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About the Hotel

Free Spirit Spheres is a premium natural forest resort boasting spherical tree-houses located in Vancouver, Canada. This unique accommodation gives you the true experience of living in a natural forest type environment while giving you all the modern day comforts you have come to take for granted. This is located in a mystical coastal rainforest in Vancouver. It gives you the ultimate Pacific Northwest experience. It has three distinct types of spherical treehouses for rental – Eve, Melody and Eryn. These spherical accomodations are quirky, cool and unique. They give you a unique experience of combining a truly back to nature type of experience with the phenomenon of glamping.

Free Spirit Spheres hotel Eve

How would it be to be in a ball of wood hung up in a tree, you don’t have to imagine, you can actually experience it, at Free Spirits Spheres.

Free Spirit Spheres is located about 60 kms northwards of the town of Nanaimo located on Vancouver Island. There are three different international airports on the island and innumerable ferry routes which transport passengers and vehicles between mainland Canada or Washington and the island. This makes getting to and getting away from Free Spirit Spheres super easy.

Free Spirit Spheres Canada Eve

Whether you are looking for a couple of nights away from the grind or a complete, full-blown weeklong vacation, Free Spirit spheres is your ultimate relaxation getaway. With discounted rates available for multi-night stays, there is really no excuse for you to say no to this hotel. Also, this hotel can give you the perfect base from which to explore the surrounding island’s delights. There are many tourist attractions on Vancouver Island.

Free Spirit Spheres Canada review Eve

Eve gives you single bed accommodation and can sleep even two people should you desire to go for that option. Eve spheres are available at prices starting from CAD 175 a night. Eryn spheres are larger and can accommodate up to 3 people. It has a double bed and in addition, it also has a single bed in a loft. Eryn is available for prices starting CAD 299 per night. Melody is totally different and can sleep up to 2 people in a Murphy bed. Melody starts at CAD 314 per night. It also folds away for a creative workspace.

Free Spirit Spheres Vancouver Island exterior Eve

The spheres are fully equipped to operate in cold weather. Each of the spheres has an electric heater that is controlled by a wall mounted thermostat. These heaters can be safely operated in temperatures as low as -20 C. When weather is expected that would be even colder, one can easily install better insulation should the need arise. In the cold winters of Canada, this is something you can’t live without, and Free Spirits Spheres takes care.

Free Spirit Spheres Vancouver Island review Eryn

The type of wood used is bendy, local light and takes glue appropriately. Eve treehouses are built using Yellow Cedar wood while Eryn treehouses are made using Sitka Spruce. The interiors are finished off in teak and mahogany. In fact, more recently, interiors are being finished off in black walnut owing to its gravitas of character and because of the reason that it is available in nature a lot closer than exotic hardwoods. Each of these types of wood lends its own unique architectural touch to the treehouse.

Free Spirit Spheres number of rooms Eryn

Coming to the floor styles, Eve and also, Eryn have a small sized flat floor in the centre of the sphere, very similar to how you see in a camper. Melody has flat floor areas right at the same level as the door. The curved floors can get some getting used to, but eventually your body easily adapts to the natural comfort of a curved floor. Of course, flat floors bring in their own comfort element.

Free Spirit Spheres hotel number Eryn

Eve is nestled in grove of cedar and maple. Eve is FSS’s first hand crafted sphere. Eve is 9 ft. in diameter and has two 44-inch diameter windows. It has a single bed with a duvet. It can sleep one person comfortably although it can also shelter one cosy couple. The bed at the hip level is 40 inches at its widest point. For sleeping comfort, it is suggested that the combined guest weight be not more than 137 kg. Eve has a small electric heater. Apart from the bed, Eve also has a settee for sitting, counter space and cupboards. Fixings for making tea and coffee are supplied and so is purified water.

Free Spirit Spheres hotel photo Melody

Eryn is FSS’s second hand crafted sphere. It has a diameter of 10.5 feet and is thus nearly 80% bigger than Eve. It is made from Sitka spruce and is far more elegant than Eve. It rests in a cosy grove of fir and cedar trees. Eryn can sleep two people comfortably in a double bed and another person in a loft bed, if need be (the loft bed has a limit of 75 kg). It has 4 windows and a skylight. Eryn has a refrigerator, a sink, cupboards, a settee, counter space, equipment for making tea and coffee and purified water.

Melody is the newest sphere at FSS. Melody has a unique black walnut interior with a spacious open living concept. Apart from all the amenities that Eryn gives you, Melody also gives you bench sets under windows and two tables that fold down to make work stations. It has a Murphy bed that comes out of the wall to create a bedroom for the night. It also has many accent cupboards and adjustable lighting.

Free Spirit Spheres interior design Melody

Please note that there are no bathroom facilities within the spheres. However, there is a toilet block located at the base of each sphere. Besides, there are bathhouses located about 50 m from the base of each sphere where each treehouse is given its own private 3-piece bathroom.

Free Spirit Spheres fotos Melody

Each sphere/treehouse has a power connection provided from one side of the treehouse. There are in total, four US/Canada style power plugs provided in each treehouse, which allows you to operate all your regular electric devices. Each treehouse is fully equipped with light and heat, a kettle (coffee and tea being provided) and speakers.

All the treehouses are designed to withstand any kind of eventuality in the area. A rigorous system of maintenance ensures that every tether, tree and shackle is regularly inspected, as are the spheres. Although FSS requires a consent form to be signed by guests upon admission, it is only to cover against the risks that occur in a natural environment. FSS has had completely clear safety record from the time it opened in 2006.

Free Spirit Spheres foto Melody

Given the fact that the tethers are pretty much vertical, and because each treehouse is tied to 3 different trees, the movement of the sphere in a wind is a reasonable moderation of the motion of the treetops. The spheres are light, being approximately 500 kg each; whenever somebody inside a sphere moves, the sphere also moves accordingly. The spheres sway gently in a mild breeze but have a tendency to move abruptly when someone changes position inside.

Free Spirit Spheres exterior Melody

The kind of sights and sounds that you can see from a treehouse up top is unmatched by any other view in a forest. Undoubtedly, the best thing to do when you’re at Free Spirits Spheres hotel is to savour the sublime beauty of the woods. Ask at the reception to know about the options of hiking and walking trails you have.

The Lighthouse Country Trail Network and Big Qualicum River are ideal for walking or enjoying extended sessions of cycling, close to Free Spirits Spheres. Adventurous travellers could head up to Horne Lake Caves, just 15 minutes’ drive away from the hotel. Check with the hotel for any sea kayaking or nature tours you can indulge in during your stay.

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How to Book:

There are a few pieces of advice we can give you:

  • Although this place offers a back to nature type of experience, it is not that your accommodations are going to be roughshod. In fact, things are far from that. The hotel will supply you with housecoats, hot showers, towels, bedding and a sauna, the comforts you have come to expect from any modern hotel.
  • Apart from driving your way to the Free Spirit Spheres, you can even check out regional floater planes that can take you tjere.
  • While breakfast is not served at Free Spirit Spheres, a complimentary snack basket is provided to guests on arrival.
  • A tremendous variety of eateries and restaurants are there in a radius of 5-25 km of FSS (Free Spirit Spheres). The reception desk would be pleased to guide you in this regard.
  • Vancouver Island hosts several events, fairs, and festivals, throughout the year; check out for some and plan your stay accordingly.
  • This is a no-smoking hotel.

The entire vision with FSS is to create a space where people live in harmony with nature. The idea is to provide a way by which people can inhabit a forest area without hacking and clearing trees out of it. If you are a person who likes back to nature kind of experiences, this resort will give you the experience of living amongst trees and an understanding of the forest ecosystem.

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