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About the Hotel

Remember those days, when you were a child fantasizing about the cavemen in the otherwise dull history books, contemplating the same cave paintings over and over? What if you’re given a golden opportunity to look back to those days of your childhood once again? No, no, no; don’t expect so much!!! This is not even capable to try out some strokes on the imageries of your juvenile imagination, but what it can do (and is aimed at) is providing you a destination to spend your holiday with your loved ones – yes in a cave to be precise… Now decide, if you like to go on a virtual voyage prior to the amorous actuation; okay, let’s hold hands!


Between Moshav Amatzia and the Beit Govrin National Park is the Lakhish region. Two of the caves in here are absolutely exquisite offering spa therapies along with all other luxurious facilities. Moreover this eco-friendly site is specially designed to offer sustainable development. You’ll be served with an abundance of natural light, recycled and purified water, leveraging your holiday experience by an unthinkable measure. This site also possesses a beautiful organic garden that offers all its products – which includes herbal tea, many herbs and spices – for free to all its tourists. The water well was traditionally used as a rain water reservoir from which water was consumed especially during the summer or at other times of need. This ancient water well is renovated along with installation of two new Jacuzzis for each cave which act as huge tubs with magical lighting and soft romantic music not only for baths, but also facilitate with chromo therapy for skin. One of the caves are named as Rosmarin while the other as Lavender; just feel the amount of romance embedded only in their names!

Rosmarin cave

Rosmarin Cave

Rosmarin cave

Lavender cave

Lavender Cave

On entering your suite (whichever you’ve booked) peep into the refrigerator, you’ll find a collection of liquors. Pouring your favorite (but your lady should be the first one to get it), take a few steps for the sunset; it’s a once in a lifetime experience served with a cool gentle breeze.


After the journey you’re very likely to feel tired. Although the soft giant bed is very inviting, it’s not the time yet to fall into its trap. All you need is to get a little fresh. Don’t worry about the mundane things like soap, towel or a bathrobe, they all will be provided for free and they’re purely organic. All the arrangements complete; then why don’t you take a spa right now? It’ll wipe out all your tiredness, rejuvenating you with all your vitality.



But don’t get too romantic, because dinner is yet to arrive! Sahar Rafael, the house chef, will personally attend you at supper, coming over to your suite serving with the plethora of delicacies and all your resistance would turn out futile before them, however health-conscious you are. This dinner alone is going to make your day; but the things that follow between you two is the craziest bonus indeed! Make sure to wake up early to have the sun yawn before you at dawn – it’s fascinating; this experience will be as innocent as a child, as fresh as a daisy. Have the delicious breakfast. If it’s just a one night stay, then bid goodbye to this one night mistress of yours. Otherwise, take a trip around.

Location and Approach

Moshav Shekef is situated just an hour away from Tel Aviv. This top-hill residenceis bordered with greeneries as if to protect it from all the hustles and bustles of the city-life. It overlooks a panoramic view which keeps changing over the year with its beauty unadulterated. Take directions over the phone; the staffs are immensely helpful and courteous and you won’t get any trouble finding the spot. But it’s very hard to decide which season to come over here, because a beautiful maiden is always beautiful, whatever her dress may be. So some more seductions await you:

  • The summer: Unguarded view of the vineyards on your left with the herds of cows grazing on the meadows.
  • The autumn: This is the season of migratory birds who fly all the way from Europe and Africa to find refuge in the warmth of mother Nature.
  • The winter: You may observe deer here and there. Vineyards rest in this season, but the greenery is far from fading; on the other hand this is the time when many season flowers start to blossom.
  • The spring: The love is really in the air with all the colors pouring in at the same time, landscapes look like the vibrant paintings of Van Gogh with tulips and primroses all around inviting you to a gay galore!


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How to Book:

Useful Advices:

Too much of information has been bombarded on you. It’s time to organize, bring the bits to a perfect shape to get the fullest from them:

  • We understand that you were impressed by one of the most unusual Israel hotel. But book the suites first. Irrespective of the time of the year, make sure to get the bookings much prior to your journey, because as you know by now, there are only two suites available; so it’s better not to take any risk.
  • The next point is how to travel. If you are confused with the route, how many times you may call them, you’ll find a fresh voice on the other end greeting you with all the directional details as if for the very first time.
  • Once you are there and it’s evening, you can’t afford to miss the sunset.
  • Have some wine and take a relaxing spa afterwards.
  • The dinner is going to give your stay the divine dimension.
  • A large soft bed, an aromatic pool, lights off, curtains down, a slight intoxication from the wine – action speaks louder than words…
  • But whatever be your decision last night, please do wake up early, because the scintillating sunrise followed with the breathtaking breakfast is an unparalleled experience.
  • If the booking is just for a night, then sorry, your journey is about to close and this place is going to wait for you for another visit, a lengthier one.

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