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Amidst all the luxurious resorts and sophisticated lodging spaces, you rarely come across a hotel that offers tourists all the materialistic pleasures while being surrounded by the wilderness of nature. The rise of eco-tourism has however encouraged hotel owners to build lodgings in exotic and remote corners of the planet. Hotel Keemala of Thailand is one of the few rare places that actually manage to accomplish this feat. A tropical wonderland set in Phuket, this resort combines the best of modern architectural designs and oriental Thai charm. The property has a number of villas and cottages structured around a pool where guests can explore the bountiful beauty of Thailand’s culture while enjoying the luxuries of a five-star resort.

Hotel Keemala

Read on to know more about the features and facilities offered at Keemala in Thailand and the reasons why it can be the next destination for your vacations.

Hotel Keemala Thailand

Hotel Keemala is the brainchild of architecture firm Architect Space and interior designer Pisit Aongskultong who wanted to build a luxurious lodging space amidst the lush forest hills that overlook the Andaman shores of Phuket. The Keemala hotel harnesses the story of four fictitious and indigenous clans. These tribes that they believed to have once inhabited the island are now dominating the overall architecture and themes of the hotel. The team of architects blended the unique construction techniques and philosophies of these clans in building four types of lodging spaces. The 16 Clay Pool Cottages of the Pa-ta-Pea clan, represented the earth; the seven Tent Pool Villas for the Khon-Jorn were designed as small cottages belonging to merchants; the seven Tree Pool Houses for the We-Ha people, the tribe consisted of artists and free spirits who believed in lofty dwellings; and eight Bird’s Nest Pool Villas for the opulent Rung-Nok clan, which features high tree houses overlooking the sea.

Hotel Keemala Thailand review

Hotel Keemala of Phuket overlooks the Andaman Shores and is built around the theme of four tribes, each representing a different idea or way of life. The unique and authentic design of the hotel aims at protecting the natural beauty and biodiversity of the resort and surrounding forests. Everything about the hotel is eco-friendly, from the materials used to the sustainable energy sources, encouraging the guests towards ideas of environmental conservation.

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The Keemala resorts are constructed as an extension of the nearby forests and incorporate the surrounding trees, brooks and natural freshwater streams in its design, enhancing its aesthetic appeal tenfold. The hotel property also boasts a spa, a massage center, and restaurant that serves delicious Thai cuisines and local recipes. Each unit also has a private pool and an open terrace that offers a scenic view of the azure beach and emerald green foliage.

Hotel Keemala Phuket review

The first thing that strikes you once you get over the surreal location and magical landscape that surrounds the hotel is its architectural brilliance. The Keemala resort is divided into four separate units, each built around the ideologies of a fictional tribe that represents a way of life. These four units feature a wide range of architectural designs ranging from simple cottages to tree houses and lofty dwellings that look like bird’s nest. The 1,356-square-foot Clay Pool Cottages are designed as trapezoidal and pyramidal structures built from clay-like cement and feature a synthetic thatch. The cottages come with a private pool that is made with green stone. The other accommodations are also built from eco-friendly materials that facilitate airflow, and heat reduction thereby saving on any artificial temperature regulation techniques.

Hotel Keemala review

The Clay Pool Cottages unit features textured cement walls, shell-embezzled terrazzo tiles and leather furniture, a reminiscence of the earthiness and primitive lifestyle followed by the Pa-te-Pea clan. The tent pool villas are constructed across a stretch of 1500 square feet of land and are designed of a dual skin material that can hold off rainfall and allow natural cooling. The tree pool villa unit uses steel and synthetic rattan for designing their dwellings, the tent fabric roof secured above the steel ceiling offers extra protection against heavy rainfall. The lofty villas for the We-Ha clan feature a seating arrangement suspended in the air and a cantilevered staircase that leads directly to the second floor. Lastly, the Bird’s Nest unit are made of a rubber-like material that is reinforced with steel and sheathed by a covering of woven wood and friendly.

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The four types of accommodations at Keemala have their own innovative and unusual interiors. The earthy cottage, the tree house, the Bedouin-like villa and suspended Bird’s Nest dwellings come with a set of interesting features and luxurious furnishings. The rooms are vast with a vaulted ceiling, the walls made of polished teak, mahogany walnut. The bamboo rush matting is rough enough to feel like a legit bird’s nest. The rooms are otherwise sparsely furnished except for the wide king-size beds that have a mosquito net. The dark, eerie and cool bathing spaces look like an underground hiding place of Batman’s cave! The gargantuan onyx-black bathtub carved out of a single rock looks equally fascinating. The bronze shower stall and turquoise mosaic floor add a splash of color to the otherwise dingy space. For guests who want a bit of light and air, there’s a 30 square meter private pool glistens beautifully and offers a panoramic view of the settlements nearby.

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Keemala resort is a sanctuary for travelers who need to escape the rush of city life and rejuvenate in the lap of nature. The place seamlessly embraces the traditional Thai culture and works towards creating a relaxing atmosphere for guests. The hotel is strategically placed on the Phuket landscape and is a 20-minute drive to the settlement of Phuket. The bustling nightlife of the townships gives you a glimpse into the local lifestyle and ways of the communities living here. The resort is also 20-minute drive northwards to the town of Patong where you can get wonderful souvenirs and tribal art collections. Even the Kamala, Surin and Layan beaches are quite nearby, the hotel arranges shuttle buses for tourist. Other than that you can also explore the two floating villages and a natural waterfall that are well-worth a visit. If you have time, you can also check out the nearby golf course and the rum distillery.

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There is no dearth of activities to do at places such as Keemala resort. From staying indoors and enjoying the luxurious spa to exploring the nearby forests and trekking up the hills, the place is a paradise for both introverts and nature lovers. The Mala spa has a total of eight treatment rooms that are connected by a water bridge. Both the round pods made of synthetic thatch and square rooms of clay are cool, minimalistic and spacious. The bamboo, metallic and wooden furnishings further add on to the wild, tribal feel of the place.

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Other than the four distinct and unconventional dwellings, the hotel includes equally enchanting common spaces. The lobby, pool, restaurant, and spa are airy and peppered with outdoor spaces for guests to rest and take in the surrounding beauty. The Kamala resort focuses on offering a serene yet interesting ambiance. From yoga to spa and sauna centers, everything here promotes the perks of a healthy lifestyle. The restaurant situated inside the hotel premises offer all Western, Thai and Indian dishes. The place is ideally suited for adventure lovers who can indulge in a wide array of activities ranging from strenuous jogging, cycling, to soothing techniques like yoga and meditation.

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The Keemala resort in Thailand was inaugurated in December 2015 and since then has been an instant hit among guests because of its unusual blend of contemporary construction with the classical charm of nature. The place looks like something straight out of an adventure novel or thriller fantasy with its surreal backdrop of thick forests, primitive yet modern designed rooms, and luxurious spa. Mentioned below is a list of interesting trivia about Keemala that would only pique your curiosity about the place and contribute to making your stay memorable here.

  • In spite of the seemingly primitive surroundings, the resort offers a number of top-notch facilities such as free Wi-Fi, LCD TV, and a landline.
  • All the four room types are inspired from fictional tribal clans; each represented a particular idea or theme. The resort aims at maintaining the ecological balance of the forests and prevent deforestation.
  • The resort is especially recommended for couples who want to spend some quality time together away from the hustle and bustle of cities.
  • The food you get here is absolutely organic and healthy; there is a garden inside the hotel premises from where the chefs collect fresh herbs and medicines each morning for cooking.

Set against the backdrop of lush vegetation and tropical forests, the place is an ideal gateway for both couples and solo travelers.

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