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About the Hotel

Over the years, the tourism industry has gone over a total 360-degree change. Gone are the days when hotels were simply a place to crash in after a hectic day out. Today, hotels are a significant part of your vacationing experience. Set up in exotic, surreal locations around the planet, luxury hotels offer the best of sophistication and comfort. Moreover, with the advent of eco-tourism, the hotel sector has ventured into a plethora of possibilities and offer guests a combination of contentment with contemporary charm.

Jumbo Stay hotel

Hotels aren’t just limited to conventional structures; there are several lodging spaces in the world that like pushing their limits to the extreme. From luxurious treehouses to underground suites and cave hotels, there are loads of options for families this holiday season. However, the hotel in question, the STF Jumbo Stay, takes the concept of unique lodgings a notch higher. Located in Stockholm, Jumbo Stay, a built inside an aircraft that is no longer in business might be just the perfect holiday spot for your text trip to Sweden. Read on to know more about the architecture, ambiance and popular attractions of the place in this hotel review below:

Jumbo Stay Sweden

Looking for a cozy but charming hotel to spend your stay in Sweden? Well, look no further, you’ve come to the right place! STF Jumbo Stay is a hotel constructed out of the ruins of an abandoned airplane. Set at Arlanda Airport near Stockholm, the hotel is located inside decommissioned 747-200 jetliner. The confined space inside the Jumbo Jet was converted to elegant rooms in the year 2008 and is a great place for aviation buffs and adventure enthusiasts looking for a unique and memorable experience. Set in the picturesque country of Sweden, the hotel the epitome of luxury and comfort.

Jumbo Stay Sweden review

Jumbo Stay is the perfect example of recycling an obsolete Boeing 457 into innovative hotel spaces, where the engine was replaced for bedrooms giving visitors a memorable overnight stay that they’d remember for a long, long time. It is the brainchild of hotshot businessman Oscar Dios, who spent over 1.5 million dollars to transform the huge airplane into a five-star hotel. The entire renovation process took over six months and a lot of hard work to achieve the brilliant lodging that we see today.

Staying inside an airplane after an exhausting boat, plane or train journey to arrive at Stockholm is not exactly how one would expect to spend their vacations. However, the place is ideally suited for guests who want a novel experience of resting inside the small, yet cozy rooms of Jumbo Stay. Constructed inside a decommissioned jetliner, the Boeing 747-212B airplane, the hotel was renovated and towed to its final destination at the entrance of the Stockholm-Arlanda Airport in 2008.

Jumbo Stay Stockholm

The jetliner originally belongs to Singapore Airlines was built in the year 1976, and was later sold to Pan America until it retired in 2002. The Boeing aircraft was renamed “Clipper Belle of Sky” and served Air Club International, Transjet, Northeast Airlines and other aviation service providers. It was finally auctioned off in 2002 after its last owner Transjet succumbed to bankruptcy. Taken over by Oscar Dios, a well-known figure in the business sector, the Sigtuna authorities granted the legal building permit for the establishment of the project in 2007.

Jumbo Stay Stockholm review

Revamping an airplane to a luxury hotel is not an easy task, from dismantling the old interiors and removing some 450 seats to replacing the paint and furnishings, the aircraft went over a total makeover. The construction of the hotel adheres to the conventional requirements of climate control, insulation and temperature regulation. It was built like any other building, except that the outer castings of the engines were recycled and re-mounted onto their pylons. Sometime in the summer of 2008, the hotel was finally wheeled to its resting place at the Arlanda Airport the landing gear was secured within two steel cradles and the base was firmly etched in concrete.

Jumbo Stay hotel photos

The cramped spaces are smartly designed as coaches or dorm rooms with windows that look out over the runway and the massive 747 engines. Every corner of the hotel adds on to the whole flight experience. There is a total of 29 rooms and 61 beds inside the airplane ranging from single suites, couples suites, and four-bed dorms. The cockpit suite situated on the upper deck is the biggest complete with a private shower and toilet. The rooms cover an area of approx. six square meters and measure about four meters from floor to ceiling. Each room is well-equipped with the latest high-tech features such as a flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi, and complimentary toiletries.

The rich historical background of the airplane has a major appeal for aviation enthusiasts and explorers. Moreover, the fact that the hotel, though rebuilt from the Boeing aircraft still manages to retain the overall look and feel of the jetliner gives the place a unique sense of nostalgia and charm. So, the next time you visit Sweden don’t miss out on the compact yet cozy Jumbo Jet. The silver interiors clubbed with the heavy duty construction enhance the appeal of the place. Also, the fact that it is actually located on the Airport, albeit the entrance of Arlanda terminal, only goes on to boost the overall flight-feel of the hotel.

Jumbo Stay photos

The interiors are surprisingly spacious considering the fact that you are living inside an airplane. In fact, the rooms at Jumbo Stay have more leg room that the average Trans-Atlantic flights. The minimalistic décor and incredible furnishings of the place further enrich your stay. Everything about this hotel is a reminiscence of the original aircraft, even the hotel staff that preside over the accommodations are dressed in complete flight attendant outfits.

When you’re staying inside a high-profile luxury jet, there is no limit to the activities that you can do. Even the most trivial stuff seems unique due to the atmosphere of the place. From enjoying the high-tech comforts of the room to lounging in the lobby and interacting with the other guests sharing the hotel with you, the place is perfect for sharpening your social skills. In fact, the hotel staff, dressed up as flight attendants also sell packed food items like cookies and beverages at the Jumbo Bar and Restaurant where the visitor can relax at the restored armchairs and enjoy a drink. Guests also get the option of bringing their own food that they can heat up at the two microwaves provided by the hotel.

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The hotel is strategically placed at the entrance of the Arlanda Airport offering a panoramic view of the entire runway through the windows of the suites. It is set at a distance of about 1.5-2 km from the terminals, although transfer buses are available to drop you off at the hotel safely. Other neighboring tourist attraction spots include Steninge Palace, Roserberg Palace and Skokloster castle where you can explore the rich heritage of Sweden monarchy.

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How to Book:

Jumbo Stay, for all its aviation history and significance, is at the end of the day a lodging space. Therefore it is important that you understand the ground rules and restrictions of the place before booking a room. Listed below are some interesting facts and interesting trivia about Jumbo Stay that will make your stay all the more enjoyable here:

  • The 24-hour check-in service is not available, however, the hotel does make the exception of private check-in and check-outs.
  • Children and teens below 18 cannot book a room without being accompanied by a legal guardian. Letters from parents or other authoritative parties are also accepted in case the children are alone.
  • Kids under 3 years can stay for free.
  • The place does not entertain pets; also the area is a no-smoking zone.
  • The multi-lingual staff and round the clock front desk accessibility caters to all your needs effectively.
  • The hotel also entertains private functions and business conferences in their premises.
  • The open terrace, sundeck, and skiing area are a popular attraction for guests.
  • There is a wide range of dorm choices like a female dorm, male dorms, private rooms and couples suites that guests can choose from.
  • However, the place has communal bathrooms, except for the suites on the upper deck, the Cockpit suite gets its private shower.

Very rarely do you come across a lodging space that combines the best of sophistication and style, Jumbo Stay is one such place. Who knew that an abandoned airplane could metamorphose into such elegant accommodations with little refurbishments and renovations? The elegant interiors and sturdy framework of the place is a treat for the senses. So, come aboard, tighten your seatbelts and experience the one of a kind life inside an aircraft at Jumbo Stay!

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