Capsule Hotel AnshinOyado Shinjuku, Japan, Tokyo- An Abode for the Solitary Traveller

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There comes a time in everyone’s lives when they just want to break free from the chaos and spend some quality time alone. Blame it on the excessive work pressure or the overwhelming effects of the Internet, the life of an urban dweller is exhausting indeed. Somewhere down the line, we have lost ourselves in the monotonous routine life. Unfortunately, we cannot always run for the hills every time we experience an existential crisis. But what if we tell you that you can find peace and solitude in the heart of the city? Capsule hotels in Japan located beside the train stations offer guests an isolated abode, but not completely cut away from the rush of the city. The Capsule Hotel, AnshinOyado located in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo is the perfect accommodation for the solitary traveler.

Capsule Hotel AnshinOyado Shinjuku

Capsule hotels were designed for the sole purpose of providing travelers with a compact and private lodging that is isolated from the hustle and bustle of the city. People get to sleep on capsule-shaped beds and live in a single-room suite compartmentalized to accommodate only one person. These hotels were pretty popular in populated cities such as Tokyo where people wanted a simple and comfortable room to spend the night before boarding their trains the next day. Capsule hotels, also known as pods, are pretty much like dorm rooms that offer cheap and practical accommodation to weary travelers.

Capsule Hotel AnshinOyado Shinjuku Japan

Capsule hotels aren’t very fancy or sophisticated when it comes to offering advanced facilities. The hotels cover the very basic facilities such as providing a bed, a side table, overhead lights a mini TV and a telephone.

Capsule Hotel AnshinOyado Shinjuku Japan review

Individual pods or capsule hotels are unique accommodations that allow guests all the facilities and basic features in a very compact space. The AshinOyado hotel is situated in Tokyo, very near to the Shinjuku station and aims at providing a warm and cosy lodging for weary travelers who want to spend a night or two before boarding their trains. The accommodation is a mere 5-minute walk from the stations and is a pretty cheap and convenient option for travelers. The accommodation was built to suit the needs of businessmen, office commuters, and tourists who want a quick and easy shelter that feels comfortable and is near the major landmarks of the city.

Capsule Hotel AnshinOyado Shinjuku Tokyo exterior

The AshinOyado capsule hotel is, however, a bit different from others. Here, you can enjoy the many luxuries of a premium resort without spending a fortune. The hotel premises feature a mini pool, a hot spring and a sauna where people can relax after a tough day. Also, the interiors are tasteful and elegantly done.

Capsule Hotel AnshinOyado Shinjuku Tokyo review

The tourism industry has come a long way since the olden days when large mansions and cosy cottages provided shelter to weary travelers who moved from country to country. Today, the hotels are well-structured and feature a whole lot of high-tech facilities that make life so much easier. Hotels are a part of the vacationing experience rather than just a place to crash in. Travelers are looking for cheap and convenient accommodations with the best facilities and interesting ambiance. This is where capsule hotels come into the picture. Known for their minimalistic, compact construction and highly solitary and unique design, these hotels were first developed in Japan near the major bus stops, airports and train stations of the city. The first capsule inn was opened in 1979 called the Capsule Inn Osaka, designed by KishoKurokawa. AnshinOyado was designed much later in 1985, but was only recently renovated in 2016 and reopened to the public.

Capsule Hotel AnshinOyado Shinjuku photos

Capsule hotels have a very unique yet practical construction that focuses on using the minimum space and accommodating the maximum guests without compromising on their comforts. The AnshinOyado hotel that was recently opened in July 2016 has two separate sections for both men and women. The hotel features a separate floor for women, a common bath exclusive to men, spacious lounge and a series of comfortable capsule rooms where guests can unwind after a hectic day out. The place also has sauna center, man-made hot springs and an inbuilt restaurant serving the best of authentic oriental cuisines.

Capsule Hotel AnshinOyado Shinjuku foto

Located in the heart of the city, the architecture of the resort is truly fascinating and minimalistic. It’s almost like a strip of capsules – all arranged in an order included only the bare necessities of a hotel room.

Capsule Hotel AnshinOyado Shinjuku number

AnshinOyado is an upscale capsule hotel that has about five outlets in Tokyo alone, each having its unique design and décor. The insides of the place are equally simple and minimalistic. Each capsule or pod comes equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, a flat-screen TV, lockers, and warm beds. The furnishings are specially imported from Bali and have a very oriental, exotic feel to it. The guest room has automatic lockable doors, a safety vault, LCD TV and premium quality headphones. There just one door and a single window for free ventilation.

Capsule Hotel AnshinOyado Shinjuku photo

The artificial hot springs are a major highlight here containing over 40 different kinds of minerals, and expensive complimentary toiletries that help you rejuvenate and refresh your tired muscles. The light furnishings, state-of-art décor and simple, minimalistic architecture of the Capsule Hotel are a treat for the senses.

Capsule Hotel AnshinOyado Shinjuku interior

The AnshinOyado capsule hotel is nothing short of a mini paradise for travelers who want some solitude. You would love the place if you want some peace and quiet. Stay indoors in your cosy capsules, snuggle up and catch up on your favorite movies and binge watch shows all day. Or you can also enjoy a hearty meal and socialize with the other inmates on the lounge or the common restaurant. Pamper yourself at the luxury spa and special hot springs that offer professional masseuses and a selection of exotic minerals that help you truly relax.

Capsule Hotel AnshinOyado Shinjuku foto

The more adventurous and extrovert travelers can go around the city and explore the many tourists’ attractions that are a mere minutes-walk away. The hotel also organizes special programs and festivities to keep their guests entertained featuring the local culture and traditional performers from around the city.

Capsule Hotel AnshinOyado Shinjuku review

AnshinOyado is located near the Shinjuku station in the center of Tokyo and is hence very near to the major landmarks of the city such as Shinjuku Imperial Garden, the National Stadium, the Tokyo Dome, Omotesando, Tokyo Sky Tree and other interesting sites. Explore the culture and Japan and delve deeper into the traditions and authenticity of the city. The hotel arranges for group expedition around the city where guests can get to know the Shinjuku prefecture up close.

Capsule Hotel AnshinOyado Shinjuku interior

Make plans with your buddies to walk around the Asakusa quarter in traditional garbs of kimono and samurai costumes. You can also pay a visit to the theatre restaurants of Japan where artists perform the beautiful neo-KABUKI drama.

Capsule Hotel AnshinOyado Shinjuku inside

If you’re a solo traveler looking for an affordable place to crash in before boarding the next train tomorrow the AnshinOyado is the place for you. Located in the center of the city, the place is close to all the major landmarks and transport depots. Also, the pods are extremely comfy and equipped with all the necessary facilities. However, what sets the hotel apart from the other similar lodgings is the inbuilt hot springs and hot sauna center where guests can truly unwind and relax their sore bodies. Even the food here is great! There’s a restaurant here that serves the best Japanese dishes atreally cheap prices. The hotel is a 5-minute walk away from the Shinjuku station, so you can always spend the night here instead of hiring a cab early morning or opting for a luxury resort far away.

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To make your stay at AnshinOyado more enjoyable, keep these facts and tips in mind:

  • AnshinOyado, though established way back in 1985 was renovated and popularized only recently in July 2016
  • Everything you get here from complimentary breakfasts to Wi-Fi and spa is free of cost
  • The place is a non-smoking zone and doesn’t entertain pets
  • The restaurant, internet café, and hot springs are open throughout the day and night
  • The AnshinOyado has separate sections for both men and women, the communal baths are restricted for men only
  • The baths include the basic toiletries and soaps
  • The interior décor of the place features furnishings from Bali
  • Every room has premium quality Simmons mattresses, a PC tablet, an LCD flat-screen TV and headphones

The AnshinOyado is considerably elegant and sophisticated for a capsule hotel. The guests here can enjoy the best of luxury and style that’s well within their budget. Located in Shinjuku it is a smart option for people who want a pretty yet practical place to crash in.

Capsule Hotel AnshinOyado Shinjuku image

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