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About the Hotel

Located in a renovated historic building and involving more than 50 designers and artists, this hotel is especially made for those who believe that travel also includes sharing cultures with others, and over the years has become an icon of Dutch design. The Cultural Embassy section of the hotel has exhibitions, talks and events being organized throughout the year which are open to all the guests.

Lloyd Hotel

In the mid nineties, there was a lot of effort to put Amsterdam into the global tourism and culture scene. At that time, the Eastern Docklands area had stopped serving as a port and had been taken over by squatters who had turned the large warehouses to workspace and housing.

Lloyd Hotel Netherlands

In such a scenario, the Llyod Hotel and Cultural Embassy was the brainchild of Otto Nan and Suzanne Oxenaar, along with LiesbethMijnlief, who built this 1-to-5 star hotel with special focus on cultural tourists from across the globe. It took them 8 years to get organized and attract investors from both the private sectror and the housing corporations. In December 2011, there was the new hotel launch by Oxenaar, Naan and Gerrit Groen in Amsterdam – Hotel The Exchange.

Lloyd Hotel Netherlands review

Since then, the Llyod Hotel & Cultural Embassy has gone on to win a number of prestigious awards over the years, like the Amsterdam Prize (awarded to reputed designer ClaudyJongstra) in January 2006, Benno Premsela Prize (awarded to Suzanne Oxenaar) in November 2009, Time Out Magazine award for Best Hotel in October 2010, and Henk de Lugt Award (for General Manager Piet Boogert) in November 2017.

Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam exterior

The hotel interior was designed in collaboration with the Dutch architects MVRDV and the details were added by internationally renowned designers like Richard Hutten, ClaudyJongstra, Christoph Seyferth and Joep Van Lieshout. Instead of following the conventional star rankings, the 117 rooms, many of which are completely unique, are classified primarily based on size.

Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam review

5 Star – Deluxe Double Room: Unconventional, unexpected and beautiful ideas like swings attached to rustic wooden beams or a bathtub from where you can see the moon make the rooms a delightful surprise for even the most experienced guests. Each 5 star- deluxe double room is ultra-spacious, and extra beds can be brought in on request at €35.00 for adults and €17.50 for children. The unique furnishings, like the milk bottle chandelier by RodyGraumans, the beautiful green bathrooms by Joep van Lieshout and the LLOVE Lamp by WannesRoyaards, compliment the Dutch approach to design of a particular room.

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4 Star – Superior Double Room: These rooms are in tune with the historic monumental building and may give you the 16th century feels with a cozy, intimate hidden cupboard bed, or awe you with the expansiveness of a 2-story high ceiling. The 30 square metres rooms are like small Amsterdam apartments, and architect de Bazel’s 1920-style furniture looks perfect with Lyod’s art deco finishes, which are imparted a bright, modern look by Ineke Hans’ chairs.

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3 Star – Standard Double Room: These 30 square meters rooms come with separate bathrooms and are ideal for families, those travelling with business partners, or anyone who wants to make their experience intimate and private. These rooms come with embellishments from famous Dutch designers, like fiberglass bathrooms by Joep van Lieshout or Rorschach-blot carpets by Ina Matt.

Lloyd Hotel foto

2 Star – Economy Double Bedroom: The 25 square meters rooms have a modernist approach and are perfect for the practical minded with their sleek and to-the-point designs. These have a spacious layout and some sport open bathrooms. The popular Dutch Droog collective has helped furnish the rooms by designing playful lamps, hooks and chairs.

Lloyd Hotel fotos

1 Star – Budget Twin Room with Shared Bathroom: Going back to Llyod’s maritime roots, these cozy rooms are for the budget-conscious traveler on the go and sport a host of thoughtful details to maximize the available space, like neatly styled lamps mounted on magnetic strips, raised beds for stowing luggage and showers to share with other 1-star room guests. Overlooking the water, these 10 square meters rooms were designed by Christoph Seyferth who is based in Amsterdam and who also designed the famous Llyod Table. Christiaan Bastiaans’ ‘Curtains of Longing’, decorated with crustaceans and fish and telling tales of the famous epic boat travels of old were especially woven for this place.

Lloyd Hotel interior

The Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy is home to one of the coveted meeting places in the region, courtesy The Office, its premier meeting room.

The Office, 91 square meters in size and the largest among their meeting rooms, can accommodate up to a hundred people. It once served as the main office for the Royal Dutch Lloyd shipping company, and with its original parquet flooring, oak-paneled walls and brass chandeliers, it has a 1920s feel to it.

Lloyd Hotelreview

Another equally coveted option is the Lloyd Room. With a cloak room and the adjacent Salon and sporting matching linen from the Amsterdam designer duo Scholten &Baijings, the Lloyd Room can host up to 80 people.

Then, there’s The Salon, a multifunctional space in the ground floor having views of the Eastern Docklands, it can host up to 60 people in the room 50 square metres in size.

Lloyd Hotel inside

Platforms: With views of the river Amstel, the four mezzanine platforms seem to float over the restaurant way down and are a perfect space for hosting exhibitions and reading sessions. With a size of 53 square meters, The Platform can accommodate up to 50 people.

Library: The library is on the 4th floor platform in combination with the meeting room 422. Designed by artist SuchanKinochita, it houses an impressive collection of 6,000 art books donated by the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, apart from many Dutch art monographs.

Lloyd Hotel photos

Room 422: This is one of the most beautiful places in the Lloyd Hotel and boasts of award winning design pieces like the felt walls by ClaudyJongstra or the breathtaking Sunlight lamp by Rolf Engelen. 49 square metres in size, it can accommodate up to 50 guests.

Lloyd Hotel interior

Piano room: Doubling up as both a hotel suite and a meeting space, this room was designed by Joep van Lieshout and has a spiraling red staircase, a high-volume ceiling and an Estonian grand piano played by the likes of Alicia Keys in her heyday.

Lloyd Hotel interior design

The Cultural Embassy is what sets the Llyod Hotel apart from the rest in The Netherlands. Present throughout the building, the Cultural Embassy is constantly evolving, adapting to the new ideas and perspectives brought in by travelers and artists from every corner of the world, and bequeathing something new to them as well. You can take part in any of the cultural events or talks being held here throughout the year, get introduced to people sharing your tastes and values, and also get a taste of the cultural life of Amsterdam.

Lloyd Hotel review

To receive invitations to their exhibition openings, readings and other such events, you can subscribe to the Cultural embassy newsletter or follow them on Facebook.

Their beautiful and literally mind-blowing meeting rooms are suited for all needs, from hosting international medical conferences to private songwriting sessions. Like their rooms, Lloyd Hotel also offers meeting packages suited to every budget, excluding the venue hire.

Lloyd Hotel number of rooms

Lloyd Restaurant is the place to be at, if you wish to enjoy an early morning coffee, or late evening drinks. The restaurant is a meeting place for artists and intellectuals in the area, and a pretty good cultural experience for guests.

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How to Book:

Make the most of your stay, and plan well in advance; here are some tips.

  • The hotel management does not accept banknotes over €100.
  • Check-in is at 3.00 pm and check-out at 12.00 noon.
  • They demand the credit card used for booking during check-in, with the booker having the same name as the credit card holder. A third party authentication form has to be requested from reception in case it is not so.
  • Their fixed price taxi service Taxi Electric charges €52.00 per ride between the hotel and Schiphol Airport.
  • You can avail parking services at Rietlandpark on the Oostelijke b 355 at €3.00 per hour or €25.00 for 24 hours.
  • Bicylcles, depending on availability, can be rented from Reception at €14.50 per day, excluding the €2.50 insurance.

So if you want to soak in the nights of Amsterdam or paint the coastline, Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy, perhaps the most democratic of hotels, is the one for you.

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