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About the Hotel

Located just 4 minutes away from Namba Subway station, Osaka, New Japan Capsule Hotel Cabana is Japan’s most famous and the oldest spa capsule hotel. Wondering what makes this so special? Well, unlike the normal hotels where the patrons get large rooms all to themselves, Cabana offers spacious sleep capsules along with a bed, plus a television mounted on the wall. However, like many other Japanese attractions, this place is only for men.

New Japan Capsule Cabana hotel

This hotel is among the latest marks of the traditional Japanese ingenuity of making a lot out of a little without compromising on the quality. After all, their culture is strewn with examples of small spaces being utilized to their utmost. A stay in this hotel is more of a signature experience for connoisseurs who want to get the best of original Japan.

New Japan Capsule Cabana Japan

Over the years, it has become a favorite destination for males traveling solo. Even after 39 years of being in business, it continues to experience very high demand throughout the year. The key to its success all these years is attributed to its ability to evolve with time. It is also a favorite among adult Japanese businessmen traveling alone and looking for short bouts of relaxation on the go. The hotel was awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2014.

New Japan Capsule Cabana Japan review

Founded in 1979, this is the world’s first capsule hotel. It is a next-generation capsule hotel that looks straight out of the movies. Let not the word ‘capsule’ be a dampener. Because there are 80 rooms on offer with a number of state of the art amenities to choose from.

New Japan Capsule Cabana inside

There are two kinds of sleep capsules – narrow and traditional ones designed for the first time in the world by architect Kurokawa Kanako, and wide and contemporary sleep capsules with increased size and comfort.

New Japan Capsule Cabana Osaka review

The units have 2 capsules stacked one on top of the other in a common area. Each of them is air-conditioned. There are blinds for privacy and a flat TV screen along with electric sockets so that the guests do not intrude upon each other while relaxing. In case you want to do anything other than lying down and relaxing on your bed, you can use the Relaxation Lounge. In addition, there is a host of other relaxation facilities available for you to indulge in the spa. The toilets and bathrooms in the capsule rooms have to be shared though. In case you wonder where you would store your luggage, be assured that there are locker rooms with highly developed security systems where you can easily store stuff without any worries for the duration of your stay.

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There are also private rooms on offer – single, twin and triple key rooms. Single rooms may be available with or without yukata.

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Available to all the guests of the capsule hotel, the gym opens at 6 am every morning. It comes with a 20-meter indoor pool and has all sorts of top of the range professional fitness items like weight and cardio machines. It also has a full range of studio programs that are free for anyone to join in. For the guests, free rentals of sports clothes and shoes are available.

New Japan Capsule Cabana hotel photo

The hotel has its own relax lounge with 40 reclining seats. Each of them comes with its own private TV, enabling their guests to enjoy their time and unwind undisturbed.

New Japan Capsule Cabana photo

Dining area: In case you want absolute peace of mind and don’t feel like going out for food, there is a dining area within the spa where you can order food and drinks of your choice. And you can have your food in your bathrobe itself. There are one western and two Japanese breakfasts served from 6 to 10 am.

New Japan Capsule Cabana fotos

The staff has gained an international reputation for their friendly behavior and for the courtesy accorded to foreign visitors. After all, Japan has been famous for its hospitality for centuries. The staff also makes cleanliness and timely services a priority.

New Japan Capsule Cabana foto

The very concept of a capsule hotel is enough to make the adventurous and recluse want to try out this hotel, particularly since it’s situated at such a convenient location. It is only a 4-minute walk from the exit number 25 of the Namba Subway Station. Keep in mind though that many guests have not really loved the concept, so you should definitely have an uninhibited disposition to try out something new before booking your stay.

New Japan Capsule Cabana interior

Cabana: At Cabana, you can enjoy top of the line body treatments, including massage and body exfoliation, foot reflexology, and facials. Cabana is open 24 hours 365 days of the year, and you may enjoy its services even without availing the capsule hotel facilities.

The place has its own spa and jacuzzi. A lot of traditional and newly developed massaging options are available. Massage treatments include shiatsu to Thai messages, along with a host of other beauty treatments.

New Japan Capsule Cabana inside

There is a rooftop bar where guests can enjoy a wide range of drinks while enjoying the city’s skyline at night, as well as an on-site nightclub. The hotel itself enjoys a prime location. Not only is it a stone’s throw away from the nearest subway station, its location at Chuo Ward makes it a hub of activity. Chuo Ward is very popular among tourists as a shopping destination and for street food. Within a kilometer, you get a number of theatres like the Namba Hatch and the Namba Grand Kagetsu, landmarks like the Glico Man Sign, the Osaka Castle and the Hozen-Ji Temple, many major train stations, and the KamigataUkiyoe Museum.

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How to Book:

Japan has always been a stickler for rules. Here are the following things you need to keep in mind while booking your stay at the New Capsule Hotel.

  • The hotel is available only to males.
  • The minimum age for reservation is 18.
  • Guests having visible tattoos are not allowed in.
  • Like all the other baths in Japan, you need to be fully nude while taking a shower in the bath areas. However, you may be clothed while walking around.
  • Reservation is guaranteed only till 2 in the morning.
  • Guests are expected to check in by 9 in the morning on Mondays, and the same for Tuesday in case Monday is a holiday.
  • If you want to access massage treatments, you need an advance reservation. However, the spa and the adjoining restaurant won’t be available from 9 am to 12 pm on Mondays.
  • Guests will be charged during check in.
  • The last order for breakfast on Mondays has to be by 8:30 am.
  • The lower capsules are available only after an extra charge.
  • There is an accommodation tax levied person on a per-night basis. This isn’t included in the booking price and must be paid at the property.
  • Pets are not allowed on the property.

The place is near Amemura and Dotomburi, and whether you are a male traveling alone on business, or a free spirit, or someone who is spending on himself for the last time before settling down, you should definitely make it a point to visit the male-only New Japan Capsule Hotel Cabana. It would not only be an enriching experience, but you will also get to experience Japan in all its resplendent glory.

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