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About the Hotel

The tourism industry has sure come a long way since the conventional lodgings and luxurious interiors. Travelers seek experiences beyond comfortable and homely places to stay. Instead, they want to explore the unknown, the strange and sometimes downright bizarre! Adventure hotels, art hotels, and concept hotels are now a part of mainstream tourism. Moreover, with the growing demands for the mystic and unique lodgings, entrepreneurs are now investing in the exotic and unknown corners of the planet that were until now inaccessible to mankind.

Null Stern hotel

Five-star hotels and luxurious accommodations are a thing of the past; tourists today want to explore the glory and grandeur of nature. The Null Stern Hotel is one such concept hotel established in Switzerland, which is perfect for people who cannot decide between staying at a luxury hotel or camp under the stars. Well, why choose when you can have both! Browse through the short but detailed review of the Null Stern Hotel discussing the various features and facilities that make the place truly special.

Null Stern Hotel at Switzerland is a one of a kind luxury hotel that doesn’t have any walls. Yes, you read that right, the lodgings is open on all four sides (five if you count the roof as well). The open air construction of the place gives you a feeling of camping under the stars, the only difference being the plush king sized bed instead of the squishy camping bag. The high and majestic mountains of Switzerland present a picturesque backdrop combining the best of elegance and wilderness. The beds set against the rocky terrain are in sharp contrast with the primitive beauty of the place. Also, the site claims to be a “zero star” hotel (Null Stern translates to zero stars in German), the only stars you see here are the ones above your head.

Null Stern Switzerland

Built on a nuclear bunker, the Null Stern Hotel is a surreal lodging developed by artists Frank and Patrick Ritlin in partnership with hospitality professional Daniel Charbonnair. The hotel created quite a stir back in 2008 when it was launched. Initially marketed as the “first zero-star hotel,” Null Stern has since then shifted its promotional tagline to “Null Stern – the only star is you.” The local Commune of Sevelen (or the City Hall) decided on converting the nuclear bunker to top quality lodgings that offer guests the best of facilities and a rustic charm.

Considered to be among the top 100 hotels in Europe, Null Stern was also nominated at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards in the year 2009 for its revolutionary design. The safe nuclear bunker was renovated and reused for providing people with surreal lodgings. This concept was created by conceptual artists Frank and Patrick Ritlin who based the place on the core values of the modern economic and ecological advancements. Null Stern is a classic example of how to establish a sustainable relationship with the environment without compromising with the surrounding flora and fauna. The hotel claims to offer unmatched customer service in minimalistic settings and rightfully so.

Null Stern Switzerland review

Located about 6,463 feet above the sea level in the mountains of Graubünden, Null Stern is nothing short of paradise on earth. Surrounded by the Swizz Alps on all sides the place has no walls, no roof, not even a bathroom. All you get is a bed with a couple of nightstands and lamps. Don’t worry, though; the public bathroom is a 10-minute walk away. Also, the hotel appoints a butler to each of the guests to cater to your whims and fancies. Null Stern is built keeping the guests in the center, i.e. the entire concept focuses solely on giving the tourists a very primitive experience by removing all the material items and replacing it with the raw beauty and grandeur of nature.

Null Stern is a place that sheds away all the worldly pretenses and luxuries of a conventional lodging and instead offers guests an entirely different setting of a bare minimum bed and bedside lamps. The revolutionary open-air concept of the world has taken the world by storm. Developed by the trio Frank, Patrick and Daniel Charbonnair, the lodging offers you a double bed that has to be reserved by the Alp’s Arts Academy and Safinetal tourism. Set in the nuclear bunker town of Sevelen, St. Gallen, the hotel is jointly managed by the officials and locals. The concept hotel was configured to venture out on a grander scale in 2010 when the hotel owners decided to apply the idea to an abandoned cinema. However, the plan never materialized.

Null Stern Gasslihof

There is no architecture or framework of the hotel; the double beds are simply set along the flat and sometimes rocky corners of the Alps, the location of the hotel extending to the area where the beds are installed. This radical vision has attracted a lot of lone travelers and couples who wish to break free from the confines of ordinary hotels and explore the extraordinary.

The hotel originally started in the small section of the country has now spread out throughout Switzerland. The hotel owners have further expanded the idea and spread out to other parts of the country, so much so that the geographical location of Switzerland can be considered a hotel. Today Null Stern has set the new yardstick for innovation in the tourism industry, thanks to its smart resource allocation strategies and redefined concepts of ownership. Null Stern is a hotel radically different from other ordinary lodgings both regarding architecture and services offered.

Null Stern Gasslihof review

Guests are warmly welcomed by the locals infusing the spirit of adventure and enthusiasm in you the minute you enter the “hotel premises.” The residents play an active role in managing the place as the hotel staff. A couple of butlers dressed in formal black and white suites complete with gloves and bow ties are equally warm and always at your beck and call. Open in the months of spring and autumn; the place is heavenly and serene enough to relieve your mind off the stress and chaos of reality.

Basking in the glory of nature and snuggling up in bed soaking up the fresh mountain air sounds heavenly, however for more adventurous travelers, there are a lot of other things that you can do here. Mountain climbing, trekking, outdoor sports or a short trip to the nearby town are some of the activities you can indulge yourself in. Engulfed by the majestic mountains and green valleys on all sides, the Null Stern comes as a surprise to city dwellers so used to the cluttered buildings and congested streets. The sheer vastness of the place would leave you awestruck.

The hotel is far away from civilization, and therefore not well connected to the airport or the train station. The nearest village or town stands on the foothills of Alps. Located in the middle of Swiss Alps the hotel offers a king sized bed and linens offering guests a panoramic view of the starry skies, and clouds. The room comprises of a set of double beds, is minimalistic to its truest form. The ethereal, magical atmosphere of the place is pretty surreal. Additional features include complimentary breakfasts, linens, and toiletries that ensure a comfortable and cozy stay.

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Now that you know all about the magic and mystery of Null Stern let us move on to the more practical aspects of your stay here. Null Stern is nothing like a traditional hotel, everything from the architecture to the ambiance is drastically different when compared to any conventional lodging. Listed below are some additional facts and advice about Null Stern that will help you in your stay:

  • The place offers beds all over the Swiss Alps. However, the bathrooms are usually a 10-minute walk away.
  • Also, as the nearest town is set in the foothills, getting good eating places might be a tough task (although you do have your own butler to cater to your needs 24*7).
  • The place is a non-smoking zone and does not entertain pets.
  • It is open only during the spring and fall.

Null Stern is one hotel that has successfully broken all the existing norms and limitations usually associated with a standard lodging space. With no roof, no walls and no physical structure save the double bed and night lamps, the place is strange, eerie and exhilarating. You get an acute sense of freedom staying under the skies, a novel experience for someone used to the hustle and bustle of urban life. Maintained jointly by the locals and the tourism body of the state, Null Stern has somehow managed to spread out all over the country of Switzerland. Guests have to reserve a bed and a spot for themselves; booking is open during spring and fall.

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