Come, Sleep Under the Star at The Golden Crown, Levin Iglut, Finland

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The glass-ceilinged Levi Igluts and the subterranean Northern Lights House are the perfect place to be at when the temperature drops. Located in the heart of Finland, these accommodations are perched at an altitude of 340m overlooking vast expanses of snow-capped mountains, deep valleys, and gorges. The rugged landscape, brilliant northern sky, and personalized luxury suites sure add up to make a marvelous vacationing experience. Read on to know more about the Golden Crown and reasons why it should be your dream destination this holiday season.

Golden Crown, Levin Iglut hotel

Now that spring has gone and the slight chill in the air is slowly turning to a biting cold, it is time again to welcome another year. What better place to celebrate winters than inside an elegant, beautiful igloo-shaped suite that gives you a clear view of the northern sky. Lapland is known for its mystic folklore, wilderness, and magical landscape. The Golden Crown set about 340m is located smack in the middle of the Arctic Circle, giving you a view of the northern lights from the comfort of your room. The glass igloos are well-equipped with all the amenities required for a comfortable stay. So don’t worry, you’ll be quite warm inside. There are an indoor spa, open BBQ fireplace and floor-to-ceiling windows all over the igloo offering guests a comfortable, memorable stay that will remain with them for years to come.

Golden Crown, Levin Iglut Finland

If Finland is a country for the wanderers and travelers hungry for some adventure, then the Levin Iglut is truly the “Golden Crown” to the experience. What started out as a small-scale hotel with just four igloos soon expanded into a full-fledged resort with over 24 ice structures to house guests! The igloos were initially meant to be used as private holiday homes accessible only to a few. However, soon, the accommodations gained popularity and ventured into admitting more and more guests. The Levin Iglut has grown its business over the year and is now open to people all year round and not just during winters. With its state-of-art architecture, advanced facilities and authentic Finnish Spas, the resort offers a quintessentially Arctic experience.

Golden Crown, Levin Iglut Finland review

Partially built into the ground the Levin Igluts is a fantastic haven of indulgence, a stunning villa with huge glass windows, the glass ceiling and an overall ice construction. You get an unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape, the mountains, the valleys and even the mystical aurora borealis. And you can see it all without having to step outside your room! Here you can truly be one with nature and experience the untamed primitive power of the North Pole in all its glory. On some lucky days, you might also come across a reindeer or a wolf in their natural habitat.

Golden Crown, Levin Iglut interior

The igloos are furnished with the best of facilities and have a private bathroom, shower, and electronically adjustable beds. Guests can also indulge in BBQ parties and socialize with the other inhabitants. The shared BBQ and open fireplace are but a few minutes’ walk away in a wooden tipi hut. The local restaurant open between mid-Januarys to end of April serves the most delicious cuisines and flavors of Finland.

Golden Crown, Levin Iglut Laplandia review

The brilliant architecture of the igloo sure captures the attention of the guests but the interior décor would leave them captivated. Once you step inside the Golden Crown it feels as if you have entered a whole new world. The insides of the hotel are in sharp contrast with the outside wilderness. The sheer elegance and sophistication of the place will leave you spell-bound. Minimalistic, yet classy, the rooms all have motorized and warm beds, a small kitchen, a bathroom, shower, and electronically heated fogged-up glass that keeps the room very cozy. Other than that there’s free Wi-Fi, round the clock room service, huge couches, wooden tables, and seats.

Golden Crown, Levin Iglut hotel photos

There are two kinds of rooms available here- the Premium rooms and the Superior suites. The four premium igloos can accommodate two people easily and come with a kitchenette, radio, hairdryer, electronic beds and bathing area. The eight superior igloos can house a family of four include double beds, an extra sofa, indoor kitchen, shower, and toilet. Both the igloos offer an unobstructed view of the vast northern skyline and the magical aurora borealis.

Golden Crown, Levin Iglut photos

The cold weather is the perfect excuse to stay indoors and just snuggle under covers with a steaming cup of your hot beverage reading a book or something. However, winters are not just about quiet mornings and lazy afternoons, it is the season when explorers venture out to the hills and wander to their heart’s content. Finland looks absolutely magical during winters with its picturesque villages and rolling hills that stretch as far as your eyes can see. Go sightseeing around the nearby villages, trek up the mountains, and ride in sleighs pulled by adorable huskies – you can do it all here. Explore the nearby flora and fauna of Finland, check out the local lifestyle and shop till you drop!

Golden Crown, Levin Iglut hotel photo

For the more adventurous of travelers, the hotel also arranges for special adventure sports and expeditions on snowmobiles. The hotel is also child-friendly and has a special center where both kids and adults can meet and pet the Huskies and tamed reindeers.

Golden Crown, Levin Iglut photo

We understand the appeal for sunny beaches and five-star resorts. The warm stretch of sand and the vast blue ocean soothes even the crankiest of people. However, this holiday season, drop the temperatures a few 100-degrees or so and move way above north high up in the Arctic Circle and you’ll find Levin Iglut! Finland for all its wilderness and the untamed natural landscape is at its heart a home to all wanderers in search of solitude. Lapland with its diverse fauna is a major attraction for all nature lovers and environment enthusiasts who want a face-off with endangered reindeers or wolves.

Golden Crown, Levin Iglut fotos

Some of the top nearby tourist attractions include the Levi Golf & Country Club, Peak Lapland Viewing Deck, and the Gondola 2000 Ski Lift, that is but a few minutes away from the hotel. The peaceful retreat atop Utsuvaara Fell is near Levi Ski Resort that is but 9kms away. During the holiday season, several international flights arrive directly from Kittilä airport (15-minute drive away) via Helsinki. Guests can relax and rejuvenate after a hectic day out at the indoor spas and saunas. Nothing feels more heavenly than a warm meal, a long bath and a massage to loosen up your sore muscles. The Aurora Sky restaurant is known for serving the best of Scandinavian flavors with its own European twist. Dine alone or with your family at the two-storeyed eating house, the top floor offering a clear view of the sky while the lower half providing the warmth of a crackling fireplace.

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What started out as one man’s dream soon turned into a vision so vast that it caught the entire world under its spell. The Levin Iglut provides guests one of the best igloo experiences in Lapland that stays with you long after you’ve returned to your life. Here are some interesting titbits of information and general trivia about the place that would make your stay all the more enjoyable:

  • The property is a non-smoking zone, chuck that cigarette away when you enter the hotel
  • The hotel doesn’t entertain pets
  • You can ask for extra bedding (obviously with extra charges) for kids below the age of 12
  • There’s an outdoor fireplace and also arrangement for common BBQ facilities
  • People also use the hotel as a venue for hosting conferences, weddings, parties and other kinds of meetings
  • Free internet, free parking, and complimentary breakfasts, what more can you ask for!

Forget sandy beaches and crystal blue pools, the snow-capped hills and wide blue skies of Finland are where you should be this winter. The Levin Iglut resort is among the best vacation spots for adventurers and couples looking for an escape from the chaos of urban life. Combining the best of Finland’s wilderness with five-star accommodations, the Golden Crown is the perfect holiday destination indeed. Imagine sleeping under a million stars cocooned by howling wolves and stillness of the northern nights. Cosy up with your loved ones inside an igloo, enjoy pippin hot meals and wake up to a surreal view every morning. Now that’s what we call the good life!

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