Michelberger Hotel: The Perfectly Imperfect Accommodation for the Millennial

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About the Hotel

What he wants is a wholesome vacationing experience. The Michleberger Hotel in Berlin, Germany is an accommodation tailor-made for modern-day tourist who wants to live to the fullest and isn’t afraid to part with some money to do so.

Michelberger Hotel

You search for a perfect holiday destination ends here. Everything about the Michelberger Hotel screams out youthful energy and vivacity. Set in Berlin, Germany, the hotel celebrates the free spirit of the city. The hotel premises consist of a buzzy bar, an open courtyard for hosting concerts, chic eating houses and quirky suites to keep you occupied during your stay. What’s not to love?

Michelberger Hotel Germany

You’ll find loads of hotels that claim to be unique and funky, only a select few actually manage to offer you something new. The Michelberger Hotel happens to be one of those rare places that are genuinely fun and friendly. Built in a refurbished factory on Warschauerstraße in former East Berlin, the place is unconventional, to say the least. It feels more like a mismatched art project than a resort! Guests here get more than a comfy bed; the suites are designed to function as a mini apartment. It fits in with its urban surroundings, giving you a comprehensive experience of the city.

Michelberger Hotel Germany review

Michelberger is the perfect mix of private and public spaces. The suites are vibrant yet very intimate, giving you an opportunity to unwind after a long day of sightseeing. The open courtyard and bar area is where you can chill out with your friends, get to know your inmates and just generally have a good time when you’re bored of your own company. The hotel is a far cry from the sophisticated luxury resorts you’d find in exotic locations. Michelberger has the more informal touch to it that immediately warms your heart and makes you feel welcome.

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For a place that claims to be very modern, Michelberger has a very interesting backstory. The hotel started out as a family-owned establishment and is currently managed by Tom Michelberger. Sometime back in 2004, a group of friends hanging out in the living room of Tom’s apartment discussed whimsical but elaborate plans to establish a living space for creative collaborations. Cut to five years in the future, we see a new and upcoming lodging space in Berlin called Michelberger. Of course, it was a long and arduous journey. Werner Aisslinger, along with his father and uncle worked really hard at converting an old 20th-century factory building into a vibrant boutique hotel we see today.

Michelberger Hotel Berlin review

Tom started out as a novice – neither he nor his team of architects had any prior experience in running a hotel. How then, one can ask, has the hotel flourished so wonderfully over the years? Because of its imperfections, Michelberger is an utterly imperfect place (i.e. in the traditional sense of the term). From its setting to the architecture and décor, everything about the place has an improvised feel to it. Unlike other hotels, Michelberger doesn’t strive to make you feel at home. On the contrary, it offers you an escape from the monotony of everyday life.

Michelberger Hotel photos

Berlin, a peppy and open city, is known for attracting artists from every corner of the world. Here, you get the creative freedom to do what you want and discover your niche without being restricted by societal and financial concerns. The Michelberger Hotel, with its hippy décor and quirky architecture, perfectly fits in with this theme. It is located in the heart of the city, with easy access to the public trams and buses.

Michelberger Hotel photos

What’s more, you are also quite near to the city’s throbbing nightlife! The hotel has mainly been designed by the in-house design team headed by Werner Aisslinger. Werner, a renowned architect, and deliberately adds a few “imperfections” or “oddities” to the place. It is reflected in the large overhead lamps made of ripped books and the curvaceous sofas in the lobby. However, these unusual elements don’t really feel out of place.

Michelberger Hotel photo

The building itself is nothing special and doesn’t draw attention to itself. Rather the minimalistic architectural elements only serve to highlight the quirky décor that one would find inside. Looking at the outside, one is not prepared for the innovative and eye-catching designs they’d find inside.

Michelberger Hotel photo

While the external architecture is not so impressive, the inside is a different story altogether. You’ll find a bright neon “construction site” sign flashing merrily at the entrance. The lobby looks like something cut straight from an art magazine. The curved sofas, overhead paper Mache lamps, and cuckoo clocks give the place a modern twist. The relaxed air of the place is further reinforced by colorful, positive slogans in the lobby like “Let the sunshine in”. Even the room-service note is quite unusual, “Normal checkout time is 12. For a late checkout due to (sic) a long night’s work or party, ask the receptionist nicely”. The place clearly doesn’t set out to pamper or please the guest. This honest, transparent approach is what attracts travelers to the place.

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There are about 119 rooms, each marked by its eccentric and artistic décor. While most rooms have loft beds with nets on either side for extra protection; others have small bunk beds hovering beneath the wooden staircase. The rooms at Michelberger, at a glance, look like a more upscale, contemporary version of Harry Potter’s childhood bedroom – the cupboard underneath the stairs! There are mirrors suspended on ropes dangling over your head while electric cables snake across the walls. The rooms are personally decorated by Tom Michelberger’s girlfriend and set designer Anja Knauer. You’d find trinkets from flea markets, vintage Polaroid photographs, sugar bowls, pallet-style bookshelves and even the chintzy wallpaper featuring cats, pretzels, and sunglasses.

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Berlin has a reputation of being a free-spirited city, housing artists who are not afraid of expressing their opinions and doing what they want to. The weather, though slightly on the chilly side, is conducive to host a number of events like film festivals, fashion shows etc. One cannot help but fall in love with the city. The same is the case with Michelberger Hotel; it perfectly reflects the quirkiness of Berlin. The hotel houses an in-house bar, an outdoor courtyard for hosting live concerts, and a few eating houses serving the best of both local and international cuisines. You can either choose to laze around in your assigned loft or come out and socialize with the other inhabitants of the hotel and make plans.

Michelberger Hotel interior

Michelberger is strategically placed in the center of the city that gives you access to not only the trams and buses but also the famous nightclubs of Berlin.Berghain is just a 10-minute walk away from the hotel while the Watergate is situated over the historic Oberbaumbrücke. The East Side Gallery is a 5-minute walk away, giving you a spectacular view of the Berlin Wall as you take a stroll down the city’s cobbled pathways.

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How to Book:

Hotel Michelberger is not your average accommodation, in fact, it is anything but generic. The utterly informal atmosphere gives the place a very intimate feel. You don’t really feel like visiting a posh lodging space, rather a friend’s bachelor pad to crash in for the night.

  • There are specific amenities for guests like yoga classes, hot saunas (open in winters), and rental bikes to explore the city.
  • The four Luxus rooms feature a wooden chalet, a library space, private bathtubs, and shower along with a TV or projector.
  • The Hideout rooms are self-contained, with private bathing spaces, work desks, kitchen, sauna rooms, and a customized sound system.
  • The café is one of the finest in all ofFriedrichshain, having provisions for vegan and vegetarian preferences.
  • The bar is a great hangout spot for socializers, the alcohol is decent, plus there is a DJ invited over the weekend.
  • The open courtyard hosts live performances by popular indie bands.
  • The hotel limits its reservation to five room or six guests at a time.
  • It has special provisions for handicapped guests as well.

An ideal vacation does not necessarily have to set in some exotic location, far from the maddening crowd. The cities, with all its chaos and roughness, can be an equally fascinating experience for the modern-day traveler. The Michelberger Hotel though set in the urban space, is nothing like a generic five-star hotel. It is not driven by monetary gains but rather a more urgent need to celebrate Berlin as a city. This small accommodation is unabashedly imperfect, and that is what attracts people to it. The relaxed, fun, peppy ambiance of the hotel immediately puts you at ease.

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