Hotel Guntû – A Gorgeous Retreat to Japan’s Inland Seas

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There are plenty of great options when it comes to staying on the high seas. Cruise ships and elegant yachts are a thing of the past. Japan now presents a unique lodging space called floating hotels, combining the best of adventure and luxury.

Guntû Hotel

Hotel Guntû, opened to the public only recently, is a futuristic lodging space that takes its passengers on a journey through the idyllic scenery of the Seto Inland Seas. Imagine falling asleep to the comforting sounds of waves and chirruping of birds. Imagine sleeping in an accommodation that’s floating on water, set smack in the middle of a vibrant city yet cut off from its urban squalor.

Guntû Hotel Japan

The GuntûHotel is a floating vessel that allows guests to explore the Setouchi Inland Sea like never before! However, for all its charms, Guntûis at its heart a traditional boutique hotel replete with the best of services and a homely ambiance. The hotel drifts gently from island to island accommodating only 19 cabins. And although there aren’t many rooms, the place still boasts of the best of services in all of Japan. The specialized amenities include exclusive breakfasts, exotic tearooms, outdoor cocktail bars, luxury spas, and renowned cafes- all inside the floating hotel!

Guntû Hotel Japan review

The GuntûHotel offers stopovers at small but exotic islands that are peppered throughout the Setouchi region, giving guests a golden opportunity to explore the expansive area. You can book the cruise package between one to three nights, all itineraries starting from Onomichi. The buoyant beauty stops at all the right places from ancient temples to exciting hikes along the meandering coastline. The resort is perfect for travelers who love the sea but become queasy on mammoth ocean liners and month-long cruises. So, this holiday season, chuck the sandy beaches and five-star hotels for a whirlwind tour of the Seto Inland Seas. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

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Now’s your chance to bask in the glory of the all-encompassing azure waters and bid all your worries one wave at a time (pun intended!). The Guntûfloating hotel is a state-of-art accommodation space that was launched only recently on January 16th, 2017. The resort first set out on the sea on 17th October 2017 and has since then become a rage among tourists. Designed by architect Yasushi Horibe, Guntûfloats on the Seto Sea and is set against the backdrop of a strikingly gorgeous landscape. Horibe is a well-known architect known for other major works such as House in Satsuma, Dr.NorichikaMaehara Memorial Museum, House in Izukogen, Keyaki Garden, Hiver Bosque, Library in Asagaya, Charnel House in Chikurin-Ji, and Assembly Hall in Kamakurayama.

Guntû Hotel Tokyo review

The name Guntûis a reference to the nickname of a local crab that links the modern resort to its traditional settings. Guntûstrives to create a silver lining between the local communities and international travelers by connecting the two worlds into one organic whole. The small cruise-like boutique hotel pays homage to the little blue local crabs that are used to make delicious broths, miso soups, and stews.

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Guntûis nothing like your regular accommodations. The boat-hotel blends in perfectly with its surroundings, the sleek silver hull shines prettily under the sun reflecting the jewel tones of the sea. Even the roof is designed to match the vast oceanic view. The entire wooden and metallic construction is minimalistic, simple yet brilliantly beautiful. The framework doesn’t gather much attention to itself, the stunning surroundings make up for the lack of any exaggerated decorations. There are only 19 rooms onboard, each tourist can enjoy a private, exclusive experience away from the mainland.

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Guntûis utterly modern, featuring a spacious deck, outdoor bar, seating areas, lounges and artistic cabins in its premise. Guests here get complete access to the observation deck, the shops, communal springs, gyms, spas, tearooms, sushi bars, cafes, and the char-grill counter. Step outside to mingle with the other inmates, make plans, socialize. Or just stay indoors in your cabin and take in the magnificent view outside. Moreover, there are a number of sophisticated dining spaces inside where guests can savor local specialties and eat cuisines especially customized by celebrated chefs who join the fray to ensure a top-class experience on-board.

Guntû Hotel interior

Seto Inland is a well-known tourist destination popular peppered with scenic attractions, scrumptious seafood, and vibrant art. However, if inland hopping is not your thing, you can take a trip to the GuntûHotel for a more laid-back experience. Each of the 19 rooms onboardfeatures the best of luxuries and traditional Japanese décor. Moving on to the interior décor of the place, each suite is furnished with the best expensive furniture and advanced amenities. The cabins with their pale timber panels, rounded contours, glass floor-to-ceiling windows get plenty of fresh air and natural light.

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There are four types of spacious passenger cabins to choose from. The Guntûsuite monopolizes the bow giving you a headlong, straight-cut view of the ever-expanding waters. The Grand Suite cost a fortune and rightfully so, offering guests a private terrace and huge windows for a panoramic view. Lastly, the Terrace Suites are for travelers who want to truly experience the thrill of voyaging on a ship. The compact but elegant room stays true to the nautical theme.

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There was a time when hotels were limited to offering a warm bed and piping hot meals. Today, resorts are a part of the vacationing experience and not just a place to crash in after a hectic day out. Of course, the modern-day accommodation caters to your comforts but is not just confined to that. Guntûhotel in Japan, for instance, is one of those rare lodging spaces that offer a complete vacation to its guests without them having to step out of the cruise. Sure, there are outdoor activities lined up for you, but you can choose to stay on the vessel and still have a swell time! A boat-hotel floating aimlessly between islands seems like a dream-come-true for travelers who want to experience a magical stay in the middle of nowhere.

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Guntûnever stays in the same place, it constantly moors between islands and stops over at small picturesque villages where you can get down and explore the native attractions to your heart’s delight. One such destination is Naoshima, a popular tourist spot known for its majestic sculptures and larger-than-life exhibitions. The routes vary from season to season, there’s never a dull moment here! Passengers will be whisked away for unique, surreal trips to native temples ruins, hiking trails and other attractions on the island via tender boats.

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Time passes slowly and quietly in the Setouchi region, the old-fashioned towns with their meandering shorelines, port towns, and century-old quarries are a delight for the senses. If you love solitude and want to escape the chaos of cities, the Guntûfloating resort is the perfect gateway for you. Listed below are some other interesting facts and trivial information about the place that anyone who’s planning a trip to Guntûmust know about.

  • The name Guntûrefers to the small blue crab found locally that often is a part of the seafood here.
  • Don’t miss out on the chance to travel on the Yakata moon-viewing boats that are often accompanied by Noh chanting depending on the season.
  • You can even explore the nearby fishing towns and learn more about the distinct fishing techniques used by the locals.
  • The sushi counter is pretty popular among guests, professional chefs prepare world-class cuisines using only fresh organic ingredients. The Setouchi sushi is a must-try delicacy unique to Guntû.
  • The cruise lasts one to three nights and starts at the Bellavista Spa & Marina in Onomichi, Hiroshima. Although the vessel follows a different route every season.
  • Each room comes with a private bath; however, there are communal saunas and spas if you want a special massage or relaxing soak.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you need to get away from the “real world” for a while and just take a break. Personal commitments, work pressure, family problems, it all takes a toll on us leaving us utterly exhausted. In such a scenario, a vacation seems like a wonderful idea. Whether you want to take a solo trip or spend some time with your loved ones, we all need a holiday every once in a while. Hotel ss in Japan is among the few rare places where you can pamper your senses with the best of luxuries whilst being in the lap of nature.

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