The Only Ice Hotel in North America: Hôtel de Glace

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About the Hotel

Have you ever heard of ice hotels? It’s alright even if you haven’t because there are only two such in the entire world – current concern being one of them and this is at Quebec City, Canada. Probably you know about the igloos; and there’s no scope for any doubt about their innovation – being a pioneering footstep in the world of architecture – ice homes that are built by apparently illiterate Eskimos to fight against the biting cold. But apart from this very conceptual similarity, you’ll find no match between Quebec City’s Ice Hotel and the igloos from the North Pole. Each and every facility that you look for in a high-end hotel, you’ll find in this exuberant palace, if not more. The images alone can take you through this magical voyage, but still some wordy detours (you can find them irritating at times) are asked for serving the demands of the details pertaining to your ride on this ‘Dreamland Express’.

Hotel de Glace

Luxury suites, huge hallways, a breathtaking tavern, and that’s not all – the ice sculptures and articulate architectural nuances will make your time fly at this wonderland.

Hotel de Glace Chapel

And when you will enter the small ice chapel you will find your heart chiming with the rhythm of the bells.

Every other room has different wall and ceiling carvings – but don’t be too enthusiastic about it, because there may be some couples having a high voltage romantic interlude while you…so it’s better to drink your own exclusive elixir. Even the level of illumination varies from room to room changing its hue throughout, but coming from the washroom on a chilly night, your drowsy eyes are very likely to betray you with all the lights out and you may turn out knocking on a neighbor’s door at a very wrong moment. However these minor mistakes won’t be able to massacre the mesmerizing memories of yours.

Hotel de Glace

Hotel de Glace

Hotel de Glace

Points of attractions differ from person to person. However some of the arrangements are bound to take you on with their fervent fabulousness. Once you enter the bar, you will be given provision to make your very own cocktail. And what’s more? You’ll be served with your favorite drink in ice glasses – thus no need for any on the rocks!

Hotel de Glace

Apart from roaming all about the place and grabbing on a glass of liquor, you would be missing the very essence of this architecture, if you are yet to enter the chapel. Except for the seats, everything else is made out of ice in here and if you are planning for a romantic wedding, then this is the place for you!

Hotel de Glace

They even provide with wedding packages, starting from ice engagement rings, a bottle of Domaine Pinnacle Ice Cider to a romantic dinner ambiance for 40 such invitees. So plan to make your wedding way more magical with this extravaganza – if you are yet to get married!

Another exciting (probably the most) opportunity is to enjoy yourselves in the hot tub – it is way more exciting to have it at nighttime finding rescue from the chilling cold in the warmth of your partner’s arms. It will serve as the topping to the other delicacies on the platter. You can even take a tour through this place without checking in, but make sure to take a sip at the bar with your partner. Just on arrival, make yourselves at home with a cup of coffee at the ice café.

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What’s the point of life without romance? But still some candid points are needed to be jotted down to make your tour crisp and precise, the romantic remnants kept aside; and here they are:

  • Take the guided tour, it’ll take about an hour—listen to the guide carefully for all the details he elucidate on.
  • The ice café closes at 7, so check in beforehand for your caffeine’s share.
  • You are not allowed to go to your rooms or the hot tubs before 9. So plan these couple of hours in between.
  • In the mean time you can go to the bar and if you are good at it, make cocktail for your partner and family.
  • Go to the chapel again after the tour to enjoy the architectural patterns and meet your aesthetic hunger.
  • There are 44 rooms in total, so you can assume some of them to be vacant. Observe the wall and ceiling carvings of these rooms. The illumination patterns are also to be noticed for finer appreciation.
  • It’s possibly 9 by now. So enter the hot tub with your favorite one and pour in some wine for both to heighten the ecstasy of this romantic night.
  • If you are planning for a good night’s sleep, then get yourselves as warm as possible in the sleeping bags, because it’s pretty cold out there and even an urgent walk to the bathroom can present you with a nightmare.
  • It’s recommended to spend the whole day traveling ‘round Quebec and checking in at The Ice Hotel by 6 in the evening.
  • Plan your check out too, but if you are in the wedding mood then it’s better not to puzzle yourself with all these scheduling.

It will take you only 10 minutes from downtown Quebec City to reach this exclusive igloo hotel. Many of the travelers can’t afford to stay in here, but it will be a sheer loss if you don’t even take the tour because it is going to decorate the roomful of your experiences with an icy bit of warmth and glory. Plan the tour according to your pocket but it is best advised to make your stay a length of two days and one night. The ‘Dreamland Express’ stops in here, to wake you up in a world of ice with is more enticing than the dream itself!

Hotel de Glace

It has opened in 2001. So it will make you feel bit more comfortable that it’s not a fake popup but a real wonder that brings in millions of travelers every year to get a taste of this once in a lifetime experience in its grand galore!

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