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This fascinating lodging space is set in a sea fort in Solent, about 2kms off the coast of the Isle of Wight. The huge, isolated fort is the largest among the three on the island and definitely the most popular of all. Tourists, solo travelers, couples and groups all flock to the No Man’s Fort for some solitude served in style.

No Man's Fort hotel

Read on to know more about this wonderful place and reasons why it should be on your bucket list this holiday season.

No Man's Fort United Kingdom

Jump in to explore the largest, grandest and most elegant of forts in England, set in the middle of nowhere at Solent Island, Portsmouth. No Man’s Fort at a glance appears to be an island habitation of its own, mingling with the horizon, standing proudly amidst the blue oceans and bluer skies. The first impression of this spectacular fort sure leaves a distinct mark on our minds. A private boat escorts you to the front steps of the fort. Your view from the shore was but a trailer, nothing would actually prepare you for the first look of this magnificent island hotel.

No Man's Fort United Kingdom review

A huge cylindrical structure, roughly 200ft in diameter awaits your presence. Considered to be among the grandest of the three man-made forts in Solent, No Man’s Fort was originally built as a line of defense against enemy attacks against Portsmouth. And while on the outside it still retains much of its military appearance, the insides are a different story altogether. The tastefully done interiors have all the luxuries you’d expect from a five-star resort. Each of the 23 suites is equipped with decorative furnishings and state-of-art technology. You get all the comforts of the urban lifestyle without having to deal with its everyday trials and tribulations – if that’s not the good life we don’t know what is!

No Man's Fort Portsmouth

No Man’s Fort was built as a defense station that housed the military defending Portsmouth from naval attacks by other countries. Today, we see the fort has been renovated into a sophisticated island resort, offering guests the perfect blend of history and luxury. The massive stone and mortar structure builtsome time between 1867 and 1880 after the recommendations by the 1859 Royal Commission. The fort’s design was prepared by Captain E.H. Stewart and overseen by the assistant inspector general of fortifications, Colonel W.F.D. Jervois. The construction commenced in 1865, ended sometime in 1880, panning a cost of roughly $462,500. The fort was finished after the menace of the French seaborne invasion had passed, giving the architects ample time to strengthen the walls and build a fortress sturdy enough for battles.

No Man's Fort Portsmouth review

And in spite of its cold, calculative origins, the fort has seen some pretty dramatic events and housed some important people. No Man’s Fort bears a striking resemblance to Horse Sand Fort which was built nearby during the same period. The structure has since then been not just the headquarters for naval officers but also the hub for the elite. However, in July 2004, the hotel was closed down because of the Legionella bacteria that had contaminated the water systems. The fort was up for sale in the market, in 2005 and 2007 with no buyers. In 2008, HarmeshPooni, locked himself in the confines of the fort, claiming to be the legitimate owner of the place and protesting against the KPMG forces. A year later, in March 2009, the fort was finally sold off by the KPMG authorities. In 2012, the place had a new owner in the face of Clarenco, who owned the other two Solent forts as well (Horse Sand and SpitbankFort). It was then refurbished as a luxury hotel and finally opened to the public in April 2015.

No Man's Fort hotel photos

No Man’s Fort isn’t as unwelcoming as the name suggests, in fact, it is among the most hospitable accommodations in England that arefavorite amongst history buffs and explorers alike. A long relaxing holiday with the sun and sea for the company is just the thing you need to forget your troubles. From a distance, the fort looks like it’s touching the horizon, trapped in the endless shades of rippling blues of the sky and seas. A closer look reveals its gargantuan frame, which looks less of a resort and more of a Bond villain hideaway where you expect mafias and drug deals to gang up and make shady deals. The black, iron-plated framework of brick and mortar is more than 150 years old, built to protect the English naval forces from French invasion.

No Man's Fort photos

The fort has seen its fair share of good and bad days, it sure has come a long way from its days of glory and valor. Nowadays, the fort spends its time not overlooking the endless waters but entertaining the guests residing inside. The 23 suites house some of the most high-paying guests who are pampered with private helipads and indoor swimming pools. Also, there are five in-house bars for casual and formal dining, rooftop hot tubs, a cabaret club and conference halls for corporate events.

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Looking at the stone-cold exteriors of the Fort, one would find it difficult to believe that the interiors were dappled in warmth and exuberance. Once you’ve climbed the cobbled steps and entered through the arched doorway, you’re in a different world, strikingly different from what you encountered outside. The lobby is well-furnished with antique furnishings, the winding staircase leads you upstairs to the suits. Each room is decorated in minimalistic shades of whites, greys, and blues. Also, each of the 23 rooms offers a panoramic view of the oceans around.

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No Man's Fort number of rooms

The highlight of the Fort, however, is the Atrium which is located in the center of the hotel. With a transparent glass ceiling, the Atrium looks truly magical at night giving you a feeling of dining under the stars. Open terraces, lounging areas, hot-water Jacuzzis, and bars further add on to the charm of the place.

No Man's Fort foto

No Man’s Fort has something for everybody. The lone travelers can explore the hotel, go canoeing or fishing in the seas, the group of friends can party inside, host events, or try out the water sports while the couples can spend some alone time along the isolated decks, balconies and hot tubs placed around the hotel. The place even has a library in case you want to read about the history of the place, a laser tag room for the nerds and a Game Room where you can place bets and enjoy good alcohol.

No Man's Fort foto

The Fort is the epitome of sophistication and relaxation. Those who want to head out sightseeing can check out the Portsmouth cathedral, Spitbank Fort, the Port Solent, the Chichester Harbour and the Mary Rose Museum.

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No Man’s Fort is what we call the complete vacationing experience. For unlike other resorts, that only cater to luxury, here at the Fort you can also taste a slice of adventure. Delve deeper into the pages of history and learn more about the gallant navy officials and colonels who bravely defended the nation against French forces. And if you’re not into all that, then there are a host of other things to do here that you should know about;

  • The Lighthouse Suite is the most popular of all and offers the best view
  • All three meals, i.e. breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included in the package. The Nordish breakfast buffet is a favorite among guests
  • Each suite has free Wi-Fi and a TV
  • The five on-site restaurants offer drinks, snacks, and meals alike.
  • Kids are not allowed, also there are no provisions for keeping pets as well
  • Massage and sauna tubs can be used at additional charges.
  • The equipment for water sports, canoeing, and fishing have to be rented.
  • The property has banquet halls and conference halls that can be hired for events

Wake up to the splendid view of the sea from the window, to the seagulls flying and the sun smiling down upon you. At No Man’s Fort, you get the best of British’s past and present. Much of the old design and architecture is retained giving you a glimpse of the grand days the fort had seen in its youth. The modern amenities and renovations make the hotel an ideal vacationing spot for tourists who expect luxury. Incredible interiors, sturdy architecture, interesting backstories, and if that’s not enough the hotel hosts a number of events every year for guests. There’s never a dull moment here at No Man’s Fort.

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