InBox Capsule Hotel, Russia – A Barebones Lodging Experience For Privacy Seeking Travellers

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About the Hotel

We live in a world where our lives are ruled by deadlines and hectic work schedules. Our fast-paced lifestyle leaves no scope for rest and introspection. Caught up in the web of the personal and professional commitments we often forget about the time we owe ourselves. So if you’re sick and tired of your jam-packed schedules and want to break free from the monotony of your routine existence, then the InBox Capsule is the best place for you.

InBox Capsule hotel

Very different from its contemporaries that focus on offering professional quality services devoid of the personal touch, the InBox hotel is known for its peaceful, quiet and cozy environment. This 5-star hotel strikes the delicate balance that most other lodgings fail to achieve, i.e. a personal space that is warm, homely and at the same time, luxurious. The name InBox Capsule itself suggests very private lodgings, a “hotel for introverts” as the hotel staff accurately describe it. Everything from the rooms to the beds is designed keeping in mind the guest’s comfort and the need for personal space. Let us delve deeper into the many fantastic facilities and perks offered by the InBox Capsule in this short but detailed review below:

InBox Capsule Russia

InBox Capsule is a hotel built for young individualists who are not limited by the conventions and confinements of societal norms. It is a place for people who only want a place they can feel at home. The capsule beds, compact but cozy suites, and the in-room common area combine to form large lodging space for tourists who can want to cherish their own space. The overall design of the place was developed by a professional architectural studio, and they were set to build an innovative hotel for guests looking for some “alone time.” Words like compact, modern, private correctly describe the InBox Capsule- a haven for introverts and individual visitors. It is an accommodation where you can go completely incognito, with the option of indulging in occasional human interaction if you want some company.

InBox Capsule Russia review

Each room though connected consist of separate beds that are completely private and individual. The name InBox seems especially amusing when you consider the layout of the chambers. The beds are designed to look and feel like a personalized capsule – it literally feels like you are living in a box! And the modern black and white wooden interiors further add on to the illusion of the box-like feel of the place. Whether you decide to stay in a 6 or 16 bed (SmartBox) room or get a single (MonoBox) or double (DoubleBox) suites, be rest assured that you’ll have a quiet private, isolated stay.

InBox Capsule interior

The InBox capsule can accommodate only 25 people at a time and is more of a hostel than a hotel. For unlike other 5-star hotels that are usually very crowded and loud, this place is much more private and personalized. Each “capsule” features pod style bunker beds, power socket, personal reading light and also customizable ventilation and AC, a paradise for introverts who just want to curl up in bed and lose themselves over a lovely book and hot cup of coffee. The walls have hangers and small pockets for storing your personal belongings and keys. You even get your very own locker, installed under each bed, a smart way to save on space. Plus the hotel was built keeping in mind all the principles of an eco-friendly accommodation. From the power efficient LED lighting in the hallways to the individual reading lights installed beside each bed, everything here is power efficient and customized. The luxurious bathrooms feature handle-free water faucets that minimize wastage of water. You don’t have to cut short your shower time anymore, thanks to the motion sensor showers and valves that are elegant yet practically designed.

InBox Capsule Saint Petersburg

We have repeatedly stressed on the utmost privacy and solitude guests can enjoy at InBox. However, it would be wrong to say that place is devoid of any social vibes and fun. There are plenty of sites where you can be by yourself and have a lovely quiet time, but you also get the option of mingling with the crowd and interacting with other guests staying with you. For instance, the dorm sitting room and lobby are perfect places for knowing other travelers while enjoying a steaming cup of tea or coffee.

InBox Capsule Saint Petersburg review

Another great thing about this place is the modern, well-equipped kitchen that has its own microwave oven and toaster. The minimalistic design only adds on to the appeal of the site and wonderfully complements with the theme of solitude.

InBox Capsule hotel photos

Just because the InBox Capsule is known as a haven for introverts does not mean you’ll have to stay all day indoors without any human touch. There are loads of things you can do indoors, check out the regular art exhibitions, fairs, and festivals where you can explore and appreciate the local talent of the city. Another important event that takes place here is the traditional “Five O’Clock Tea” every Saturday where guests can indulge in homemade baking cookies and hot beverage of your choice.

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And once you’ve had enough of the comfortable indoors, you can start exploring the nearby attractions that the town has to offer. Set in the historic location of Saint Petersburg, the InBox Capsule is smack in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of the city life. It is a mere 15-minute walk from the Chernyshevskaya Metro Station, The Summer Garden, and the Russian Museum. Other tourist attractions that are near to the place include the Mikhailovsly Castle and the Field of Mars, both located within a walking distance from the hotel. There are so many historical locations to explore; it will be well worth your time here!

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You can either go for a solo trip or make plans with other roommates and explore the city together.

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Mentioned below are some interesting facts and useful advice that would help you make the best of your stay here:

  • The InBox Capsule is very environment-friendly and does not encourage smoking
  • You’ll be surprised to know that the hotel is relatively new (opening its doors to the general public in June 2016!)
  • You get exceptional complementary StartPack breakfasts along with tea or coffee every morning
  • The place has only 4 rooms- 2 SmartBox dorms and two private rooms for singles and couples.
  • Under each bed, you will also find your own private locker for keeping all your precious items and other personal belongings
  • The modern kitchen is open for all and allows only limited cooking facilities with a fridge, oven, and a toaster.
  • Events such as the “Five O’Clock Tea” and other exhibitions every Saturday offer excellent mingling opportunities for guests.
  • The hotel reception is available at all hours catering to your every whim and fancy.
  • The place also has a very reliable security system with its keycard accessibility, and CCTV cameras fixed on every corner and hallways.
  • The InBox Capsule offers unmatched hospitality- the hotel staff is well trained and especially handpicked by professionals for their in-depth knowledge in tourism.

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All in all the InBox Capsule offers a memorable stay. Built for the solitary traveler, the InBox Capsule is a warm, cozy and unconventional place that combines the best of five-star facilities with a personalized hostel feel. A simple, minimalistic and utterly private site the hotel caters to the loners, the introverts who enjoy their personal space and are comfortable in their own skin. With its unique interiors to the fantastic tourist attractions nearby, this place is a hit among the young individualists who wish to explore the city head on.

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