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About the Hotel

Poland has been gaining on its reputation as a popular international tourist destination over the past decade. Warsaw is the capital and the largest city of Poland. This bustling urban capital stands proudly to the east of the river Vistula. It is a major international touring destination. It is considered as a major economic, cultural and political hub of Poland. You will be surprised to know that Warsaw is one of the wealthiest capital cities in Central and Eastern Europe.

LoftHotel Sen Pszczoły

LoftHotel Sen Pszczoły features distinctive modern art collections entwined with history. It gives guests a feeling of living the past in the present and the future. The LoftHotel takes pride in being the first designer hotel in Warsaw.

LoftHotel Sen Pszczoły Poland

This unique hotel is known for displaying its opulence with modesty. The stone facade on the exterior gives a feel of old Europe as you set foot in the door. The rustic wooden panelling with curved oak chair railings adds warmth to the interiors. The funky wrought iron chandelier and lighting add oomph to the ambience. The combination of stone pickets in the semi-circular balcony with a stucco facade will welcome you. This artistic building has a rustic appeal with antique-finish wooden flooring. The evenings in LoftHotel Sen Pczczoly glow with dim yellow lighting making the guest feel like its home, and they are a part of a quirky and entertaining make-believe charade.

LoftHotel Sen Pszczoły Poland review

The interior decoration is simplistic, but with a touch of distinction that sets it apart from the rest. The rooms are clean, clutter-free, displaying minimalism that takes you to the past in an instant. Some of the rooms and hallways display and bring in the post world-war feel combined with a smattering touch of industrial appeal.

LoftHotel Sen Pszczoły Warsaw hotel photos

Each room is spacious with lots of sunlight during the day. Every room features its private bathroom with luxurious shower, dryer and free toiletries. Each room also has a spacious balcony for fresh air and the panoramic view of the Warsaw and the Wisla River. The room décor comprises of colourful artwork, accentuated by glass and wooden furniture. The curios displayed in the rooms have a style with a sense of humour. The open settings and free floor plan gives a sense of freedom. The metal cots are spiffy with no unnecessary bells. The mattress is what really matters. The firm and yet plush mattress is sure to make any guest sleep like a baby on hitting the pillow.

LoftHotel Sen Pszczoły Warsaw review

The highlight of each room is a uniquely textured and painted wall that sets the guest pondering in amazement. Each room displays a different theme with curious names and artwork. It is a quizzical place for the fun loving with those with an eye for art and culture. The use of animals, nature, or just pictures all add a different feel yet pull together and feel perfect each and every time you look. The colours and styles are perfectly coordinated to match the theme. The staff is proactive, helpful and available 24X7.

LoftHotel Sen Pszczoły photos

LoftHotel Sen Pszczoły hotel offers different choices of rooms with an option of choosing breakfast at an added cost. There are double rooms and twin rooms with attached bathrooms. Then, there are double rooms and twin rooms with external bathrooms. Plus, there are apartments for adults.

LoftHotel Sen Pszczoły photos

For anybody who likes food, enjoys abstract arts, and wishes to experience the culture of old school Poland in the form of exciting artwork, LoftHotel Sen Pszczoły is a great hotel. The industrial design of the hotel, with all its fascinating and often crazy artworks collection, is sure to keep you engaged for several hours. Take a tour of the hotel to soak in the artsy vibe of the place. The ambience of openness, coupled with post-industrial vibecreates a surreal impression. Everyday objects contribute to the artsy vibe of the hotel in a delightful manner. The amazing effectsare a result of the work of none other than Salvador Dali. The art embraces post-war era with an urban appeal by using and incorporating everyday objects for decoration, in a manner never envisioned before.

LoftHotel Sen Pszczoły photo

Enjoy your endless dose of caffeine with the free supply of tea and coffee. The hotel promotes the idea of interaction among guests, you can expect to enjoy some delightful conversations in and around the shared kitchen area. The hotel also houses an exclusive wine and dine facility. It boasts of an amazing spread of breakfast with a variety of options to choose from. The breakfast buffets are continental, wholesome, and kid-friendly. They offer a variety of choices from the dairy meat and poultry section. The buffet also includes greens, fruits, health drinks, healthy snacks and fruits.

LoftHotel Sen Pszczoły photo

If you have had a long day the night before, from all the adventure and sightseeing and the kids are just not able to get to breakfast on time, do not worry. The hotel understands! Guests can avail the in-room breakfast option to eat at their convenience and in the comfort of their own room. There is a local supermarket – Zambia just 200 feet away to get the supplies you need and a little extra for the vacation indulgence.

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The hotel is strategically located and the centre of the most happening areas of the town. Guests can take a walk or just take a train to visit the myriad interesting sightseeing destinations at a radius of 2.5 km or less from the hotel. There are around 132 restaurants in 0.25-mile radius of the hotel, which means that you will always have a quick meal to look forward to, when you have nothing else to do.

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How to Book:

Here’s a list of important information points you can use to plan your stay at LoftHouse better.

  • Prices vary based on seasonal demand. Reservations taken in advance have free cancellation options if notified by 2:00 pm the day before.
  • With prior notice, a 24-hour airport shuttle or train station pickup and drop off is provided to the guest.
  • LoftHotel Sen Pszczoły is a family-friendly hotel – the hotel welcomes guests with children.
  • The nearest airport to the LoftHotel Sen Pczczoly is the Warsaw, Frederick Chopin Airport; the hotel is merely a 25-minute private shuttle ride from there.
  • Kids aged under 12 can enjoy free accommodation. Beds and cribs restricting to one per room are also given at no extra charge.
  • Older children and adults’ stays are charged a nominal amount of PLN 50 per night.
  • The hotel considers pets as part of the family. So, pets are as welcome as kids at the LoftHotel Sen Pczczoly.

Lofthotel Sen Pszczołyis located in a quiet centre, yet is not far from all the facilities, attractions and sightseeing destinations. The unique boutique hotel has the charm that can keep you coming again and again. With proximity to great entertainment, food and drinks Lofthotel Sen Pszczołyis one of the best vacation hotels you can check in. Come and see it for yourself, and pave the way for a memorable family vacation to talk about, for years to come.

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