Hotel in Chile’s Jungles: Montaña Mágica Lodge

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About the Hotel

We all know that the tree houses as hotels are not certainly a new concept, but this Montana Magica Lodge in Huilo-Hulio, Chile is not just same like all other tree concept hotels. It is no doubt one of most unique hotels in South America. This whimsical eco hotel is shaped like a volcano and complete with every modern comfort, and like in volcano as the magma flows out on the same way water flows out through this giant structure, giving it a fairy tale like look. Beyond the obvious eye catching architecture of the Magic Mountain Hotel, the attractive thing at this place is the long list of services. Many of these services are beyond what you would typically find at Chile hotels.

This exclusive jungle hotel is decorated and built in a natural style that is closely look in a mountain style with locally available wood and stone. The main attraction of the hotel is the windows, walls, doors and stairs they are all carved out of the local rustic woods. The Lodge was built, with solid materials, by artisans from the adjoining communities of Neltume and Puerto Fuy, both small mountainous towns that originated as a result of the lumber industry.

These large structures of windows for the hotel add warm tones to the wood. The windows are large enough to look out at the excellent greenery of the forest.

There are only 13 rooms and each one is named for a different local bird species and all of them have private well-equipped bathroom too. The architecture of this hotel, along with the forest setting, makes this truly a magical mountain and forest. At the Magic Mountain Hotel it will be a hard task for anyone to find a right angle of any sort. The architecture and furnishings of the mountain are an intellectual wonderland of shapes and forms. As the construction consists of nature based things, so nature herself could come up with such complex lines, colors, and textures.


Getting to the depths of the private Huilo Huilo biological reserve is an adventure in itself, as every step brings in an incredible scenes and will become a thrilling experience. As one can expect by just looking at the shape and overall design of this hotel, the rooms are not too big, but it is the fact that cannot be believed until we look with our eyes that the beds are said to be particularly close and comfortable and the furniture is very fun and playful looking.

The facilities that are provided by the hotel Montana Magica are playroom for children, a restaurant, a bar, a sauna and tubs in ancient trunks with naturally heated water.


Getting there over gravel roads people won’t like most, but we must know that as in many other areas, roads are still rough surface than these roads. One enjoys the moment when they approach this hotel Montana Magica. It is having an excellent and helpful reception, friendly bellboy, the waitresses, the gentlemen at the bar, and many others. All of these people just try to provide an excellent service to all the guests. The spectacular sight of the hotel gives the feeling like been in Harry Potter’s age. A lovely view of the hotel and the inside decoration completely makes the people mad and catches one’s attention towards it. People spending few days in this hotel accommodation will feel like visiting it again and again.

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Being immersed in a beautiful site of about 120.000 hectares, the Biological Reserve of Huilo – Huilo in the recently River Region of Chile, two amazing lodges offer their hosts warmth and comfort with their very special and extraordinary service:

  • Among the services that are offered by the hotel, the most attractive services are hot tubs which are made out of huge trunks of trees, at first they are dug out, after that they are filled with hot water perched on a deck overlooking the forest.
  • In addition to that another hot attraction is a mini golf course which is built into the forest itself, making obstacles in the games as nature itself.
  • There are also various outdoor activities such as horseback riding, rafting, and hiking.
  • Montana Magica is part of the Huilo Hilo complex which also includes the Baobab Hotel. Both hotels are interconnected to each other. As they are connected to each other the management is also one and the same.

This place is a must see, unique place to visit in the world. It is built in the middle of a biosphere and is declared as a national heritage by UNESCO.

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