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About the Hotel

The Manor house of Manoir de Lébioles gives you a taste of the country life of Belgium. An ancient castle-like structure, the Manoir was built sometime in 1905, it was only years later that this heritage building was restored and rebuilt into a holiday home. Set in the backdrop of rolling green hills and grassy plains, the hotel takes you far away from the urban to the good ‘ol days of the aristocracy. Read on to know more about this amazing place and reasons why you should totally check it out this summer:

Manoir de Lébioles hotel

The world has come a long way since its uptight aristocratic days. Back then, manors and castles housed but the uppermost sections of the society. Today, these heritage sites accommodate all and sundry – families, couples, solo travelers alike. The Manoir de Lébioles in Belgium is one such place that offers you the best of both worlds. The peaceful ambiance, stunning architecture and rich heritage make the Manoir de Lébioles a great venue for hosting weddings, corporate meetings, and other events as well. Nestled snugly in the woods of Ardennes, the manor house is your escape into to a whole new world of chivalry, fancy parties and quiet evenings.

Manoir de Lébioles Belgium

Built almost a century ago in 1905, this gothic manor house was renovated sometime in 2005 and opened its door to the public in September 2006. Just because you are cut off from city life doesn’t mean you’re bereft of its benefits. At the Manoir de Lébioles manor house, guests are pampered with the best high-tech facilities and state-of-art technology that guarantees a memorable stay. It is your private gateway into the glorious past, and glance at the splendor of the yesteryears without having to give up the contemporary luxuries.

Manoir de Lébioles Belgium review

Manoir de Lébioles has been around for over a hundred years, its tall and proud structure bearing silent witness to the years gone by. The manor house has a long and dramatic history of familial feuds and war. The building was constructed sometime between 1905 and 1910 by Georges Neyt who was rumored to be the son of King Leopold. Unfortunately, he couldn’t enjoy the pleasures of the house for long as he passed away shortly after moving into the manor. The heiress and only daughter of Neyt, Mary Neyt sold the Le Manoir to Edmond Dresse, a businessman sometime in 1912. By then the property was popularly called “small Versailles of the Ardennes” and its owner Dressewas made famous by the title “DresseLébioles” in 1926. The manor was home to his family until 1981.

Manoir de Lebioles inside

In 1945, the manor housed several war prisoners of the Allied forced including some big names like Franz von Papenand Admiral Miklós Horthy. Later, the building was rented out as a theatre house by the Dresse family. It was finally sold off in the 80s to Société Immobilière de Belgique before it found its way to a hoteliers’ family. Back then, the manor was called the “Hotel De Charmes” and was severely vandalized in the name of renovation. It was only much later in 2005 that a team of architects and engineers grouped to restore the building back to its former glory.

Manoir de Lébioles Pays des Sources review

The Manoir de Lébioles looks pretty imposing from a distance, standing tall in sharp contrast with the pleasant countryside backdrop. The black-grey mansion has a very gothic appeal to it that immediately catches your eye. Everything from the huge towers and winding staircases to the numerous passageways and glass windows are imposing and elegant, to say the least. The building is flanked by a well-kept garden and green lawns that further enhance its appeal as an ancient historical mansion. Even the hedges and creepers wound up around the stone structure seem to narrate the long and dramatic journey the building has undertaken over the years. History buffs, art lovers, and aspiring architects would love the place and its timeless ambiance.

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The past century has definitely left its mark upon Manoir de Lébioles, especially the 90s where the building was severely vandalized. The renovation project undertaken by a family of hoteliers in 1980s did more harm than good. Later sometime in 2005, the manor was restored and modernized to suit the contemporary times. The chimneys were rebuilt, old staircases were expanded, the historical floors were refurbished and the even the gardens were revived.

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If you thought that the Manoir de Lébioles looks imposing on the outside, wait till you see the insides of it. There are 16 luxury suites here, each featuring a unique décor and theme that cater to individual tastes and interests. The rooms are spacious, fully furnished and designed to cater to your whims and fancies. Get ready to be pampered like a princess/prince here at Manoir de Lébioles coz that’s the kind of royal treatment you’ll be getting here. There is a special bathing tower complete with its waterfall-style shower and an indoor pool. The lounge has a huge fireplace and comfy couches where you can relax on a lazy summer afternoon. If you are a voracious reader, the oriel and the library is the place for you.

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Talking about the suites, there’s the Suite Manoraile, located in the main building and offering a picturesque view of the courtyard. The other suits, namely Royale, Imperial and Castellane and ChambreRelias, all have their individualistic architectural design and décor that will leave you spellbound. Elements like a crackling fireplace, mantle, glass-tainted windows, huge queen-sized beds, lamps and decorative candle stands make the place authentically aristocratic.

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There is never a dull moment here at Manoir de Lébioles! The manor house, with its winding stairways and passages, has a gothic, dreamlike element to it. And although the suites are designed as per the modern tastes, there remains a rich antiquity that gives the manor a unique charm. You can simply lounge in all day, relax by the fireplace or scourge through the library. The more adventurous guests can explore the woodlands, join the hunting expeditions, go trekking in the nearby hill and re-establish their connection with nature. You can be a part of the tennis tournaments hosted on the hotel grounds or rent a bike for a tour down the cobbled streets of Belgium. For those who have more urban tastes, you can check out the nearby city and the tourist attractions. The Waterfalls of Coo, Farchimont Castle, Stavelot Abbey Caves of Remouchamps, Le Monde Sauvage and Polpsa Coo are some of the popular places you can pay a visit to.

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Manoir de Lébioles is cut-off from the main city and is situated almost on the fringes of Belgium. The nearest airports namely the Liege Airport, Maastricht Airport and the Brussels South Airport are a couple of hours away. Don’t worry, the hotel arranges for airport pick-up and drop-off services.

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Manoir de Lébioles, for all its historical significance and sophisticated architecture is, at its heart, a family home. The huge mansion may seem daunting at a glance, but a few days here and you’d see how very warm and homely the place really is. The manor has an innate charm and privacy that appeal to couples and solo travelers alike. If you’re planning to visit the hotel then there are some ground facts and necessary information you must be familiar with.

  • The Turkish Steam bath, spas and sauna center and Jacuzzis are open to all guests albeit you pay for them separately
  • The open terrace and gardens also host weddings, corporate events, and meetings
  • The bar and restaurant nearby offer both local and international dishes, the coffee here is especially good
  • Pets are allowed on extra charge
  • You need to pay extra for Horseback riding and hiking
  • Free Wi-Fi and car parking
  • Multilingual and friendly staff available for your assistance 24*7
  • Chuck the cigarette in the bin before you enter the hotel premises

As children, we’ve all harbored dreams of marrying our soul mates and living in a castle in a kingdom far away. Then life happened and we realized that a happily ever after was limited only to fairy-tales. The Manoir de Lébioles is the perfect escape route into our fantasy world, a world untouched by the chaos of urban squalor. Combining the best of both worlds, the manor provides its guests a safe haven where they can unwind and truly rejuvenate their spirit and body. So this holiday season, chuck the generic beachside resorts for a more royal experience at Manoir de Lébioles.

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