Exploring Segera X Nay Palad Bird Nest Hotel, Kenya- Nesting Under the Stars

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About the Hotel

The Segera X Nay Bird Nest hotel is unlike any you’ve ever seen around the world. The place is shaped like a bird’s nest that’s placed high above and has a view to die for. Plus there’s champagne. What’s not to love!? Intrigued? Read on to know more about the Palad Bird Nest hotel and why it is a wonderful accommodation this holiday season:

Nay Palad Bird Nest

You probably must have had a hotel with a view, but never with a bird’s eye view. The Segera X Nay Palad Bird Nest Hotel gives you a wonderful experience of what it’s like sleeping in a warm and cozy nest high up under the stars. Yes, the hotel is literally structured like a nest with a panoramic view of the beautiful African grasslands. It doesn’t get more authentic than this!

A joint project by Nay Palad and Segera wildlife sanctuary, the resort is built alongside a meandering river teeming with wildlife. Located smack in the middle of Laikipia about 5,906feet above the ground, the hotel is built using but twigs, framed wood, and tree branches. The open-air nest lit up with multiple lanterns, good wine and an assortment of delicious dishes awaits you. Guests can just crash in their elevated nests after a hectic day of a game drive or bush walk. The Segara Bird Nest is the brainchild of architect Daniel Pouzet who aimed at building an eco-friendly and sustainable accommodation for international guests.

Nay Palad Bird Nest Kenya review

Africa is a land of the wild and free beasts, a land that still remains somewhat untamed, unexplored and untouched by civilization. The Segara sanctuary, founded by philanthropist and conservationist JochenZeitz has been the migratory corridor for animals and home to many endangered species frequented by many nature lovers, explorers, and wildlife enthusiasts. The sanctuary also forms an east African satellite to the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Arts in Cape Town.

Bird Nest hotel is a recent project that Segara has taken up in collaboration with Nay Palad and is one of the finest, most unique accommodations in the world today. Set at a high altitude, directly north of the equator, the resort provides a stunning 360-degree bird’s eye view of the surrounding landscape and wildlife. Bird Nest aims at revolutionizing and inspiring living space unlike anywhere in the world, a concept that was developed by Segara wildlife sanctuary and CarolinDekeyser, founder of Nay Palad, a producer of artisanal accessories. Guests can sleep indoors in fully furnished luxury suites or choose to spend the night high up in the nest itself.

Nay Palad Bird Nest hotel photos

The Segara Nay Palad Bird Nest hotel is unlike any accommodation you’ve ever seen. For starters, the two-storeyed building is situated about 5000 feet above the ground. Secondly, the entire hotel is shaped like a bird’s nest, so much so that you might actually expect a giant eagle to just swoop in and feed you worms! The circular open terrace of the nest is made entirely of wood, twigs, and branches all interwoven by local craftsmen and artisans. The lower half of the resort is a bit more luxurious with its solar-powered bathing area and spacious suits. This juxtaposition of wilderness and modern architecture gives the place a very interesting twist that guests would surely enjoy.

The hotel is decorated with lanterns giving a very mysterious, gypsy feel to the whole place. Also, the terrace has a tent-like sleeping area, a dining space and mini bar where you can enjoy a quiet candlelight dinner and watch the stars. It cannot get more romantic than this! The main sleeping quarters are located on the lower floors complete with double beds, comfy cushions, and slated windows.

Nay Palad Bird Nest hotel photo

Birds Nest for all its elegance is at its heart a wild and primitive accommodation. A joint effort by Nay Palad and Segera Sanctuary, the hotel aims at educating guests about the wildlife and diverse landscape of Africa. This is the perfect place to relax after a tedious day of trekking, sightseeing and game drives. Its interiors are as a fascinating as the external architecture. The wooden beds, slated windows, colorful cushions and huge lanterns set the mood for a quiet and blissful evening. Guests can also sleep upstairs on the nest under the stars and an open-terrace picnic complete with champagne. The lower quarters have an inbuilt bathroom that is powered by solar energy.

Inside Nay Palad you’ll find all the necessary facilities and amenities of a five-star hotel. Wake up to truly amazing sunrise amidst the howls and greetings of elephants, giraffes, lions, and hyenas who visit the nearby river for a drink. Or watch the sunset and welcome the stars from the elevated nest. Segera Bird Nest is what we call the quintesentially African experience.

Nay Palad Bird Nest inside

If you love nature and are truly passionate about the environment then the Segara Nay Palad Bird Nest is the perfect place for you. The simple, primitive and utterly stunning architecture of the place leaves one awestruck. When you are at Nay Palad, there is no dearth of things to do. The nest is so cozy and beautiful that you’d never want to leave the hotel! Watch the sunrise, sunsets and surrounding wilderness from high above. Watch the untamed raw Savannah in all her glory without having to put a foot outside the hotel property. You can also check out the art museum branch at Segera to learn about the traditional talents and art forms.

Birds Nest is located in the heart of Laikipia, in the middle of nowhere- a perfect escape from the rush and chaos of urban life. People used to tall skyscrapers and noise would find the place strangely calming and relaxing. Life here goes on at a slow but steady pace and nature rule supreme. Guests can also join safaris, sign up for expedition trips and explore the diverse wilderness of Africa up-close and personal.

Nay Palad Bird Nest fotos

Segera Bird Nest is a world of its own set far away from civilization. The majestic landscape, never-ending grasslands, and meandering rivers are teeming with wildlife and exotic fauna. Set in the heart of Laikipia, the hotel is one of Kenya’s most fascinating safari locations where guests come for fun, adventure and even spiritual reflection and peace. The intimate and private ambiance of the place seem very cozy and immediately put you at ease- it feels like home. Add to that the elegant interior décor and luxurious facilities and you’ve got the perfect gateway planned. Nestled between the glorious Mount Kenya to the east and the Rift Valley to the west, the Birds Nest offers you one of the most authentic safari experiences you’ll have!

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Birds Nest is one of those rare accommodations in the world where the hotel is far more interesting than the tourist attractions. It is not every day that you get to live in a bird’s nest now, do you? Here are a few interesting facts and trivia about the resort that would make your stay all the more memorable:

  • Guests can choose either of the accommodation, the lower luxury suites or the nest for sleeping. (We recommend the top bunk.)
  • Don’t miss out on catching the sunrise and sunsets here, you cannot afford to miss it for the world!
  • Young couples and solo travelers would also love the isolated, mystic nest where they can relax sip on champagne and eat an assortment of local flavors
  • The hotel arranges for safaris, expeditions, and tours around the grasslands on game drives, walks, and treks.
  • Ensure that you have the proper attire, medications and safety measures before you go out, the climate of Africa does not go down well with most guests.
  • The hotel arranges for transport, the hotel is well-connected to the major motorways and airways of Kenya.
  • Check out the evening performances and programs by the tribal folk.
  • Pets, small children, and infants are not allowed here.

For all those people who wanted to be free like a bird, now’s your chance! Sure you won’t be able to fly, but getting to live high up in an isolated nest pretty much compensates for it. The Segera X Nay Palad Bird Nest Hotel in Kenya is what we call the perfect combination of wilderness and sophistication. Set on the banks of a majestic river and surrounded by the diverse flora and fauna of Africa, the hotel is a treat for nature lovers and adventurers.

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