Espejo De Luna, Chiloe, Chile – A Unique Hotel With Inimitable Architecture and Irresistible Charms

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It is that time of the year again when all you want to do is laze around at the beach or snuggle up under the covers all day long. This holiday season break free from the mountains and the seaside, explore the more exotic corners of the planet instead. The mystical forests of Chiloe are just the therapy you need to rejuvenate your senses. Set in the heart of Chilean Patagonia stands the beautiful and quirky Espejo De Luna. A holiday home that is not converted into a boutique hotel, the place is famous for its unique architecture and design. Read on to know more about this boutique hotel and reasons why you need to be here:

Espejo De Luna hotel

Espejo De Luna is a mystical and magical lodging space surrounded by nature set on the island of Chiloe. The wooden cabin and luxury suites offer a panoramic view of the nearby forests and foliage, giving you the much-needed isolation and solitude from the din and chaos of cities. The land of Chile is peppered with volcanoes, mountains, and cliffs – a paradise on earth for nature lovers and adventure junkies. The hotel is designed to suit the needs of not only couples but also solo travelers and families. There is a children’s play area inside the hotel premises where kids can play interesting games and explore the nearby woods.

Espejo De Luna Chile

Set along the forests and coastline of Chiloe, the Espejo De Luna also boasts of a rich biodiversity. The guests especially like watching the whales and playing with the dolphins here. Camping out and trekking are other normal activities conducted here that tourists can enjoy.

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Espejo De Luna, constructed in 2006, was originally meant to be a vacation home for families and tourists, however, with time the place gradually developed as a boutique hotel. The overall construction and design of the place are pretty primitive and resemble the native tribal cultures of the Chile. Chile is a land of the extremes, a stretch of land on the west coast of South America that has a tropical exotic climate and amazing biodiversity. The place is perfect for explorers and travelers who are into adventure sports and expeditions. The hotel is built on an old shipwreck and is renovated into a classy, quirky and innovative accommodation. The Espejo De Luna cabin and restaurant has a very raw rustic feel to it. Known for offering one of the best Chilean cuisines in the country, the place is packed with locals and visitors alike.

Espejo De Luna Chiloe exterior

The Espejo De Luna is not your everyday luxury resort; sure, it is set in a remote and enchanting place and is right in the lap of nature. But that’s not all; the Espejo De Luna is also known for its architectural brilliance and authentic construction that seems inspired by the native tribal cultures and South American heritage. The cabins and suites at Espejo De Luna, Chiloe, are built using the best quality native woods found in the forests of Chile. Also, the resort is very near to the beaches of Luna and has a restaurant and spa built inside the hotel property.

Espejo De Luna Chiloe review

Built out of an upside down ship, the hotel is has a very marine feel to it. The ambiance of the place is peppy, fun and very relaxed. Couples, families and solo travelers would feel at home here amongst the flora and fauna of Chiloe landscape. Nature lovers and adventure junkies would absolutely love the place. The restaurant offers a variety of enticing and scrumptious local cuisines and Chilean flavors that would tantalize your senses. The private beach area and children’s playground are added perks that make Espejo De Luna a true holiday home.

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The interiors are as impressive, if not more, when compared to the architecture and design of the infrastructure. The all wooden framework is excellently carved out in a unique tilted, semi-circle shape featuring all the cabins and suites. The huge glass windows and simple minimalistic furnishings of the rooms are a welcome change from all the extravaganza of the luxury hotels. The entire hotel is carved out of a shipwreck, the rooms and cabins are built inside the hollow of the huge ship. The all wooden furnishings though not very luxurious and elegant have their own primitive charm to it.

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The suites can house a maximum of five people. Light, airy and spacious, the rooms offer a wonderful view of the surrounding forests, grasslands, and mountains of Chile. All the modern facilities and services such as free internet connectivity, LCD TV, music player, phone and a mini-bar are included in the rooms. The hotel has a very Thoreau-esque transcendental feel to it as its lodges are packed with all the luxuries yet situated far away from the urban squalor. You get the best of both worlds here!

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Espejo De Luna is strategically in the center of Chiloe, a place that has all the elements of nature in abundance. From the rich green foliage and the forbidding mountain ranges and volcanoes to the sandy beaches alongside the west coast of Chile, the place has it all.

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When you’re at a place as quirky and fun as the Espejo De Luna, there is no dearth of things to do. From lounging inside the hotel property exploring the gardens and socializing at the bar to going out and experiencing the city, there is something for everyone here. The hotel also offers tourists dirt bikes and bicycles on rent and arranges for trips and expeditions into the nearby woods. The beachside is a good place to hang out with friends and play the various water sports and activities. Children can have fun here as well, there is a special area dedicated to the kids where they can play around and participate in a variety of interactive activities under the supervision of the hotel staff.

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There are a lot of amazing places to visit at Chile. Tourists can either explore the natural wonders, the jungles and the beaches of Chiloe or check out the museums, the parks and the tourist attractions of the city. Set beside the sea the resort is about 10kms away from the Church of Queilen, Queilen City Lookout, and Mariners Refuge Museum. Iglesia Nuestra Senora del Rosario and Museo de Las TradicionesChonchinas are also but an hour’s drive away.

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For all its interesting services and exotic surroundings, the Espejo De Luna is at its heart a holiday home that aims at building the perfect vacation for families. The suites and cabins though sparsely furnished come equipped with fridges, microwave, laundry services, free internet, natural heating system and a recreation room. There are special rooms for guests suffering from disabilities and handicaps as well.

Espejo De Luna Chile review

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Espejo De Luna is a place full of fun and frolic. A close-knit and warm boutique hotel, the place focuses on creating the perfect vacationing experience for you. The personal, informal ambiance of the place feels like home and would instantly warm your heart. Let us look into some of the interesting information and useful trivia about the place that would make your stay here all the more memorable:

  • The hotel is very near the coastline; when you are here, don’t forget to check out the whales and dolphins frolicking in the ocean.
  • The lodge is set at the 35km mark between Chonchi and Queilen and has a lot of dirt bike trails and muddy roads.
  • You can get bikes on rent to roam around and explore the surrounding area
  • The hotel property is a non-smoking zone, though there are smoking areas and lounges
  • The children’s play area is monitored regularly by the staff, be rest assured that your kid will be safe there
  • Don’t miss out on the local performances and exhibitions held at the restaurant and bar by the inhabitants of the area
  • The hotel also features an on-site garden where you can stroll around and play
  • Pets are not allowed here
  • Free private parking, Wi-Fi connectivity, private beach, and mini-bar are other complimentary perks you can enjoy here.

Hotels today are all about offering the best luxuries and materialistic pleasures possible. However, these accommodations fail to offer guests the peace and contentment they’ll find in the lap of nature. Espejo De Luna is one of those rare places where you can find the best of both. The woods and a vast stretch of coastline along Chiloe are also known for its wildlife that would appeal to your inner adventurer. The massive upside down shipwrecked structure now converted into a boutique hotel is as far from civilization as possible yet offering all the facilities required for a comfortable stay.

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