Explora Patagonia – An Invitation to Enjoy a Vacation at The Southernmost Tip Of the World

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About the Hotel

Hotels, traditionally, have been known for their homely atmosphere, cozy beds and piping hot meals that can rejuvenate the weariest of travelers. Not many years back in time, a lodging space would simply be a place where guests could crash in after a hectic day out. A simple room with the basic facilities and a warm, welcoming atmosphere was all that was required of a hotel. However times are changing now, and as the tourism industry developed guests expect more than just the bare necessities. From humble living spaces to palatial cottages and sophisticated rooms, the hotels have gone over a total makeover. Hotels today are so caught up in providing the best luxuries and materialistic pleasures that they drift away from the simple joys and charms of nature.

Explora Patagonia Chile

The Explora Patagonia Hotel in Chile is a rare exception that offers a unique blend of materialistic luxuries and natural beauty, a feat not many lodging spaces have managed to achieve. Sitting on the Lake Satmentio, the hotel is located in one of the most remote and exotic corners of the planet. Read on to know more about Explore Patagonia in this review below:

Explora Patagonia Chile review

Explora is a travel company that has been in business since 1993 and is known for operating hotels and travesties’ in the most remote destinations in South America. Taking a revolutionary and innovative approach to traveling, Explora aims at providing its customers a unique experiences that cover all the luxuries along with the charms of nature. The smart and sustainable facilities are at par with the latest technological trends. Moreover, the hotels under Explora are completely eco-friendly and energy efficient enhancing their appeal among travelers. Hotel Patagonia was among the first projects taken up by Explora that offered guests the opportunity to experience the wilderness of South America at its best.

Explora Patagonia Torres de Paine exterior

In 1989, a group of friends planned and established a venture that explored the unique and unconventional corners of South America, thus Explora was born. Ever since that first project in 1993, the company has only expanded to other areas and now has four more projects under its name. Atacama, Travesias, Rapa Nui and Valle Sagrado are the four primary hotels spread out throughout the continent.

Explora Patagonia Torres de Paine review

Perched precariously on the edge of the banks of Lake Sanmentio, hotel Explora Patagonia resides in the very heart of the Torres del Paine National Park. The entire structure looks exotic and surreal, like a white stranded on the vast expanse of turquoise waters. Surrounded by majestic mountain ranges on all sides and the fresh waters, the infrastructure is simple yet elegant. The awestruck backdrop of the UNESCO approved biosphere reserve; the hotel is a space that offers serenity and sustainable facilities to its guests. Everywhere you look, you’ll find tall peaks and craggy cliffs, high trees and deep water bodies bringing out the most primitive vibes of Chile.

Explora Patagonia hotel photos

Explora Patagonia is the utopia for city dwellers that pine for remote places, starry skies, lush vegetation cover and peace that only nature can bring. Set on the southern edge of America, the hotel is the ideal example of sustainable development and community living.

Explora Patagonia photos

The simple, sober and suave architecture of Hotel Patagonia incorporates powerful construction and elegant design. Set in the middle of the Torres del Paine biosphere reserve, Explora Patagonia is surrounded by azure waters and breath-taking mountain ranges on all sides. The graphite towers and solid concrete chimneys, huge bay windows offer a panoramic view of South America.

Explora Patagonia hotel photo

The award-winning architecture of the place is a hit among critics and customers alike. The structure uses traditional materials such as cypress wood, slate, and copper that give the hotel its special luster and charm. The lodging spread over 600,000 acres of glaciers, forests and hills are a paradise for travelers who are looking for an escape from the din and chaos of urban squalor.

Explora Patagonia photo

The minimalistic interiors and elegant decor of the place create an instant impression among visitors. The rooms are spacious, well-lit and beautiful to say the least. The hotel has a total of 49 rooms, with cozy en-suite bathrooms with exceptional views. The suites have all the necessary facilities and an in-built library where you can curl up and lose yourself.

Explora Patagonia fotos

At Explora Patagonia, guests get the best of services and luxuries. But that’s not all; the hotel is also known to be set in one of the most exotic locations on the planet, at the edge of the world! The decor features the talents of Chilean craftsmen and artists who use natural materials for constructing the architecture of the place. There are 37 standard rooms, 3 luxury suites and VIP rooms with a magical view of the surrounding Patagonian landscape. The spacious lounge area, cozy fireplace, and open terrace would leave you awestruck. Even the on-site library, TV room, game room, and mini bar are designed elegantly featuring local art and culture. The restaurants nearby serve authentic Chilean cuisines; the bar is well stocked with the best of local beverages that tantalize your senses. Guests can even check out the sophisticated spa and Jacuzzi, the steam baths and natural springs that refresh your sore muscles after a tiring day out.

Explora Patagonia interior

When you are at an exotic and magical place like Explora Patagonia, there is no dearth of activities to do. The place is best suited for adventure lovers! Trekking trips, mountain expeditions, horseback riding, and exotic excursions are just some of the activities you can do here. Explora Patagonia offers guests about 50 different guides and hiking experts who can take you around the place.

Explora Patagonia foto

Check out the diverse flora and fauna of Chile on the various expeditions and trips in and around the Patagonian landscape. The primitive guanaco and nandu mingle with the wild horses roaming around the ranches. Explore the area on bare horseback, go fishing for salmon or rejuvenate in the local spa and massage center.

Explora Patagonia exterior

You can even head down to the local townships nearby and explore the local cultures, fairs, and festivals of the place. Head to a boutique store and shop the latest artifacts and trinkets of the place. The hotel offers special guides and tour packages that offer guests a rare opportunity to watch the magical surroundings up close.

Explora Patagonia hotel

The incredible location of the place takes the travelers in the heart of the biosphere reserve with an amazing view of the majestic mountains. The professional tour guides, hiking trips and tour packages arranged by the hotels helps travelers explore the nearby areas in detail. The luxurious spa and massage place inside the hotel premises add on to the hotel charm. However, that’s not the best thing about the place. At Explora Patagonia travelers can experience the best of sustainable living; you can volunteer for the various preservation projects and interact with the locals.

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Now that you’ve learned all about Explora Patagonia and the wonders it offers to let us move on to discuss the interesting trivia and other useful information that would make your stay memorable here:

  • The lodge is built using traditional materials, it is sustainably harvested with Lenga Wood that can reduce energy consumption and reduce heat considerably, leaving the rooms cooler.
  • The local communities contribute to the hotel; here you get the best example of sustainable living. You can also volunteer for the many environmental conservation projects for preserving the local culture and heritage.
  • The hotel Patagonia has been recognized by The T&C Travel 100 as the best remote hotel in 2015. It was also featured in the Travel & Leisure IT list of 2014.
  • The place has free Wi-Fi, TV room, Game Room, and spa where people can enjoy the luxuries of staying indoors after a hectic day out.
  • The place is not a pet-friendly nor does it entertain kids. Couples, solo travelers, and tourists are welcome.
  • Hotel Patagonia is perhaps the most remote of lodging spaces and hence is not well-connected to the train station or airport.
  • Also note that the hotel premises are strictly a non-smoking zone, so chuck the cigarettes before you arrive.

There were days when hotels having the best of technology and high-tech facilities would charm travelers. Not anymore. Tourists now consider hotels as more than a resting place; it has now become an integral part of the vacationing experience. Adventure hotels and nature hotels are popping up in all corners of the world where people can explore and experience the best of culture and art. Come, explore hotel Patagonia, a magical place that offers a heady mix of structure and raw natural forces. A path-breaking venture in the tourism industry, Explora has been setting new standards of quality in the market.

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