Revisiting the old West at Mustang Monument Resort, USA

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About the Hotel

The Mustang Monument eco resort is a self-sustainable resort and wild horse preserve. Nestled among endless prairie, dramatic horizons and in between breath taking mountain ranges, this luxury eco hotel covers an area of over 900 square miles in the North-eastern Nevada desert, providing guests something that they can truly enjoy. Situated at South Highway 93, Wells, Nevada, Mustang Monument is a resort that has captured the true essence of the wild west, while managing to provide home-like amenities. Mustang Monument is located about 180 miles west or about a two-hour drive from Salt Lake City. Opened to the public in June 2015, the resort is primarily focussed on raising world class mustangs.

Mustang Monument Resort

Mustang Monument is where you’ll find hundreds of wild mustangs running free on the sprawling 900 square mile property, owned and managed by entrepreneur, social activist and philanthropist Madeleine Pickens.

Ms. Pickens is the ex-wife of Oklahoma-based oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens. Madeleine was born and raised in Europe, but the flair and mystery of the “Wild West” has always intrigued her. Migrated to the United States in the 1970s, Madeleine is now a successful businesswoman and female activist.

Mustang Monument Resort

Nestled amid gentle mountains, Mustang Monument is a wild horse resort & preserve that exudes class and style and is the perfect marriage of philanthropic tourism and luxury wilderness adventures, making it the kind of getaway that you’re bound to remember.

Spanning nearly half a million acres, the prancing horses and soft whispers of the West are bound to capture your senses. But if the beauty of the surroundings aren’t enough to satisfy you, walk among wild horses and mustangs, as you’re briefed about the resort’s location, do’s and don’ts, and various activities.

First of all you might be wondering what a wild life preserve and a resort have in common, and Mustang Monument proves that they have plenty. Both offer safety and peace & quiet to their occupants, and both are meant to make their occupants feel at home. And you’ll understand what Wild Western luxury really is, once you arrive at the resort’s ranch, which a short drive from the resort’s main buildings and tee-pees. Once you reach the main building, guests are immediately treated to welcome drinks and hors d’oeuvres, after which guests are escorted to your tipi or wilderness cottage. If you’re one of the privileged few who have booked a luxurious tent accommodation, you’re treated to 300-square-feet of finely furnished décor and a host of amenities that one would expect to find in a 5-star hotel, including plush linens, a fancy robe, 3-tier pillows and so on.

Mustang Monument Resort

And if you’ve booked one of the luxury cottages, you’re sure to find furnishings and fixtures that will exceed, if not meet your expectations. Cottages provide the same amenities as the tipis, except for the addition of attached bathrooms.

Mustang Monument Resort

Mustang Monument Resort

Anyone staying at this tastefully crafted resort is in for the experience of a lifetime as they get to soak in the scenic beauty of the prairie and mountains, all from the comfort and luxury of their very own private tipi or cottage.

The luxury tipis are the main attraction of the resort, apart from the majestic Mustangs of course. Most of the furniture including beds are custom-made to suit the unique layout and size restrictions of the tipis, with pure leather and comfy chairs scattered all over the room. If you’re looking to stay in more traditional hotel them book safari cottages, they are chic and cosy, which makes them perfect for honeymooning couples. Guests are also afforded spectacular views via a private sundeck that lines the open-style floor plans.

As adventure travel across the globe continue to gain popularity, Mustang Monument brings the spirit of luxury adventure to America’s backyard, where guests never have to leave the fun and excitement of the Wild West. As mentioned earlier, the resort is also a wild horse preserve, offering guests to amuse themselves with the raw beauty of the wild mustangs, either by specialized excursions to the top of the mountain, or roaming free within the 900 square acre property. The preserve has rescued over 700 mustangs till date, and allows these creatures to roam free. Those guests who want to do more than just look that these awesome beasts, can head on down to the ranch, where they can participate in the various horse-based or adventure activities. All activities are regulated and supervised by trained professionals, offering an unfathomable sense of security, especially for those who aren’t used to being around horses. Guests can then wind up their day with a relaxing overnight stay in their lovely cottages or signature tipis.

Mustang Monument Resort

Mustang Monument Resort

Once unpacked and well rested, guests can gear up and head on out for a guided afternoon horseback ride that takes you through the mountains and gives visitors a glimpse of the Mustangs. Come sunset, guests can return to the main ranch where they can enjoy cocktails or hard drinks in the saloon, followed by a scrumptious four-course dinner that is served in the dining tipi. Guests can enjoy their drinks and meals while watching their entertainment for the evening, which typically includes performances by Native American dancers and drummers. Those looking for a quieter end to their day can unwind around specially lit bonfires that go on all night. Roping, trekking and target practice down at the shooting range, or off-roading on buggies are other activities that guests can indulge in. And although categorized as “camping,” the luxury tipis and cottages offer guests and unforgettable experience among the wild.

Mustang Monument Resort

While horseback riding and Wild Mustang safaris are the norm at Mustang Monument, they aren’t the only things that the resort has to offer. Apart from its inspired experiences with horses, guests can also partake in guided hikes, historic tours or a combination of both. Trained and experienced tour guides brief guests about the rich culture and heritage of the surrounding local areas, where they can take up activities like archery, chuck wagon rides to feed the mustangs and even indulge in aggressive paint ball battles. For the discerning vacationer, the resort also offers rest & relaxation facilities like Native American beading, spa & sauna and moccasin classes. There’s also fun carnival-style games to be played, including horseshoe.

Mustang Monument Resort

The entire resort carries on the theme of upscale Wild West throughout its ranch, right from the resort’s entrance, to the “Watering Hole,” where guests go to grab a drink or two. Even the grand dining hall, shaped as a tipi, carries on this unique theme. It’s useful to note that no matter how picturesque and romantic place Mustang Monument might seem, it can also be equally fun for families, or groups of friends.

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Open annually, form the 1st of June to the 30th of September, Mustang Monument is the perfect getaway, for those looking to disconnect from the world and connect with nature, while experiencing the best that American Wild West has to offer.

  • Of all the adventure-based resorts out there, Mustang Monument might be the only one in the world that actively encourages its guests to endlessly indulge themselves in all of the inclusive amenities, and take advantage of the top-quality service that the staff has to offer.
  • With a slew of fun outdoor and daytime activities, as well as the option to listen to old tales or ghost stories of the Wild West, Mustang Monument is a must-visit for guest both young and old.
  • The perfect combination of luxury-level service, first-class amenities, and access to Mother Nature as soon as you step out of your accommodation have made Mustang Monument a legend in its own right.
  • Mustang Monument also operates a non-profit, through which it has saved several hundred of abandoned or abused mustangs. The preserve portion of the eco resort is funded partly by money earned from guests staying at the resort.
  • Apart from offering guests a splendid time, it also gives them the opportunity to gain a better understanding of these amazing creatures and experience them in the wild, first hand.
  • The resort also actively collects donations for the continued rehabilitation and protection of the rescued Mustangs.
  • The management at Mustang Monument also offers to arrange a variety of teambuilding activities or games including scavenger or treasure hunts, trekking, survivor skills, and so on.
  • The Mustang Monument Eco Resort even has something for the little ones, so that no one is left out from the amazing fun activities at the resort. A dedicated kid’s area also ensures that parents looking to spend some time away from their kids aren’t left disappointed.
  • The resort’s management is also very accommodating to any specific needs and requirements, offering guests the opportunity to reschedule their entire itinerary according to their needs and preferences. Many of the resort’s activities are all-inclusive and the staff encourages guests to make the most of their stay at the resort.
Mustang Monument Resort

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