches, domes, bay windows, tall towers, magnificent walls – it all seamlessly blends with the Bavarian landscape. Vast gardens and courtyards flank the building from all sides. The restaurant is situated nearby where you can enjoy an authentic medieval dining experience. Cherry blossoms and creepers further enhance the beauty of the place, giving it a rustic charm.

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On the outside, the castle looks very simple and rustic, the insides are a different story altogether. The first thing we noticed about Burg Wernberg castle was its extensive courtyard and spacious gardens. The entire space is planned as a manor house or a gothic estate, albeit featuring lighter hues and textures. On stepping through the grand entrance archways, you will be directed to the comfy lobby. A cheerful fireplace, a luxurious lounge and a team of smiling staff attend to guests and show them the suites. The suites are all designed and named according to the kings and queens it belonged to in the past. Each of these suites is a separate living space with their own bathrooms and guest rooms.

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The Duchess Suite, for instance, is a crown jewel of the castle. Stucco ceiling, elaborate mural byGünther Wasmeier, and a queen size filigree bed give the place a soft romantic appeal. The bathroom is well-furnished while the living space is colorful and vibrant. The Electoral room aka the honeymoon suite, though slightly smaller, is no less grand. It comprises of double beds, murals, Epoque furniture, delicate curtains and drapes perfect for couples. The Count suite has a valuable historic tapestry featuring knights and warriors. The simple double bed, embroidered curtains, and paintings add-on to its rustic appeal. The Prince suite is the largest and the grandest of them all. The furnishings are inspired from 18th century Eastern European mansions – the two separate ebony beds decorated with brass and mother of pearl are the highlights of the room.

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Burg Wernberg is available both as a venue and a romantic gateway for couples. You can host business meetings, wedding festivities and other important events in the courtyard. Once you have explored the architecture and history of the castle, we suggest you head out and explore the scenic towns of Munich and Nuremberg. The biking trails on the Upper Palatinate countryside and golf courses of Schwanhof would keep you entertained and rejuvenated. People who prefer staying indoors can check out the vaulted sauna area and pamper their senses to a spa massage. And when you’re all tired and hungry from a day of sightseeing, head out to the Kastell gourmet hotel for a glass of wine and world-class cuisines.

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Burg Wernberg is one of those rare spaces that both befit and transcend its time. The architecture and ambiance are steeped in its rich history, yet the services offer to tell you a different story. In spite of the numerous renovations, the hotel has managed to keep its inherent spirit alive all through these decades and that is a feat in itself. Couples and history buffs would find the place especially enchanting.

  • You can interact with the Michelin-starred chefs of the gourmet hotel and take cooking classes
  • The food here is freshly prepared and locally produced, you can even get your meals customized
  • The Bavarianneighborhood is known for its porcelain and glass sculptures, check out the local shops where you can get them at bargain prices
  • Prague, Munich, and Nuremberg are some of the nearby places, all within driving distances
  • Free internet connectivity in all parts of the castle, both indoors and outdoors
  • You can keep your furry friend here, pets are allowed at an additional charge
  • Also, children (even infants) are allowed, the hotel arranges for special beds and cribs upon request

We’ve all lived in five-star resorts and expensive hotels. But how many of us can claim to have experienced the luxuries of an actual castle? Yes, the monarchy may have been dead for years now, but royalty sure isn’t. The Burg Wernberg castle, though steeped in antiquity, offers guests the best state-of-art facilities that account for a memorable stay. This holiday season chuck the beachside shacks and mountain cottages for the ultimate royal treatment at the Burg Wernberg – you won’t regret it.

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