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Earlier hotels were simply a resting place where weary travelers would take a break before their next big adventure. Today, hotels have become a significant part of the whole vacationing experience. With the abundance of elegant and sophisticated lodging spaces, vacations and family trips are no longer tedious and exhausting. Unconventional architecture, quirky interiors, and high-tech facilities are becoming the new yardsticks of measuring the success of a hotel.

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Gone are the days of intricate décor and elegant king-sized beds, travelers want something that’s easy, unconventional and accessible. New and trendy places are popping up in almost every country that aims at tapping the young crowd. The CityHub is one such hotel that likes to keep it sleek, simple and chic. Located in Amsterdam, the hotel has become the face of the modern tourism sector in the world.

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CityHub located in the scenic town of Amsterdam is a very recent hotel that is quickly gaining popularity among tourists worldwide. It was opened to the public in October 2015 and has established quite a reputation for its quirky design and unique themes. The sleeping pods or hubs are constructed in an old warehouse building of Oud-West, a strategic location that is near to all the popular places of the city. The hotel has recently also launched its own application going by the name of CityHub app that assists guests in finding the best attractions, meeting new people and booking rooms. It also comes with an advanced navigation system that would show you around the city. CityHub is among the best places in Amsterdam to hang out and meet strangers. The hotel is promoted as a social accommodation option that has a very casual and chilled out atmosphere.

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CityHub is the perfect blend of a lodging space and bar where travelers and local residents can hang out and mingle with each other in a chilled out informal atmosphere. Set in the quieter part of the city, the resort is constructed like a hostel. In fact, the place is so unique and impressive that it was declared as the most innovative themed hotel by World Hospitality Awards in the year 2016. CityHub is aimed at the Gen Y travelers who are used to the fast-paced lifestyles and sleek technology of modern times. It merges the privacy of a hotel with the social interaction quotient of a community place; it offers you the best of both worlds.

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The concept of the hotel was designed and developed by Sem Schuurkes and Pieter van Tilburgwjo who wanted to build a resort that struck the right balance between minimalistic interiors and networking. There are about 50 cabins in the hotel that have their own app-controlled light and audio system for smarter accommodations. The old garage/warehouse on the Bellamystraat in Amsterdam West was renovated into this chic and classic hotel. The spacious hall comes with a glass lighting row and roof bridge. The hall outlet to the side of Ten Katestraat has storage, showers, and toilets. To the side of Bellamystraat, there’s a cool hangout space created by merging two buildings.

CityHub Amsterdam review

The simple infrastructure, light, spacious interiors and minimalistic décor define the hotel CityHub in Amsterdam. The rooms or hubs as they are called here are compact cabins are equipped with the most high-tech features like free Wi-Fi, LCD TV, and LED lights. From the rooms to the dining space and bar, everything here is best suited for solo travelers and independent tourists.

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The ground floor of the warehouse is now transformed into a reception desk where guests can self-check-in themselves into their rooms. The interior décor of the place was a joint effort by the Mulderblauw Architects and Studio Überdutch. The cabins were made of vintage rusty metal, antique factory lights, old wood flooring, vontage doors, and pristine ceramic materials in the sanitary areas. It is in stark contrast with advanced hubs featuring pristine white walls, sleek furnishings, and colorful LED lights.

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The hang-out or social section of the CityHub is equally cosy but more radiant and peppy. The dimmed lights, brick walls, 70’s furniture, wooden floors and ceramic tables are all reminiscent of rom-com sitcoms! The self-serving bar is another attention grabber, and is a hit with the crowd.

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The reason behind CityHub’s popularity is its refreshing concept of the self-serving and DIY framework. From getting your own beer to refreshments, you have to it all yourself. Also, you even get a CityHub application that would assist you in searching the best places to visit, nearby restaurants and other locations. All the elements of the hotel, though very different, somehow complement each other perfectly. The entire architecture is a blend of vintage and modern construction methods that come together to form a lodging space where guests can mingle as well as enjoy the solitude of their cabins. There are about 50 cabins and communal baths and toilets for men and women. So, make plans, exchange stories, mingle with fellow travelers amidst good food and beer- the CityHub is the best place to widen your social circle and make memories that will last you a lifetime.

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The CityHub hotel is placed strategically in the heart of the cultural town, all the popular tourist attractions are but a few minutes’ drive away. The Foodhallen is just round the corner where guests can enjoy a diverse range of local and international dishes learning about the history and heritage of the place. It is located close to one of Amsterdam’s most renowned places – De Hallen. Tourists can visit the famous landmarks of Amsterdam such as the Anne Frank’s House that is only 1.6kms away.

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Considered to be among the most inexpensive and quirky accommodations in Amsterdam, hotel CityHub offers its guests a number of facilities and modern amenities. The double bedrooms, white walls, and minimalistic décor are a welcome change from all the larger than life furnishings of luxury hotels. Promoted as a capsule hotel, the lodging is divided into about 50 cabins that can accommodate 100 people at a time. The guests can mingle with each other in the CityHub bar and lobby. The ambiance of the place is very friendly, chic and peppy ideally suited for solo travelers and couples. Set in the heart of the city, the place is the hub of activity. However, if you do not want to mix and mingle with the crowd inside, you can always go out and explore the nearby historical attractions and know more about the culture of the city. Tourists can explore the local cuisines, visit festivals and experience the diverse traditions of Amsterdam.

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Amsterdam’s CityHub is a modern hotel that is equipped with all the advanced gadgets and features you could possibly expect from a renowned hotel. However, the place is just not limited to that, there are a lot of other interesting facts and trivia about the resort listed below that would make your stay here more memorable:

  • The capsules or hubs can house two people, each hub comes with a king-size double bed, free Wi-Fi and auto-lights and audio system controlled by the app
  • You can make the reservations online and collect the keys from the self-help desk. Once registered, you’ll be given a wristband that would serve as your pass to come in and out of the hotel premises
  • The hotel premises does not promote or encourage smoking, so chuck the cigarette before you enter the hotel
  • The place is especially popular among couples and solo travelers who find the relaxing atmosphere of the hotel very warm and cozy
  • The CityHub app is compatible with all smartphones and is a great help for guests who are new to the place and are on the lookout for interesting places to visit.
  • Other attractions include Leidseplein ( 1.7 km), Stedelijk Museum (1.8 km), Concertgebouw (1.8 km) and the Van Gogh Museum (1.9 km). The airport, bus stand, and train station are merely a 10-minute drive away
  • The hotel does not accept cash. Guests have to pay via debit/credit cards, online banking or PayPal
  • The hotel also provides guests with free portable Wi-Fi when they’re out exploring the city
  • The place is not pet-friendly

The rise of technology has contributed to almost every aspect of our life. It has changed the way we eat, live and communicate; even the hotel business is also equally affected. CityHub Hotel in Amsterdam is perhaps the perfect example representing today’s modern tourism sector. The sleeping cabins or pods are minimalistic, advanced and replete with the best features you’d possibly want. Ingenious, unique and unconventional, the place has a very futuristic design that is a hit among the Gen Y travelers.

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