Unique Hotel from Recycled Pipes: dasparkhotel in Austria

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About the Hotel

Going on a trip to Austria? Then you must have booked for a luxury suite in a high-end hotel by now. But by any chance if you are yet to, then expose yourself to an inimitable experience by booking for accommodation at dasparkhotel, eco hotel in the district of Ottensheim, a municipality in the district of Urfahr-Umgebung in the state of Upper Austria. Weird advice, isn’t it? “Far from the city, the bubbling enthusiasm, the classical flavor of Austria; what is there so unique in this remote municipality?” must be the question that’s on your mind right now. For your information, another branch resides in Germany, Bottrop – but it is in a more convenient location. All the questions are promised to be answered accordingly, if you kindly cooperate and take a board on this “Das Park Express”.


Now is the time to reveal the real purpose of the recommendation made, since you are likely to have (or yet to) overcome from your primary shock upon glancing through the first image. Yes, these ‘rooms’ are quite far from convention. But designer Andreas Strauss was determined to implement this project, creating the rooms out of three giant sewage pipes! If this turns you off, then this setting is certainly not meant for you; but if it still keeps you going, then this place has several other excitements in store, that are yet to be showcased!


The hotel was designed in the year 2004. Each pipe is of 6.5 foot in diameter and all of them are decorated with unique wall paintings by the Austrian artist Thomas Latzel Ochoa.


Each room also consists of a small window (almost like a skylight to keep provision for natural light and gentle breeze), a standard double-bed, and even a small charging unit for gadgets and other rechargeable stuffs. If you are tall enough, then you can face some troubles standing inside, but that’s just a part of the adventure!

There is no attached bathroom to individual rooms which can be a serious problem for older people, where the proximity of a washroom is really needed. But for adventurous young men and women this capsule hotel is more than perfect – with shared toilets, showers, cafeteria, even a minibar; all within a couple of steps… but that’s not quite the end of it; this place hasalsogot a swimming pool!Most importantly this ‘not so comfortable’ environment will accept you in such a motherly warmth, checking out is going to be a tough thing for you!

Proceeding up to this section being aware of the architectural pattern and other inconveniences suggests that you are already quite impressed by it! So attraction no. 1 is certified on its own merits. It’s like a park in here. So you can have a reading session lying on the grass. If you are with kids, it’ll be very exciting for them (let alone the tunnel concept) to enjoy playing in the green and if you can get along with them and their games, you’ll certainly feel a lot younger at heart.


Go to the swimming pool to have fun with your kids and your partner. It’ll be an exciting experience with family or friends. Bored? Grab a drink at the minibar. But the major attraction is that once you reserve, you’ll get a booking confirmation but the whole stay is ‘pay as you like it’! The drinks or coffee that you consume obviously have a fixed rate; but the lodging expenses? No! You can pay as you wish. This plan raises a moral question that probes your conscience in an unorthodox way. So it doesn’t remain a rental charge anymore, but becomes a spontaneously honest appreciation in the form of money.

Location and Approach

The Ottensheim version is just beside the Danube river having a blend of rural and urban texture while the German one is established in Bottrop-Ebel and is near to Essen. It falls just on the Emscher bicycle track. This spot is quite near to the restaurant “imMaschinenhaus”, administered by GAFÖG. You can collect local historical and geographical information from here. The food is delicious. Hope that the end of this informal informational voyage will induce a force that’ll set yourself up for the real venture!

How to Book:

Useful Advices:

Enough of the virtual tour. What you need now is a proper planning for the actual one. Select a date, arrange your money, get yourself certain of getting a leave at that point of time and the rest of the list goes like:

  • The booking procedure is very convenient. All you have to do is to go to the booking section of their website. Book your dates, your rooms and arrange for other things for your journey. On submission of the registration form a booking confirmation will be generated. If you are to cancel the reservation, kindly click the cancellation link on the reservation voucher so that it remains vacant for interested people. The number of rooms is three in case of Ottensheim, Austria and five if you opt for Bottrop, Germany; so whatever the venue might be, you should book much prior to your arrival.
  • On reaching there, take a look at your room (a code will be provided, which opens the door).
  • Refreshed enough just at the sight of it? Go to the cafeteria. Have a gulp of coffee with the snacks you prefer.
  • If it’s in the morning, play with your kids.
  • Go swimming, it’s a must!
  • Want to spend some quality time alone? Take a sunbath while reading a book lying on the grass. Not the reading type? Then why don’t you go to the minibar? Have a glass of whiskey with music in the background.
  • In the evening, go on a trip to the peripheral sites. Get the feel of it!
  • After a goodnight’s sleep; at the very end of your stay; a longing to stay some more; yet the calls from the workplace; emotions muddled—but it’s the time for payment, no pressure, just pay the amount you think it’s worth paying for!

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