Spend the Night in a Luxury Barrel at Matices Hotel de Barricas, Mexico

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If a luxurious tour of the vineyards or a trip to the breweries is what gets you excited then this is the perfect place for you my friend. Matices Hotel De Barricas, a part of the Cosa Corafida tequila factory is an oversized barrel that looks like a mix between a hobbit hole and a luxury hotel. Do you still need more reasons to visit this place? Well, here are some reasons why Matices Hotel de Barricas, Mexico should be on your list of must visit destinations.

Matices Hotel de Barricas

Imagine waking up inside a big barrel in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by blue agave plantations and an unlimited supply of tequila. This is not the new Hangover movie, but a reality you can actually be part of. Located at the CossaCorafida factory, the Matices de Barricas hotel offers guests the ultimate tequila experience. The boutique hotel is situated in the town of Tequila, which is a short drive from the bustling town of Guadalajara. BTW, we weren’t joking about the barrels, you legit get to sleep inside one! For you see, each hotel suite is a barrel big enough to fit two people comfortably.

Matices Hotel de Barricas Mexico

Matices de Barricas has all the necessary facilities and features that guarantee a comfortable stay. There are 30 barrel-rooms to choose from, each with a bedroom, a kitchenette, a private shower with an open terrace and a balcony. It’s far away from the maddening crowd of cities, giving you the much-needed peace and quiet and of course tequila to unwind after a rough week. Bed, breakfast, and alcohol – now that’ what we call the good life.

Matices Hotel de Barricas Mexico review

The Agave region is an important cultural landscape in Mexico where the devil’s own drink is brewed and distilled. The extensive agave plantations have been here ever since the 16th century, producing quality tequila for the masses. The Matices Hotel de Barricas opened very recently to the public in 2017 is owned by the Hacienda Tequilera La Cofradía, (a world-renowned distillery) and set smack in the middle of Tequila town. The hotel started off as a mere lodging space for travelers who decided to stay back in the town to explore the factory. Soon, word spread, and the place established a reputation of its own. A town that was never on the travel radar has now become a favorite vacationing spot for couples, solo travelers and families alike.

Matices Hotel de Barricas Jalisco exterior

Matices de Barricas is authentically rustic yet impressively modern. The rolling hills and the barren landscape takes you back to the wild west of the yester-years, all you want it your hat, a leather jacket, and a gun to complete the picture. The distillery, however, uses advanced machinery and contemporary distillation techniques for preparing the finest tequila in the world.

Matices Hotel de Barricas inside

The architecture of the hotel is unique and reminiscent of Mexico’s old days of cowboy fights and rowdy bars. Although there’s not much to look at on the outside, it looks just like a regular wooden barrel, only larger and well-polished. The suite is big and round and brown with a large front-door and curved glass windows on the ceiling. All barrel doors open to rows of blue agave plants, the stuff that tequila’s made from. Guests who elect to stay in these bungalow barrels for the night will be given a tour around the factory after which they can visit the popular bars and eating houses nearby. So, let’s climb the wooden steps, open the door and take a look inside shall we?

Matices Hotel de Barricas photos

The barrel bungalows are bigger and brighter on the inside. Once inside, you’ll be greeted with a welcome drink – no prizes for guessing – tequila shots. That gets you slightly tipsy and high enough to enjoy the quirky interior décor. The rooms feature king sized beds, wooden furnishings, and handmade artifacts. At Matices de Barricas, you can enjoy the simple pleasures of rusticity without having to give up on the modern comforts of city life. Sofas, chairs, spacious beds, comfy mattresses, a coffee maker, hairdryer and a private shower ensure a luxurious stay.

Matices Hotel de Barricas photos

Tequila town has managed to preserve the simple spirit of the Wild West intact in the agave farms. The distillery, though modern, sticks to the same old recipe for tequila making. The Matices de Barricas offers you the best of both worlds – its where the old and the new find their middle ground.

Matices Hotel de Barricas photo

So, is the Matice de Barricas a hotel with a distillery or a distillery with a hotel? Honestly, we don’t care either way, just give us the tequila already! If you can hold your drink and are always on the lookout for adventure, then the Matices de Barricas is the right place for you. Once you are done exploring the hotel and the factory, it’s time to move out into the township. The hotel offers free transport services for guests who want to check out the nearby tourist attractions. La Taberna del Cofrade is a restaurant, bar and entertainment center with the look and feel of a tavern-inn. The food here is excellent, the drinks even better.The La Cofradía Tequila Site Museum features stunning displays of Tequila’s achievements and heritage in the 5 exhibition halls. Similarly, the Art in Fire Ceramic Factory is where ceramic structures and containers are made.

Matices Hotel de Barricas fotos

There’s no place for the sober here in Tequila Town. The scenic town in the state of Jalisco is not just a network of distilleries but a picturesque town peppered with waterfalls, volcanoes and pre-hispanic ruins. There’s not much to do inside the barrel except rest and watch some TV. The real fun begins when you start exploring the factory and the farm. The adventure lovers can try out the outdoor activities such as horseback riding, cycling through the meandering trails, explore the city in a dirt bike, hike the hills or take long walks along the farm at leisure.

Matices Hotel de Barricas number

The CossaCorafida factory is a short walk away from the hotel, you’ll be accompanied by a tour guide who will explain you the technicalities of tequila farming and distillation. You can lend a hand to the farmers working in the field as well. After the tour, guests are welcome to join the tasting process in the tasting room. The La Cava section is the aging room where the tequila is stored in wooden barrels and protected from excessive sunlight and moisture. Guests can taste tequila and also decorate the ceramic containers and bottles to be used in shipping the tequila. Guests can even pay a visit to the gift shop and alcohol store that gives guests tequila for free. What’s more, you can even distil your own tequila from scratch and get it packed!

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What’s a man to do when he’s indulged in a too few many shots of Mexico’s national drink? Spend the night in the barrel of course! Before you start freaking out, allow us to clarify. Matices de Barricas, a barrel-shaped accommodation is the perfect weekend gateway for tourists visiting who love some tranquillity and tequila. Like they say – when in Tequila, drink tequila! A word of advice- there’s no need to bring salt and lime here.

Listed below are a few interesting facts about the place that might make your experience here even more memorable.

  • There are a double room, twin beds and single-bed tequila barrel rooms available for stay
  • Complimentary breakfasts and a minibar with a steady supply of tequila is your welcome gift
  • Children are welcome, however, new extra beds and bedding won’t be provided
  • Similarly, pets are allowed in the hotel premises at extra charges payable
  • Free parking and transport services to and fro the city
  • A wellness center for spas and body massages 24*7
  • Cycles, bikes, hiking gear and horses are available for rent.
  • The hotel started out with 18 barrels and now has 30 barrel suites in its property.
  • This summer, a swimming pool might be included, along with 20 other barrels to cater to the growing audience base

At the Matices de Barricas hotel, you don’t really need any reason to have shots of tequila every day, it’s what people normally do here. Quirky, fun and homely, the hotel is perhaps the most comfortable barrel in the world. This holiday season, chuck the sandy beaches for a taste of this bad boy in Mexico – we guarantee it would be one hell of a party!

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