Ortenia Apartments in Nature, Slovenia- A Respite for Life in the Lap of Nature

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About the Hotel

Nestled cozily in the small village of Podčetrtek in northeast Slovenia, the accommodation was designed to incorporate the best of architectural design without overpowering the surrounding environment. The property perched on the hillside is cut off from civilization yet equipped with the best of modern luxuries. The Ortenia Apartments is built on sustainable, eco-conscious philosophy that focuses on uplifting both your spirits and the environment. Read on to know more about the place and reasons why it should definitely be on your bucket list this holiday season.

Ortenia Apartments in Nature

Want to experience the best of nature without having to deal with the discomforts of camping? Now you can at Ortenia Apartments! The Balkans islands are steadily becoming a popular holiday spot for families, couples and solo travelers who want to explore the rich culture and diversity of the Adriatic coastline. Reconnect with nature but with style, here at Slovenia’s first eco-conscious apartments that also includes an on-site spa. Forget all your troubles and lose yourself in blissful massages, thermal springs, meandering hiking trails and premium grade luxuries. Built in 2014, the place is relatively new when compared to the other older, more established lodgings. Set against the backdrop of a lush green countryside, the place perfectly juxtaposes high-end modern design with the wilderness of Podčetrtek.

Ortenia Apartments in Nature Sloveia

The Ortenia project in the small but picturesque village of Slovenia consists of six luxury holiday homes equipped with all the modern amenities required for a comfortable stay. However, here at Ortenia, the focus is not solely on luxury, but on establishing a transparent connection with the surrounding environment. You are truly conscious of your surroundings- the hills, the valleys, and the green foliage stretching out for miles are a sight for the sore eyes.

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The village of Podcetrtek, situated in the north-eastern part of Slovenia, was not always how we see it today. Long back, some 40 years ago, the place was but a mess of wilderness and untamed nature. All that changed when the architect and designer Franc and MarijaJazbinsek gave the village a complete makeover. It was then known as “the Garden of Eden” by the locals due to the huge hydrangeas plantations. Fast forward to some years later, the property passed down to the owner’s grandchildren, was now transformed to an eco-conscious resort in 2014 that became an instant hit with the tourists because of its unique concept. Ortenia Apartments utilize only sustainable, eco-friendly technology and architecture thereby preserving the beauty of Slovenia for future generations.

Ortenia Apartments in Nature interior design

Being a nature enthusiast doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to give up on civilization. You can appreciate the beauty of the surroundings and live a life of luxury, this trick is to find that perfect balance. The owners of Ortenia Apartments have successfully discovered and monetized on this silver lining. They aim at showing guests the tranquil magic of Podcetrtek, a place their grandparents had recognized, cherished and transformed for the better.

Ortenia Apartments in Nature Podcetrtek review

Ortenia Apartments is where nature meets luxury, two contradictory ideas coexisting peacefully without overpowering each other, weaving an unforgettable experience for the travelers. Separated from the main village of Podcetrtek, the structure is located just at the edge of the forest and surrounded by hills. There are six-holiday homes here, each built on a unique theme and featuring a stunning décor. The apartments are positioned discreetly on the sloping terrain and partly submerged in the ground. The building materials are also selected with great care featuring local architectural designs and furnished with the best-untreated oak and beech wood.

Ortenia Apartments in Nature review

Even the roof and the façade are covered entirely in wood until the whole exterior unit becomes a single uniform skin. The basement is made of concrete for supporting the large timber frame. Ortenia Apartments are an embodiment of everything organic and natural albeit presented with a modern twist. The interior design is created on the same concept featuring clay plastered walls and wooden furniture. Lastly, the garden with its classic hydrangea hedges and orchards form an integral part of the resort’s holistic experience. The architecture of Ortenia becomes a part of the surrounding nature itself; it is an extension of the Slovenian landscape.

Ortenia Apartments in Nature photos

Ortenia Apartments for all its stunning architecture and luxury is at its heart, a simple holiday home where families can unwind and truly relax. The interior décor is as fascinating, if not more than the external architecture.

Ortenia Apartments in Nature Podcetrtek

The six guest houses are all built on separate themes, namely, Azura, Herbaria, Lavanda, Rosa, Oriana, and Inocentria. Each of the suites features minimalistic furnishings, huge floor-to-ceiling windows, king sized, plush linens, all modern amenities, flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi and a spacious bathing area. The traditional Slovenian furnishings, fruit baskets, flowers and linen blend in beautifully with the modern architecture.

Ortenia Apartments in Nature photo

Other than that, each of the six homes features small well-equipped kitchens, well-stocked granaries. The glass windows provide plenty of light and air; the sleek apartments are decorated in pleasant earthy tones blend in harmoniously with the natural beauty outside. The wellness centers, Jacuzzis, spas and infrared Finnish saunas help you relax and rejuvenate after a hectic day out. Lastly, the eating houses, open terraces, and patios offer a bird’s eye view of the green landscape stretching out as far as your eyes can see. Each of the bungalows is independent of others and can function separately. The spacious rooms can easily accommodate a family of four and extra guests if need be.

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At Ortenia there is something for everyone. For a quiet, introvert looking for solitude, the apartments are an ideal escape from the urban squalor. For the adventure junkie, the place offers a whole list of activities from cycling, nature walks, treks, camping trips, mountain climbing and other adrenaline-pumping extreme sports that would set your heart racing. Nature lovers would love exploring the mountain trails and beautiful Slovenian countryside at leisure. The wellness center, hiking trails, and camping grounds are all a part of the Ortenia’s idyllic landscape. Travellers can tour around the nearby village of Podcetrtek discovering the rich culture and cuisines of the land. There are vineyards, cellars, art galleries, eating houses, bakeries where you can while your time away. Also, there are spas, thermal saunas, and parlors offering all sorts of beauty and health treatments.

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Located in the Podcetrtek region of eastern Slovenia, Ortenia makes for a perfect base to enjoy the unspoiled surrounding countryside. It is very near to a deer park and the Olimje golf course. The stunning Kozjanski national park is a 20-minute drive away. You can also plan a visit to the neighboring Croatian capital city Zagreb if you’re staying for a while here. Ortenia Apartments is well connected with all the major motorways and airports; Slovenia’s Ljubljana’s JozePucnik Airport is an hour’s drive away.

Ortenia Apartments in Nature Podcetrtek exterior

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Ortenia Apartments is pretty different from most other conventional lodging space and five-star hotel you were used to until now. For starters, the place feels less like a commercial hotel and more like a private haven, a personal space built specially to your liking. Everything here is designed to suit your needs; the bungalows are homely, relaxed and pretty to look at. And if you manage to get out of your room, you’ll find a host of interesting activities and places to visit and explore! However, that’s not all we have compiled a list of some insider information that would make your stay here all the more memorable:

  • The allergy-free rooms feature organic furnishings and can be customised to your liking
  • The multipurpose rooms host events, meetings, performances, parties and more
  • Every morning you will be greeted with a big basket of organic fruits, fresh flowers, and other products from the local farms.
  • Bikes, trekking poles, and golf equipment are available for rent.
  • Pets aren’t allowed here
  • The property allows free parking, free internet connectivity and pick-up from the airport

Imagine you’re in a place far away from the bustle of cities, nestled in the forests, surrounded by hills. Sounds blissful right? Ortenia Apartments in Slovenia offers you the perfect escape and more. Witness the wilderness of nature whilst being cocooned in the lap of luxury. Sounds like quite a vacation right? Travellers today demand a more challenging and unique vacationing experience that is not limited to just a generic five-star resort. Ortenia Apartments, in their surreal, magical ambiance give you the best of both worlds. This holiday season; chuck the sandy beaches for a trip to the misty mountains of Slovenia.

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