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About the Hotel

Somewhere between managing personal responsibilities and work commitments, you lose your peace of mind. The technological advancement has only deepened the chasm between man and nature. The more luxurious our lifestyle is, the farther we move away from the environment. However, the proliferation of high-tech gadgets can never compensate for untamed lush vegetation and forests. This is why people are willing to spend a fortune to experience the solitude and bliss of Nature. Caught amidst the stress and chaos of urban squalor the modern man longs for an escape; to break free from the monotony of routine life. The ION Adventure Hotel at Iceland offers you just that. Set high on the hills isolated from civilization, the hotel is a perfect vacation spot for lone travelers and couples alike.

ION Adventure hotel

Owing to the recent shift in customer preferences, the tourism industry has gone through a drastic change. Gone are the days when guests would be happy with a cozy, comfortable room and a decent bathroom. The modern man longs for adventure and excitement. Iceland, also known as the land of “ice and fire” (and not just because of GoT) starkly juxtaposes the different landscapes from around the world. From sand beaches to glaciers and ice-capped mountain peaks, you get it all here at ION Adventure Hotel. Read on to know more about the many features and facilities offered by ION and the reason why the place is a hit among travelers and critics alike.

ION Adventure Iceland

ION Hotel was originally an abandoned inn that has now been renovated into a boutique hotel specially designed for adventure tourism, combining the best of Iceland’s rural landscape and contemporary design. Situated near the south-western town of Selfoss, the place is easily accessible from all parts of the country. Perched on top Mount Hengill, the resort is about 45 minutes to the east of Reykjavik and an 18-minute drive from the Thingvellir National Park. Surrounded by moss covered lava fields on three sides and a magnificent mountain range in the background, the ION resort has its unique landscape. The place is powered up by a nearby geothermal power plant. The hotel is built largely from reclaimed, recycled materials that are heated geothermally.

ION Adventure Iceland review

The hotel itself is a long oblong shaped structure that is jutting out from the base of a long-dormant volcano. The concrete and wooden construction are simple, sturdy and stylish to say the least. Staying true to the local architectural design around the area, ION has a lot of windows and ventilators offering a spectacular view of the surrounding landscape. The overall framework of the hotel is heavily inspired by the primitive Nordic or Scandinavian architectural designs.

ION Adventure Selfoss

Inside, the hotel is surprisingly modern and minimalistic. With only 45 rooms to offer (24 standard and 21 deluxe rooms), the place is incredibly cozy and chic. From the exposed concrete walls and wooden flooring to the full framed chair drapes and animal throws at the common lobby, everything about this place is a reminiscence of the rural Celtic days. With plenty of air and sunlight, thanks to the numerous windows here, only enhance the décor of the place.

ION Adventure Selfoss review

There are two types of rooms, Standard and Deluxe, for guests to choose from. The huge floor to ceiling windows in the deluxe rooms offer guests a breathtakingly beautiful view of the diverse Icelandic landscape. The tasteful furnishings more than make up for the lack of high-tech facilities. Photographic murals and paintings on the walls flaunt the local talent. The spacious rooms feature crisp, clean, hypoallergenic beds (single and twin beddings are available). The in-room amenities include elegant dressing gowns, a coffee machine, telephone, AC, and TV. The bathrooms though narrow, feature powerful showers and Soley Organic toiletries.

ION Adventure Selfoss

ION is a place that juxtaposes the calculated precision of man-made architecture with the raw, primitive power of Nature. It is an adventure cum boutique hotel that features elegant, rare and authentic Nordic artwork. The place appeals to history lovers, art collectors, explorers, lone travelers, and couples alike.

ION Adventure Selfoss review

With only 45 rooms to spare, the ION Adventure Hotel has a very intimate, warm air to it that will immediately warm your heart. The lobby is usually vacant in the early hours, offering guests some much-needed peace and quiet. The lava fields and moss-covered hills on all sides give a distinct charm and beauty to the place. Located very close to the Thingvellir National Park, a UNESCO world heritage, and the city of Reykjavik, the hotel is a part of the famous “Golden Circle.” Moreover, the unpredictable weather of Iceland only adds on to its Moorish eerie atmosphere. The characteristic gales, storms, torrential rains with occasional bouts of thunder loom over the place like an ominous chant. The overall ambiance of the site is essentially Celtic peppered with contemporary facilities for a luxurious stay.

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Whether you are seeking the solitude of the mystical Northern Lights or want to explore the forbidding mountain ranges and ice glaciers, ION is the place for you. The minimalistic interiors and monochromatic furnishings of the home are in stark contrast with the volatile and primitive mountains outside. ION is a perfect blend of urban luxury and raw natural beauty, giving the place a distinct, almost surreal charm.

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ION is not a place for staying indoors watching TV and ordering room service; the hotel is made for adventurers and explorers. The entire purpose of the hotel is to inspire people to go out and bask in the glory and grandeur of Mother Nature. Trekking trips up the high mountain ranges, a trip down the glaciers, or exploring the frozen lava fields are just some of the many things you can do here. The hotel is strategically placed near a national crossroad, i.e. it can be accessed from various parts of the country. With the long-dormant volcanic marvels of the Hengil Mountain on one side and the urban sophistication of Reykjavik nearby, there is no dearth of outdoor activities. You can check out the local Scandinavian fairs and festivals, try out the traditional Nordic cuisines or only go for long walks down the mountain trails and experience Nature in her full glory.

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The hotel is situated down a stretch of gravel road winding through the mountain ranges of Thingvellir, peppered with hot springs, geysers, and lakes. Near to the KEF or Keflavik International Airport and the train station, the hotel is well-connected to all the major tourist attractions of Iceland. It is an 18 km drive to the UNESCO-listed Thingvellir National Park; other attractions include Lake Pingvallavatn on the Silfira fissure, the meeting point of the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates. Guests can also indulge in adventure sports such as skiing, snorkeling, trekking; the Skalafell Ski Area is a mere 35-minute drive from the place.

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ION framework also features an in-built belt of hot spring on the outer deck of the hotel where guests can pamper themselves at the luxurious spa and sauna built of lava rocks. For dining, the Silfira Restaurant is the best option if you want to try out some authentic Nordic dishes like Arctic char or New Nordic cuisine. Diners are usually offered a wide choice of eight dishes ranging from fried plaice, celeriac ragout, pearl onions, fried duck, chicken liver, plum tomatoes and Brussels beans (although you are advised to choose just two or three.) The Northern Lights bar with three glass walls that overlook the lava fields is another major attraction where guests can enjoy a romantic, magical evening, and if you are lucky you can even spot the mystical aurora borealis!

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How to Book:

  • The place is more suited to adults, though kids are allowed as well
  • ION is a non-smoking zone that doesn’t tolerate pets
  • The hotel premises have free Internet connectivity, from the lobby, to the rooms, each corner is Wi-Fi enabled.
  • The Lava Spa and Sauna works wonders on the sore muscles while the luxurious indoor Jacuzzis and salons use organic locally grown herbs that have many medicinal properties
  • The hotel also has its own ION Heal center where guests can enjoy the tranquillity of the lava springs and drink the medicinal Icelandic herbal tea to cure their body of ailments.
  • The hotel also features a conference room for professional gatherings, business meetings, and corporate dealings.
  • The hotel arranges adventure sports such as horseback riding, snorkelling, glacial hiking and trekking
  • The Northern Lights Bar offers a panoramic view of the entire Icelandic landscape, a place where guests can occasionally also spot the magical Aurora Borealis.

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The scenic surreal lava fields, mystical Northern Lights and the picturesque setting of ION Adventure Hotel cater to just about any traveler who has an appetite for adventure.

ION Adventure hotel review

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