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About the Hotel

Looking for a continently located, unique get away at affordable rates in Berlin? You do not have to look beyond the quaint boarding facilities that Hüttenpalast has to offer. From a vacuum cleaner producing factory, the building has now become a wonderful hangout place as well as an out of the ordinary stop over destination. The hotel not only provides accommodation, it has a café and a rooftop garden. The small establishment is close to the hearts of the owners, Silke Lorenze and Sarah Vollmer, who you could easily join for a cup o’ joe or a nice chat over some wine.

The pink and white stripped building is hard to miss even if you are not on the lookout for the quirky hotel. Although factories are generally spacious, a vacuum cleaner factory is not a sprawling one. Even though the hotel does not have a lot of space, the design ensures that the space is utilized in the best and most fun way possible.

Apart from the café and the roof top garden, the rest of the hotel is used up to offer accommodation facilities. The factory floor offers a large undivided room for the hotel to be fitted into. Instead of having walls separate the large hall, the décor offers an almost authentic camping experience indoors. But if an indoors camping trip is not something that you are looking for then you can easily find what any regular hotel has to offer.

The Hüttenpalast accommodations are essentially separated into three areas.
One of the areas offers 6 nice clean rooms which are easily wheelchair accessible. These hotel rooms have attached baths and toilets. One of the rooms offers a wheelchair accessible bath as well. Whether you want to stay there alone or with a party of up to 4, the Hüttenpalast rooms can provide you with affordable rates. The rooms are also pet friendly, so if you want to travel with your four legged friend then you can contact the Hüttenpalast and book a room for however long you want.

The spaces that Hüttenpalast offers deliver a wonderful and out of the ordinary experience. You can enjoy the thrill of living in a camper/caravan or a hut inside the hotel itself. The two spaces combined can offer 12 boarding spaces. Just like with any camping experience, you do not get the luxury of having an attached bath and toilet. But there are separate men’s and women’s showers and toilets which one can avail freely.

Here is a list of the caravans and the huts that you can hire for your stay:

Kleine Schwester or Little Sister is a caravan that draws its concept from a 70’s caravan where the outside has a plastic texture but the inside has beautiful wood mosaic. Standing tall on a pedestal, the caravan is modified to allow the occupants to stand up. A bed is fitted in the caravan and the part of the caravan that is not the bed has a customized roof which is high and detailed. The detailing allows light in creating silhouettes of stars, flowers, horses and music notes. The caravan is surrounded with well placed birch trees. This offers a nice summer stay.

Kleine Schwester or Little Sister trailer

Kleine Schwester or Little Sister interior

Herzensbrecher or Heartbreaker is a caravan that needed careful reconstruction. The rotten wood inside the caravan took a lot of work during the restoration. But once the restoration was complete something that closely resembles a carnival wagon became an addition to the hotel.

Herzensbrecher or Heartbreaker trailer

Herzensbrecher or Heartbreaker trailer

Herzensbrecher or Heartbreaker interior

Swallow Nest is the only caravan in the hotel that is West German. The inside of the caravan has been greatly altered to offer a big double bed and nice illuminated shelves. A smaller bed can be drawn out to fit in a third person. The model of caravan hit the market in the 60’s, but due to the alterations it does not look out of place even today.

Swallow Nest trailer

Nomad gets its name from the famous Berlin based artist with the same name. The artist had painted the caravan during the Berlin Festival in 2011. African voodoo symbols and pop art elements have come together to make the Nomad a feast for the eyes. The maverick addition offers a spacious double bed along with a nice little suit that can fit in a third person.

Nomad trailer

Nomad interior

Puck was another caravan that needed a lot of restoration before its addition to the hotel. Only the outer aluminium shell seemed to be intact when it was given a second lease of life. Just like in most of the caravans the inside of this 50’s model has been drastically changed. The space that the caravan offers due to the deduction of the kitchen, allows it to house an expandable bed.

Puck trailer

Puck interior

Snow White is the smallest caravan which Hüttenpalast houses. This 60’s model came in good shape since its previous owner had taken good care of it. A little bit of remodelling allowed the space within the caravan to be utilised better. The space constraint still remains, but it is a snug fit for single occupants.

Snow White trailer

Snow White interior

Dubener Ei or The Egg is a much older caravan which used to be manufactured since the 30’s. The age and the rarity of the caravan made it hard to purchase. It was finally an addition to the accommodation facilities. Since the caravan is of such prominence it has been raised up on a stable platform. From the perch, it looks down at the other caravans. Occupants have to climb a staircase to enter The Egg. The outer surface is wooden veneer while the inside is decorated with wall paper. The Egg is best for single or double accommodation.

Dubener Ei or The Egg trailer

Dubener Ei or The Egg interior

Friedel is one of the more modern caravans. The caravan needed very little work to be done since the interiors were in good shape and taste. The caravan offers comfortable double accommodation.

Friedel trailer

Friedel trailer

Friedel interior

The Turtle is a mobile home but a unique one. It imitates a real turtle in the sense that it holds up the living space on top of four movable supports. Sleeping in the turtle is like sleeping is a very well furnished tree house. Although the accommodations are for two people an additional bed can be easily added to the room.

The Turtle

The Turtle interior

Berg – und Talhutte or the Mountain and Valley Hut are two huts which were constructed side by side sharing a common wall. Only natural materials were used to build this organic hut. If you want a little feel of the great outdoors you can choose to stay in these huts. The two huts together can accommodate a party of four, extra beds can be added. You can choose to rent either of the huts instead of both together.

Berg - und Talhutte or the Mountain and Valley Hut

Alter Palast or Old Palace is a grand hut made from the restored and reused wood that used to be a part of the old factory. Sliding doors allow you to enter the cabin. Since the cabin is one of the larger accommodations, it can house up to four people.

Alter Palast or Old Palace creative

Free Wi-Fi along with complimentary croissant and coffee in the morning come with most of the accommodations.

A visit to the Hüttenpalast does not mean that you have to be suck indoors at all times. The location of the hotel allows you to get an easy commute to the main attractions in Berlin. Proximity to the Hermannplatz bus and underground station means that you can easily go wherever you want to. Even if you do not wish to step out, there is much you can do within the hotel itself. You do not have to leave the premises to go hunting for food. The café offers a good grub as well as some good hot drinks. You can even go up to the rooftop garden and enjoy the sauna.

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How to Book:

The Final Words Of Advice Before You Set Off For Your Caravan Trip

  • If you are interested in spending your next vacation at the Hüttenpalast then the process of getting yourself lodging is very simple. You can simply visit their website and book a room. You could also give them a call to book.
  • The check in time is till 6 p.m. since the reception is in the café which remains open till 6.
  • If you want to check in later than that that then you could just ring them up to pass the information.
  • Hüttenpalast, apart from being one of the quirkiest hotels on the globe, is also the perfect destination for small gatherings of up to 80 people.
  • Whether you want to plan a party or a vacation Hüttenpalast can cater to your every need.
  • When in Berlin enjoy the unique vacation experience at Hüttenpalast.

Hüttenpalast trailers

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